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NOVEMBER 5, 2011 1:24PM


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(Image from Air and Fire) 


I write to the universe on bits of paper

Everything I want in this moment

Prepared for a  virgin sacrifice

After the sage pipe is passed

After the directions are called

And the elements placed strategically around the altar

In this midnight 

I burn them 

Out in the cold cloudless sanctuary of sky


This new moon I wish for

A cornucopia of harvest seeds

Dark red pomegranate seeds

Bursting with juicy delight

Fresh figs to suck until the membrane bursts

The warm honey of its seeds

Trickle down my chin

Plum seeds covered by the sweetest flesh

Apple seeds waiting for me

To eat the skin and flesh

 And toss the core

Full of the moon's slender glow

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Ah, the comfort of reuniting with the rhythms of the sun, moon and seasons in the grace of a bountiful harvest. Today we celebrate the cold storm that brings us "autumn".
all u cool ladies are becoming witchy
(in a damn good way)
lately, i have noticed. spells & rituals
and whatnot.
reconnecting to mother moon.
in another time my ancestors on my mom's
side woulda burned you gals up good &
called it a job well done for GAWD.
thank heavens things have changed.

o dragonfly lady,
yr seeds will be sent to the Four Winds.
They will bump all those bad seeds
out of the Windswept Womb Chamber
of Mizz Gaia. Succulence
be your legacy.

Juicy yummy stuff, RP,
Wonderful tribute to the lunar cycle and the gifts of nature; beautiful sensuous read on a sunny Saturday afternoon, thank you
I like this RM, sweet and sensual, hopeful even.
Rich in everything! Thank you for this seasonal poem. It reverberates all year long!
Seeds give new life, new hope. Nicely done.
seeds of fertility of seasons that I miss. Watching the tides last week made it all real.
So succulent is this poem. Wonderful images that I could almost taste.
Wonderful imagery with the scarlet of pomegranate juice dripping as the ultimate tribute to the new harvest!
I love your use of imagery and senses which make this almost tangible.
The beauty and preciousness of building with rituals. You speak to the sky in words that are rituals in themselves. Thank you.
Romantic Poetess: Most beautiful play of words and images on this chilly autumn day. A ritual I would love to be part of.
Mmmm, thanks for the reminder to love the juice. And the seeds to carry on.
And I am serious, I forget to love the simplest of luxuries sometimes...
You make fruit erotic, this was excellent!
I lost my posted comment.
WE have Moon in common.

Moon beaned is to be touched.
The Moonstricken was changed.

Sometimes they were made king,
queen, seer, and sometimes idiot.

Who's to say?
Thank You.
Edify. Yes.
Romantic, just came back to read more, and the comments ~
Now reading mine it sounds completely different! Grateful for all the different kinds of juices and seeds... : )
Tears here ... only tears ... wishing ... tears ... midnight ... tears ...
This is so autumn, so earthy. Well done.
Love this line: Out in the cold cloudless sanctuary of sky. Never thought of sky as a sanctuary, but in this context it's perfect.
Gorgeous! Sumptuous! Lovely!
I have a bonfire going right now. I can never remember if I need to get rid of or manifest during new moon.
Seeds of life - keep the cycle going. Beautiful.
This is vivid and rich: "the cold cloudless sanctuary of sky" and "a cornucopia of harvest seeds," your wishes on those crumpled balls of paper (false starts?). And then the images of the fruit in the last stanza, and the stunning last line. Lovely.
Almost Druid. Beautiful, as always.
This is gorgeous...and proof that porn is for lazy minds!! You have the unique ability to make the ordinary beautiful and sensual... a gift for all of us here. I look forward to a signed copy of your collection when it makes print.
Romantically passionate and simply beautiful. Well said. R
Romantic Po ... a full-moon arisin' ... and i'll remember my Poetess as i gaze on its glow and possible "halo" ... "a rhyme, almost a poet ... rated ... lew
The full moon cometh again. Love the poem. R
Erotic; in the gentlest way.
One is always awash in sensations when reading one by this poet.