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February 25
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JUNE 10, 2009 11:29AM

Go ahead: call me baby killer

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I was the nurse.
In the lab, I methodically reassembled
fetal parts: femur, tibia, vertebrae.
Once a spectacular cochlea–a tiny
snail spiralling to a point of origin.
Each part counted, accounted for.
Each woman comforted, released.  

For ten years in the abortion clinic,
anatomy, embryology, ontogeny
were all mine. No one wanted this job.
The chorionic villae, amnion, meta-phalanges,
skull plates, the tiny human heart stilled,
but not unwitnessed. Not unloved.

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Wow! I have always wondered what it was like. It seems very methodological, mechanical.
I can imagine why no one wanted the job - but clearly, it is important. At least the job was held by someone who saw clearly (witnessed) and knew how to love. That, in itself, is a comfort. Blessings, Risa.
Simply, this was remarkable. Thank you.
Beautiful imagery for a difficult profession. I especially liked, "a spectacular cochlea–a tiny snail spiralling to a point of origin"...stunning...thx for sharing! deLuvCoach
Thank you. I hope my own two aborted children met with such kind and mindful witness.
Risa - you never cease to amaze. A beautiful tribute.
The last line of each stanza says so much about you, Risa. You are a truly special person.
doing what needs to be done on both ends of the human time spectrum without looking away. I admire you Risa.
haunting, beautiful...and absolutely devastating.
Truly pro life in your heart and your head!