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MARCH 2, 2012 12:18PM

Memo To Hapless Dems: It's The "Blunt-Rubio Amendment"

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After countless examples of being out-hardballed by the GOP, the Democrats haven't learned a thing.

What's become known mostly as "the Blunt Amendment," a bill that would allow employers to opt out of any medical procedure that they personally object to on moral or religious grounds, went down to defeat yesterday in the Senate.  Only one Republican Senator, Olympia Snowe, voted against it although I'm sure that if Republican Senators weren't afraid of the radical-right wing of their party the bill would have received 80 "no" votes.

This bill is a gift to Democrats, but as is typical, they are failing to maximize the impact of this ridiculous legislation... by refering to it in media appearances as the "Blunt amendment." 

It's the fucking "Blunt-Rubio amendment," you morons, and the emphasis should be on the word "Rubio." 

Roy Blunt is a name mostly known only to the residents of Missouri and geeks like me that actually follow the day-to-day activities of these folks.  Marco Rubio is a rising star in GOP politics and if he isn't the VP nominee in 2012 he will very likely be a major player in 2016.  So when handed the perfect opportunity to emphasize that the telegenic, well-spoken Rubio is an ultra right-wing hack you decide to leave his name out of the discussions?  Have you learned nothing from Karl Rove?

Repeat after me:  "The Blunt-Rubio amendment is an assault on the rights of women in this country." 

After a few weeks of that you slowly phase out the name "Blunt" and it simply becomes the "Rubio Amendment."

If Barack Obama was still in the Senate and he proposed this amendment, not only would the GOP be unanimously against it, they would call it the  "Obama-William Ayers-Adolf Hitler- Baby Murdering" bill.

And they would keep saying it... every fucking chance they got... until they convinced swing voters that Obama wants to kill your babies at taxpayer expense.

So one more time... repeat after me:  "It's the Rubio amendment and Marco Rubio wants to take away a woman's right to get laid just for the fun of it."


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You are correct sir! Just like it was not the Bush presidency, it was the Bush/Cheney administration. You have to connect Darth Vader with Bush, it's a no-brainer.
Excellent point, Roger. The Dems will never understand that they need to paint the GOP, and especially its leaders such as Rubio, not as the "loyal opposition" but as the party of lunatic fringe mad-dog cryptofascists, and that they don't even have to lie to do so.
Very well said, Roger.

Kinda the way it has to be said to get through the concrete in some of the heads toward which you are speaking!
I suspect Rubio could get caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, and he'd still be considered for the VP slot. The Repugnants are in deep shit with Latino voters, and Rubio may be their only way out.
Latinos don't care about Rubio! They are many separate nationalities, not just one monolithic group. Republicans are too stupid to see that because they only snort their own brand.

Rubio is a Cuban American and he's a sell-out. Throwing that dog out as bait will not bring in a bone.

They blew it big time.

However, they got bailed out by Rush. Big time.

The slender thread of rhetoric that framed this as 'freedom of conscience' was utterly destroyed by Rush's idiocy.

Especially when Sandra Fluke over played her hand in her testimony and could have been lampooned tastefully and effectively ($3,000 for birth control?). Or even better, simply ignored.

Instead, Rush comes across as a bitter, lecherous old fat white guy --
wanting to 'get something' for his hard earned tax dollars like a video of comely Sandra performing unspeakable acts for her pills. Ewwww.

So, yea. The Rubio - keep em barefoot and pregnant - amendment.