The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living

FEBRUARY 12, 2012 10:42PM

GNS: The Gift

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 "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." 

-- Mark Twain

 We both have this quote on our biography on an internet site, unknowingly, the same.

This is  the beautiful book my daughter had made for me. With all my OS poems, on beautiful heavy cream paper. Bound and embossed in leather and gold.

I had no idea she knew of my writing, occasionally I would show her a poem or two. Amazing how she compiled all the best ones and had them printed for me.



"Green Station Wagon"  as it appears in my book.




This is a favorite photo of us, she is 13 and I am 41 I think, her eighth grade graduation.

I wrote a poem, of course it can't express what I feel about having a daughter, all the joy in watching her grow.

For her to take the time to compile all these poems and find a way to put them in a beautiful book for me, well, it was a gift beyond comparison.

(She promptly called her brother and let him know she was now the favorite)






Another 4am

barefoot to the star lit yard

meteor shower expected

out in the frosty autumn air

up at constellations gathered

a small groggy voice

from the porch above 


startled but not surpised

you also yearn for shooting stars. 










   Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey .mp3    Found at bee mp3 search engine

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How incredibly lovely, Rita.
What a beautiful girl.
Extra thanks for the Tupelo Honey : )
thanks JT, I feel so fortunate to have her, I love this Van song, it reminds me of her all the time!
Janie, I was overcome, really, Christmas morning I just cried. Thanks Janie.
What a beautiful girl! And a wonderful image of tne meteor shower
What a truly wonderful gift, Rita. Katy is beautiful. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, by the way. I know that protective arm across your girl there. It's the same one I have for mine. Bless our children they give back so much more than they know ...
Thank you MCS, for reading.
Bea, i had no idea she was up in the middle of the night to see the meteor shower, walked out and BAM. So great. Thanks Bea.
Bless the children Scarlett, so true. Thanks Scarlett.
We who have a daughter(s) are so lucky. I chuckled at the part about her telling her brother that she was now the favorite. It's exactly what our adopted daughter tells her two brothers and sister. They love it.

What a beautiful story, deliciously told.
For someone even a family member to do this shows the amount of love they have in their heart. It's easy to see by the faces in the second picture where the love began and where it continues.
I envy you..
Thanks John, Janie Smithie came up with GNS and I am glad she did, sometimes you need to be corny and show your good side. She is def. the good side.
Awww Linda thank you, I agree, it was a very heartfelt thing, a wonderful thing to do for me. thank you Linda.
what a beautiful child...and from the looks of that gift? shes beautiful inside & out. lucky you
"She promptly called her brother and let him know she was now the favorite"

hahahahha :D
what a good (and gorgeous!) kid
loriane, I know.. how did I get so lucky??? thanks friend. my heart leaps up when I see you here. Thanks so very much
Jules: yeah they crack me up, she is close with her brother, thank god, I just want them to have what I have with my brothers and sisters. Unconditional. Thanks always Jules
So very special. You did good, Rita. So did she.
What an incredible gift you have. And the book is lovely too.
What an uncommonly thoughtful thing for your daughter to do, knowing how much it would mean to you. You done good Rita. And you're both gorgeous.
I remember that poem rita, and I notice that book has a bowline too... ;~)
How lovely...sniffle. Daughters like yours are so special.

Such a thoughtful idea and gift and something you'll always treasure, along with your lovely daughter.
Lovely hearts. Both.
Rita - nice to see you and daughter in Rome (.....Florence?) and always nice to read your pieces
What a beauty! The book she made is something to treasure. Cute, how she called her brother. Nothing wrong with mother-loving as competitive sport.
I guess that's what you miss out on, having only boys.
Nice photos and post.
Your daughter is extraordinarily beautiful, on the exterior and inside. She's a radiant reflection of you and your wonderful work.
I can't remember the last time I cried at work.
This touches me so deeply, as you can well imagine.
You and your daughter are beautiful and so lucky to have each other.
What gifts you have. xo ~r
When you pass off to Paradise some , oh, five or six decades
from now, hopefully,
dear blessed lady,
hand that book
down thru
A treasure for the ages.

What is Brother gonna do to out-do Sis
& get back favoritism,
you must wonder!
It was a good feeling reading this one.
Hi Kate: thanks friend
Margaret, what a nice compliment thank you!
II, it does! ty
Nana, sweet, thank you!
Linda sniffle back..
Thanks Scup, our cycles in tune again, and the poem you sent is lovely too, beautiful
Roberto I believe it was Florence, good eye! thank you for stopping by.
GH true, I get to be the favorite all the time that way..
OOAL: they have their wonderful qualities too, don't they? TY
Thanks Joanie, should have put not safe for work on it! glad you enjoyed it..
Mary thank you so much for the lovely comment, she is very pretty and I am proud to say she is a good person too.
James: it will be hard to surpass this gift for sure, he already said that
smile emoticon here.
You both are so beautiful. What a thoughtful gift she gave you.
Daughters are a blessing indeed.
unknowingly, the same. ~

dos bellas, dos guapas ~

thanks, rita...thanks, rita's hija
Words and photos of love, gorgeous gifts.
Fantastic! She is a dear. Best to you both!
Great photos Rita. Lovely daughter, like her mother. ~R
That is a lovely gift to you from your gift to the world, Rita. Very generous of you to share it. ♥
Good looks run in the family. You must be a great mom.
What an unbelievable gift you received. And what a gorgeous mother who produced such a gorgeous daughter.
Thank you Ladyfarmer, so nice.
catch: I know, we laughed about finding the same quote on our FB page.. thanks catch.
BrassStevedos: exactly what I was aiming for! thanks friend.
Bleue, Sheila and Willett, appreciate your kind words, thank you for stopping by.
Fusun, Sarah and Tril, glad you came by, what beautiful comments, thanks so much.
Love ...
Simply ... purely ... love ...
side by side ... love ...
shooting star ... love ...
It is never too late for good news. What a magnificent gift and two beautiful women. She must be a lot like her mother.
rated with love
Thanks anna1 and RP, a little good news now and then can't hurt.
rita shibr
We bumped @ 9:48 ow
I feel like I get my `GED
You give out V.D. `Gifts
Valentine Day . . . good
You got a IQ daughter
What a wonderful gift
She no give pizza pie
I give upper crust
You love pizza crust
It's cold but yummy
Pizza crust is nice
Happy V.D. Day
Bless your Life
Hicks say that
Hicks burp too
I save 9% beer
It's a hop-beer
I buy for V.D..
This is innocent
Ha! Art, she is an IQ.
9% is no joke Art, we will be sleeping on that PU truck seat in no time at 9% Hop Devil Beer.
Happy VD-Free Day Art..
Sublime duo you two! Happy V Day vid for you... RRR
i have a daughter like her, a daughter who would do this, so this strikes at precisely that place on my heart, the one she holds, knowingly, in her small hands. lucky, fortunate, grateful mothers of such daughters. i'm smiling at you and your katy, rita, both gems. (and am so glad i didn't miss this, though it was close.)
Hey Patrick! Happy Valentines Day to you friend, please send another link... I couldn't get this one to work? is it Jason Mraz, good stuff but the video wasnt found.
Femme/Candace, glad you found it too. I grappled with sharing this, hoping it would be received it the right spirit, and of course it was. I do feel extraordinarily lucky that right now things are in place. That is not saying they have always been that way, we have the same struggles as every family but this gift and the thought behind it was something I really wanted to show my OS family.Happy to know you have one too, a remarkable comfort, these grown kids.
Hey Patrick Daniels, my daughter just sent me the same video link for V-Day! cool huh?
livin the life!
I just read this today. What a great gift. And a great read for Valentine's Day. Daughters are indeed special .
What excellent mother-daughter pictures!
Hey Rita,
Not sure why this didn't work, so try,try again
By the by, send me an e-mail, I've lost your address...
It doesn't get any better than this, rita.
A testament to a pretty incredible relationship.
Love it & I am lucky to know you.
What a magnificent and loving thing to do.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, you know?
Thank you for this. Joy!

A wise and tranquil warming of the soul this winter's day.
Many thanks to the gorgeous girls in our lives, Rita.
What gorgeousness on display! I enjoyed this Rita, thanks.
Thanks JL, welcome here!
Pranay, hoping she doesn't read this, but ps she is single!! (ever the mom here) thanks friend.
Patrick will try the link at home, sneaking on at work on a break here, thank you will send you the email, hope you are well!
DB back at ya! my three o clock friend, I have been sick (ok now) and trying hard not to get up and read OS too much at night. Hope our doggy is doing well. TY
AHP: nice of you to say, but she has more common sense than I did I think.. I sure hope! Thanks Pilgrim. Good winter we are having huh>
Kim: we know it too don't we? Thanks Kim.
BSB: your little one will grow up soon enough, but I can say after the teen years it's wonderful! Thanks Babe.
Nature plus nurture works well. Lovely girl(s), lovely gesture on her part. Almost said lucky you.. but no luck was in play here.
Thanks Tr ig, as you know with E, it gets so good as they get older too. Glad you came by.
oh you lucky lucky girl, to have a young woman child and then have her love your poetry. and to share that female destiny we do share with our mothers.

you gotta know I am jealousing over here dear dear rita. I have granddaughters so I know their bond with their mother is very different than the one that I have with my sons and the one my grandsons share with their mother.

I have had the privilege of many many rare joys having had two sons, but I see the same thing with their fathers, that my sons share a bond with them that we will never, can never share.

and she's adorable. as are you, you devil!
Thanks so much Monkey friend of mine. In some ways I feel my life has been extraordinarily lucky, I have a son and a daughter, one of each to enjoy and both healthy.
I didn't think anything could be better than a baby but a grown daughter is pretty close, it just keeps getting better. TY!
Oh my gosh, what an astounding gift! Like mother, like daughter, and as James said, this tome will be handed down as precious through the ages.
Raised right...stamped and loved Made in Love. Cool R.
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❊¸.•*´¨`*•.¸❊¸.•*´¨`*•.¸❊¸.•*´  ¨`*•.¸❊¸.•*´¨`*•.¸❊
Have a beautiful new week with love and happiness❤¸.•*¨✫
CC Thank you, I hope so!
TG: hey there! Thanks so much..
Algis: Beautiful, thank you!
Oh, what a wonderful gift! Your daughter is gorgeous, inside and out - just like her mom!
I want to thank you for sharing your gifts. You both are fortunate, but you didn't need me to tell you!
Thank you Alysa and Buffy, glad to see you both! Appreciate you reading.