Robin Robinson

Robin Robinson
Phippsburg, Maine, United States
April 05
Queen Mum
Out Of The Blue
I'm a photographer, writer and gardener. I live on the coast of Maine. I live with a husband, dogs and a cat. I used to live with children but they grew up and left. I'm thankful for all of these things.

DECEMBER 12, 2009 10:42AM


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 I will be presenting this short (under 10 minutes), slide show of our October trip to Aspen, Colorado to my camera club, The Capital Area Camera Club. Click on that link for the club's web site and information about us. We've got a really snazzy web site thanks to our Webmaster and club member, Tim True. My presentation is Tuesday, December 15th at about 7Pm at the Pine Tree State Arboretum in Augusta, Maine. It's free and non fattening! I hope you enjoy the slide show. It's full of scenic landscapes, wildlife and birds. For the full screen viewing option, click on the little rectangle between the speaker icon and the triangle icon on the bottom of the video screen. Remember to give it a minute to load (buffer) so it will play smoothly. Let me know what you think, too!  
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