Robert Steibel

Robert Steibel
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
May 03
Steibel Comics
I write and draw the daily cartoon Apple Creek Comics. You can see my other new comics projects at I also write the daily Kirby Dynamics weblog for the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center.


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NOVEMBER 10, 2011 4:34PM


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What? No comments yet so far????

I thought we still had a day more to go before Apocalypse. Din'tt we???

Oops, no; guess not. I mean today is 11/12/11; not 12/12/12.

Did I get this right? hunnh?

Please let me know because I'd like to -- well, you know how they say -- ?"put my affairs in order"? before the deadline it ... well, if there's time????

Oops, sorry Robert -- You told us (whichever day you first wrote this piece) we had a WEEK to go before the Apocalypse. That sure is a relief! Gives me at least a few minutes to track down your other website seeing Open Salon hasn't yet apparently quite figured out that you're ?real? I mean, I ask OS to call you up and they ain't nevah heerd from you. Yet, any way. Hope you and they can clear this up!

Great to find you and your cartoon here, this (still in my neck o' the woods) morning. Thanks!!