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JANUARY 2, 2012 9:24PM

The Year of the Wet and Wild Water Dragon

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The Water Dragon has not graced our year since 1952

Reappearing to end Sixty years of misfortune

Pulling his Yang head out from deep in the sea

The fireworks are here for more than just the New Year’s celebration

In a Yang year – Water flows – Idea’s flow

Love flows – Creativity flows

Add to that the magical, mystical qualities of the Water Draon and 

Prosperity dares to raise a specter of hope

Over those who have been without it for so long

Power lies in service to the greater good

We will be called to face our destinies

And step effortlessly into them

Taking a deep look at our reflections

Seeing what sages have seen for centuries

A fierce determination

To turn the tide of fortune

Fireworks over water

Creativity goes viral

Prosperity blossoms

Everyone is in love


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Oh it sounds wonderful. Thank you Thank you for this great bit of hope and wise counsel.
Lovely. A beautiful sentiment of hope. I love water.
I shouted "Yay!" when I read this. Good lord, it's about time. And everyone being in love... I can go for that! Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing it!
May it be so. We have been without creativity for a while now, or just a trickle. I for one am getting sick and tired of this plastic replacement.
Ah, at last a bit of hope. Thanks for this RP.
Yup, sounds great. Love that graphic too.
Verse of the year-but then again
I already love the year of the water dragon, your words tell me.
'Always look on the bright side of life"
Thats our Mary..:)
I was born in 52.
You may not know
the power I find here ~ the untapped
reservoirs of inspiration
beneath the feet I read in.
The water dragon has been the beast
beside & within me since childhood
in the river.
Thank you.
With love,
Rom Poet: Let's hope so. What a breath of fresh air that would be to bring all of this into actualization.
Thanks for this update I was wondering what was on the horizon and now I know...Thanks again.
Water is such a powerful symbol of the (un)conscious. The optimism of this poem is contagious and convincing. The conflation of fire and water in the dragon is poetic enough, but your personification of prosperity and power make me think of the cavalry riding to save us. An uplifting poem--thanks.
I'll take all the good signs I can get...
We all need better. all of us...
This is marvelous news, brought a tear to my eyes. Love the pic. This web site I will visit. Rated with a Jali Smile of course. :-)
On the night we first arrived in China, Dragons abounded.

This is wonderful. I've been in writing funk lately. I need the dragon!
Thank you for your poem.
I love the way you seamlessly blend the old with the new--the water dragon of myth with the modern mantra of creativity going viral. You have such a way with words. . .
A year to believe in. Lovely.
happy new year to you and all the blessing there is on the horizon for you.
Did you know that we live in the age of Aquarius?
Lovely coincidence,not only the joining of water/fire, but also East/West.
Let's join hands in love and peace,all of us.

Rated for your inspiring words.
Utopia! Ahhhh....this is wonderful! Rated with admiration...
I will cross every one of my bits in hopes this is true!
So wonderful. Truly mystical. I like the idea about everyone being in love.
I can't wait. Thank you. -R-
the Water Dragon rises and
our bodies long frozen,
imprisoned in a crystal pentagon,
will be released

the Water Dragon rises and
our souls, which for 60 kalpas
passed from mortal to mortal,
will re-unite

the Water Dragon rises and
our souls will re-unite with our
liberated bodies,
liberated from want

the Water Dragon rises and
the spark that is existence
will be held for a year
by neither right or force

the Water Dragon rises and
the charade of purity formed
to cover the crime of greed
will fade under the light of liberation

the Water Dragon rises and
will soon descend;
the unbearable having lessened for many
by the gift of total freedom.

dear RomanticPoetess,
how nice to age along with you!
We will be called to face our destinies
And step effortlessly into them, you say? I say:
About damn time my destiny was made known unto me!
Whatever it be! I shall smoothly satisfy it: and bid farewell to
senseless self-aggrandizing acts of egoic puffery. I hope this
water dragon “Pulling his Yang head out from deep in the sea”
lives up to his cosmic duty as bright positive masculine principle…
nothing against yin, I assure you, but too much shady yin
can bedevil a seeker, especially one like me who loves
to stare into the sun (against his mother’s warnings).

Re. “Seeing what sages have seen for centuries”…it usually amounts to
“Taking a deep look at our reflections”….

Reminds me of Indra’s Net,
Or Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophy…

“the artificer has hung a single glittering jewel in each "eye" of the net,
and since the net itself is infinite in dimension
, the jewels are infinite in number.
There hang the jewels,

In one of these , we will discover that in its polished surface
there are reflected all the other jewels in the net,
infinite in number.
Not only that, but each of the jewels reflected in this one jewel
is also reflecting all the other jewels,
so that there is an infinite reflecting process occurring.[7]”

thus sums up our cosmos.

Bring on the Yang!
Bring it on, water dragon. I want a chunk of that power and prosperity. Thank you for this powerful poem, Romantic Poetess.
Poet, water,
Wheel, heart, wagon
Stone, cloud, breastplate
Love, sword, dragon.

Did I write the word "love" too few times in this comment?
I hope not!
Thank you for sharing the beautiful message of the Water Dragon! Wishing you a wonderful year, Romantic Poetess.
Absolutely shimmering, RP... it begins with the sudden blue, like a quick breath to sustain the dive. I absolutely floated through the ride of the tale. What a gift! R.
ms RoPo ... born in '53 ... so this will be my first one ... couldn't happen at a better time ... thanx ... rated ... Lew
Great fortune cookie! I think I will order one too!
This whole thing was just beautiful. And the picture is worth getting lost in. Thank you.
Wonderful, hope giving.
I am so glad I didn't miss this. A Turn of the Tide would be nice!
Wonderful image and encouraging post; there will be an added bonus in this coming year of the Dragon if one happens to be born in the year of Rat or Monkey because these three share the triangle of affinity.