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February 25
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JANUARY 12, 2010 12:39PM

Job interview today ...

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wish me luck!

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You don't need luck, but I'll be wishing that the best thing that could happen will happen for you. Today. Oh, and be sure to let us know the outcome.
I wish you everything you need today.
Times 50x a million! xox
oh, for Pete's sake, and I just wished you a measly ten!

Hoping it went really well, Risa.
Thanks everyone, your thoughts gave me a great deal of support. I realize I'm still feeling too vulnerable to really know how it went, but I think it went OK. It's a job working in an inpatient hospice, and I really hope they offer it to me! I won't hear back until next week ...
Cool. Keep us posted, ok?

(I'll be honest, I want hospice work to be my next career.)
Risa, it sounds like the interview went well! The hospice patients would definitely be blessed to have you there.
Hoping for the best, will be checking back...
Immediately upon hearing the first words from your mouth, may they stop, stunned by the awesomeness of your capabilities, accomplishments and profound influence on human lives, and offer you many, many thousands in compensation!

Hope this isn't too "florid."