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JUNE 6, 2009 11:59PM

Yet another favorite OS one-liners

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A tanker of chicken guts had overturned on Route 7 some weeks earlier, and the road still reeked of it.  Asphyxiation is poetic but boring. Distance is no object.

In short: am I unwilling to sell the car because I still love it, because I still need it, or because you're not the boss of me, Tim Geithner? It cost 50 cents for the blank canvas from Goodwill.  I have to ask why are we focusing on the issue of money?

I was monogamous once. Never ONCE in your life having reached your delicate little texting fingers down between your legs and, well, typed out a few instant messages to yourself? I am dilating my vagina three times a day religiously at 6:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 10:00 pm.

Ever had thought of being drizzled with yummy and then just being devoured? Yes, but. They'd left the turkey, and taken all the beer.

These words may hang around on the edge of the blogosphere, like landfill. Because engaging in hyperbole is easy and fun.

It has come to my attention I am a really funny person. I thought ‘Sex Offender?’

Never.  Ever.  Hang your daughter’s softball pants from your radio antenna!



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This is really excellent! Excellent! You're an artist, a conductor of nearly real conversations.
...wherein I sought wit and found wisdom: checking my radio antenna RIGHT NOW!! Rated.
I see a line (#5) from my recent post, and love the way you interpret them all. We do say the wildest things! One thing, we are not dull.
I'm really bummed because the links do not work. I'm just techno challenged, I guess. I do appreciate everyone who contributed to this little post.
This is like "found art"!

And I can't figure out the link thing, either.