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MARCH 25, 2012 12:44PM

Miles and I : GNS Repost (For Cindy)

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Miles and I, we slake the night
full on shift to manual
slip to 80
Miles leans back and smiles
Miles is the tilt in my hips
Miles is agave,  as it hits my feet
comes back up  hot 
Miles is the cold breaking wave on my head
hair dripping
last vestiges of clothes on sand
as I hit the night surf
Miles is the small bead of sweat
under my hair
unshaven chin rough against my neck
dancing late into the night
Miles meets me at midnight
Miles and I
we are friends with the dark
we take comfort in the shadow
Miles leads me to country roads
leans back
gives me the go ahead signal
turbo rising
red wine and sex
sweat and trumpet
Miles and I
we slake the night. 
Originally posted October 2010, hope it's new for some and a nice look back for others here. Had a few requests and felt like a little Miles myself.
Generique is from the soundtrack to a French film by Louis Malle that Miles did. Amazing if you get a chance to hear or watch on Youtube his performing Ascenseur pour l'échafaud 
is the name of the album. 
(image from 
  Davis, Miles - Générique .mp3    Found at bee mp3 search engine

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Your tone rivals the master's. The night allayed. Nice.
Art: Kim has alerted me to the manual transmission typo, corrected.. is that the one?
is there another, geeeeezzz.
Thanks Mary, sultry, good word.
PTS: welcome, thanks, glad it's new for ya.
JMac sounds like a good start to another poem, thank you.
ultimate compliment Stacy, with thanks.
Raz: just came from your place, thanks RazDaz.
That was me Art with my dog Moose, his tongue out and slipping to manual, to eighty, watch out Amish buggies.
Tril: you must have been on a vacay o the first post.
I will Ferns, I plan to again soon. It's been awhile.. summer's comin.
Maureen: Find it, pour it, lay back and enjoy.
Thanks Kim for the spell check, and the help with the original inspiration.
No problem Cindy, hope you enjoy, I am flattered you think so much of the poem, the music can be found if you google Generique by Miles.
We did the duel repost today!
"we slake the night..." damn i love that!
Great write!!!! Not just good...GREAT!!!!

And I LOVE slaking!!! I think....
so easy to slip...'s good to have friends like Miles...
thanks LL2 and Miguela..
Sirenita: hope so thank you.
Hi Lorianne! I love when you pop in.. TY
PP: driving and Miles great combo. TY
JD and Firechick: appreciated. JD you crack me up..
and you too Catch22
John I hope it's not to crude, thank you for coming by.
Happy Birthday, rita
Many happy returns ~
more good birthday wishes to you Rita, kind of blue, never silent
Thanks everyone, Catch and JP, it was a bday extravaganza... thanks for remembering me!
Thanks Pandora, for coming by and reading!