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NOVEMBER 16, 2011 1:06PM


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I used to think a chair was just for sitting

I have tried them in all sizes and functions

My favorite is my zero gravity chair


I remember playing pony boy with grandpa on his rocking chair

Bouncing on his knee as he sang to me

Changing up the words

I was his pony girl and we were riding cross the sea

I loved the idea of riding cross the sea


But then you reminded me of a dream I often have

I am kneeling on a chair with my elbows on the window sill

Maybe watching a parade or just people walking by

On a very busy street

I am suddenly surprised by your hands on my hips

Tugging me and enticing me with possibility

Until I cry out and everyone looks up



I dream about climbing atop your chair seated lap

And ride you across the sea

The wildest of rides it is for both of us

And you ask me to tie your hands and feet

Bind you to the chair

And do whatever I want to you

 I do as you sit in silence

Was that a dream

Or was it just a fantasy?

Played out while I thought of you

While you were far away

Do you ever think of me that way?

Sitting silently in my chair

Don’t forget to tell me if you do

The next time we talk


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So much in just that one word...."Chair". woo
Great piece. Good stuff to read in a chair while thinking of being a single girl.
Beats pillow talk all to hell. Lovely!
with or without benwa balls.:)
Wow. Chair seemed such a simple word.
zero gravity ~
yes, please.
i had a premonition, a damn nice one,
when i saw the title "chair"
that this would be a juicy post,
literally and figuratively.

a girl first needs a grandpa to take her across the sea:
a grand Father
on whose wooden limbs
she can ride with the most delicious sense of
safety and adventure.

a girl as she matures needs a firm wooden plateau
upon which to seat her little fanny
and maybe cross her legs
and wiggle a bit
and survey her ocean
looking for land
or just another ship in the
dark hours before

a man needs a chair too.
to ferry his fair maiden
over the edge of the world..
she goes


landing safely in atlantis!
Amen, and then some! Well said, Maestro. R
This, to me, is great...
Baby. I can't leave my comment here.
We shall speak; I am sure of this.
I love this girl.
R. R. R... rrrrrr.
(oops! left the motor running..!)
I’ll never look at chairs in the same way again…. :)
Why do I see a chiropractor in my future???
evocative picture and poem. I have a "sex chair" but I usually have too much laundry piled on it to make use.
I'm sitting here all alone and yet I'm blushing. Hmmm... I'll never look at a chair the same way again.
Bare naked, spread to the four elements on a chair is a way to touch the holiest of holies.
Recliner..... it's so sad when you have to ask if lusty chair sex is too much to dream for....
Imagery is everything. R
Um .... HOT!!! Me and your poem!!!
The generic office type, swivel secretarial chair with no arms works quite well.
Such chair synergy!
Con Chapman wrote tonight a juxtaposition of the word derriere with chairierre!
Gives new meaning to the phrase about pulling one up...!
ms Ro Po ... sit girl! sit! ... rocking tonite! ... lew
My, my. Quite the poem. Hope you had a great phone call.

(My grandpa too: "Horsey, horsey, jumping high . . . ") I think your version of how to use a chair is more fun though.
we've fewer secrets, Ted Hughes and me
I will be your chair anytime....
Your words are carved from that crystal clean moment of meaning and sensibility, one bringing warm, intense motion together, shimmering in its vibrant stare at what must be. This very truth.
Rock my world.