Quick question (no Googling):  What comes after "trillion?"

Okay, I had to use Google to get the answer.  I thought it would be “gazillion," or perhaps "bazillion," or maybe even "shit-ton."  I was wrong.

The answer:  Quadrillion.

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Glenn Beck's website, "The Blaze," featured an article titled "Can You Pick Out the Flag Gaffe on Obama's New 'Julia Site?' We Did."




The article points out that the proper way to display the American Flag when it flanks a podium is for it to be on the… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
APRIL 19, 2012 1:56AM

Dick Clark: RIP Or Rot In Hell?

Dick Clark, the iconic host of American Bandstand died today at age 82.  As people rightfully applaud him for his huge contribution to American pop culture, it should also be noted that Dick Clark was a first-class prick to do business with.  How do I know this?  He stiffed me for… Read full post »

Today was a banner day for Mitt Romney's presidential hopes as he won the highly coveted endorsement of mediocre rocker Ted Nugent.  Romney jumped on the Nugent bandwagon after he was bitterly disappointed when devoted Libertarian Charles Manson bailed on him and went with Ron Paul.


If Callista Gingrich ever has health problems that are more serious than the occasional dose of the clap that she gets from her philandering husband Newt, she’d better visit both a doctor and a divorce lawyer.

Callista Gingrich, Newt's next ex-wife.  

By now everyone… Read full post »

Are all people that smoke cigarettes dumb?  No.  Are all non-smokers smart?  No.  But is smoking a dumb habit?  Yes.  Unless you think that a habit that costs $2,500 a year and shortens your life by ten to fifteen years is a good thing, I think we can all agree that… Read full post »

Glenn Beck, the former FOX TV host, appeared on the October 26, 2011 broadcast of NBC's Today Show to plug his new book titled "The Snow Angel."

During the emotional interview with Today host Kathy Lee Gifford, Beck, without realizing it, revealed that he lied about the… Read full post »

OCTOBER 8, 2011 1:18PM

China Knocks Off Steve Jobs' Funeral

The Chinese government announced the death of Steve Jobs with an exact copy of the the statement that Apple released, with the exception of one word.

Apple's statement in part read:

"We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today. Steve's brilliance, passion and energy were the… Read full post »

As Glenn Beck winds down his stormy and ultimately failed tenure as a FOX News gadfly, it’s important to understand his true legacy:  Beck is a cruel and mean-spirited pathological liar who doesn't hesitate to denigrate his own family in his insatiable quest for fame and fortune.

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Updated below.

If Glenn Beck is a man of his word he gave (or will give) the Special Operations Warriors Foundation (SOWF) a personal check in the amount of $1,164,352.

In August of 2010 Beck held his “8/28 Restoring Honor Rally” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  He heavily… Read full post »

After 62 frustrating years it took a predicted act of God to give the city of Cleveland its first World Series title since 1948.

Because of the rapture, scheduled to begin today at 6:00pm EDT, Major League Baseball has declared that the Cleveland Indians, by virtue of their MLB best… Read full post »

Meghan McCain responded to Glenn Beck's cruel, hateful, and stupid-ass criticism of Ms. McCain's weight, complete with fake vomiting. 

From The Daily Beast:


After Meghan McCain wore a revealing dress in a skin cancer PSA, Glenn Beck launched a vicious tirade about her body—suggeRead full post »

BREAKING NEWS:  Glenn Beck is an asshole!

Glenn Beck spent almost eight minutes on the radio today pretending to vomit at the sight of a bare-shouldered Meghan McCain.

McCain, along with several other women, filmed a PSA that encouraged the use of sunscreen.  They referred to venturing out… Read full post »

Months ago Newt Gingrich, was asked if he would seek the presidency in 2012, and he smugly replied, "That will be up to God, and the American people."

Apparently God has told Gingrich, “Go for it dude.”  Hopefully at least 51% of the American people will say, "thanks but noRead full post »

This is a repost from 2009.

My mother, Helen Fallihee, died of cancer on September 27, 1972, at the ripe young age of fifty-six.  Two days later, on my nineteenth birthday, she was laid to rest.  They scheduled her funeral on my birthday? For years I resented of the timing o… Read full post »

President Obama announced today that between a round of golf and ordering the killing of Osama bin Laden, he discovered a multiuse vaccine that will eradicate all air and blood borne diseases from the planet and at the same time solve the country’s debt crisis.  “Just something I&rsq… Read full post »

APRIL 14, 2011 4:37PM

GOP Set to Usher In Death Panels

If the GOP leaders woke up one morning in the mood to tell the country the truth, their message might as succinct as , "I'm Rich, Fuck You."

Republican politicians are an interesting, slimy breed.  They campaign as perfectly reasonable folks, kind of the "closeted homosexual boy-next-door" type… Read full post »

With everyone focused on the demise of his FOX TV show, it’s easy to forget that just seven months ago Glenn Beck was on top of the media world.  His “8/28 Restoring Honor Rally” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, attracted hundreds of thousands of attendees and all indicatiRead full post »

With the media abuzz about Glenn Beck's upcoming departure from FOX News, and the circumstances that led to the parting of the ways, one factor has been overlooked:  Glenn Beck can't hold a job.

Since he graduated from high school in 1982 until he began his nationallyRead full post »

Do you remember the days when a public figure caught in a lie (or caught with a hooker's toes in his mouth) would stand before the TV cameras and weep, apologize for his sins, and ask Jesus for forgiveness... or at least start telling a new lie?  I miss those days.… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
APRIL 6, 2011 10:56PM

Breaking News: Glenn Beck to Create GBTV (Glenn Beck TV)

Glenn Beck has not yet announced this but he will soon roll out his latest venture, to be called GBTV (Glenn Beck TV).

Details of the upcoming media platform are not known but Beck's childhood friend and trusted employee, Robert Shelton, is criss-crossing the country, possibly to secure advertising c… Read full post »


Whatever happened to the good old days when a public figure caught in a lie would publicly weep, apologize for his sins, ask Jesus for forgiveness... or at least quit repeating the story?

Dick Morris of FOX News waiting his turn at the Tea Party Rally
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Editor’s Pick
MARCH 29, 2011 1:35AM

Is Donald Trump A Moron, A Liar... Or Both?

Donald Trump, the iconic businessman, king of the really shitty comb-over, and pretend presidential wannabe, gave an interview today to FOX News' Greta Van Susteren, and exposed himself to be either a moron or a liar... or both.

The latest to join the "Silly Putty Bandwagon," filled with 90 IQ Obama… Read full post »

Obama Cures Cancer:

I'm sitting at Starbucks (that's a worldwide chain of coffee shops), checking email, making phone calls, "sipping my triple tall non-fat latte," and thinking about the fact that people with Down Syndrome make me uncomfortable.

My fear is that if I make eye-contact with a Down Syndrome person they wil… Read full post »