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MARCH 22, 2012 5:39PM

Color of Blacks' Killer More Important Than Blacks Killed

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Remember those words your mom may have told you never to say in public and the Federal Communications Commission fines you heavily for saying on the air? Well, lately I have been muttering some of them a lot. Of course, I’m only saying them inside my head or aloud while in my car or in the shower.

 In this case, it is fair to say “they” made me do it. They being people.

The story of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed 17 year-old black kid from Florida being shot to death is almost all that people are talking about. Why? Even the story of the 6 year-old girl in Chicago who was shot to death while standing on her porch has not garnered national attention. Again, why? Or the eight Chicagoans killed in a single weekend.

In the Florida case, the shooter was not black. As more details of the incident are made public, it increases the confusion as to why the shooter has not been arrested. In an effort to make this a racially motivated crime, some have claimed that a short barely audible clip of the 9-1-1 recording contains a racial epithet. That and his unclear ethnicity seem to make that young man’s death more important than others. 

The Department of Justice is also looking into the case. It is so important that Al Sharpton has seen fit to join a rally calling for a thorough investigation. Again, why? Well, let’s see, could it be because it’s a race baiter’s lottery? It will provide more national camera time and an opportunity to gain from someone else’s pain. 

The senseless killings of young blacks don’t appear to be as important to the black community as who is doing the killing.

 After taking a break from using those “forbidden words,” I posed a question: Why is it when a black person is killed by a non-black person, Black America calls for justice, but when a black person kills a black person, Black America won’t even call the police? Ironically, my question seemed to make others commence cussing. But it didn’t produce any logical/honest explanations. 

I’m still asking, why does the concern for young black murder victims directly correlate with the pigmentation of the shooter?

Black on black violence won’t be solved until blacks consider it an unacceptable crime. Until that happens, the policy remains:  “Don’t help solve it. Don’t expect America to care.”  

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That's a legitimate question and I think you might have inadvertently answered it yourself. The fact is that we black people are every bit as outraged by the black-on-black crime that happens far too regularly. The majority of us are just as interested in living peacefully and safely as you are. The problem is twofold: 1) getting the authorities to care as much about black on black crime as they do about any crime involving a white participant; and, 2) getting the media to expend the same amount of sensationalism on black on black crimes as they do on black on white and white on white ones.

This is one of those times when it is dangerous to paint an entire group with one broad brush. Black on black crimes are still committed by criminals, not "the black community." When my friend's son was shot dead on the street so that the perp could steal his sneakers, she was determined to spend the rest of her life fighting black on black crime, and she has. But you've never heard of her, I'll bet.

I have a similar question for you. Why is it when something like this incident with Martin and Zimmerman occurs the white community sits back and watches without joining the protest? Fear? I know for sure there are plenty of white people who believe Trayvon was murdered in cold blood as a result of profiling. Why are the protest crowds so monochromatic?

I'd agree with Lezlie here for the most part but I can give a little insight to why some of those white people are not in the crowds. Around here Carbondale IL the protests are populated with people who hate whites as blindly as some whites hate blacks. If no one will listen to you agree with them or literally attack you for having that white skin it makes it hard for sympathetic people to join the protests. I know this isn't the whole of the thing but it does play a part in it. Think about this please, when people are faced with the threat of violence at the hands of the people they come to support then we leave it in a place where the true nature of the disgust and outrage is not seen. I don't make excuses since I know that there are enough protests where people of all races are welcomed but to a person who is just finding the courage to stand up to racism and injustice that can be the difference between sitting at home and standing up to be counted. Take a chance is what I say, hopefully someone will recognize that it isn't that racism is bad for the victims alone, it is bad for everybody.
I understand the points you both make. However, when the cops seek information in connection with black on black crime, they are often met with silence/ignorance, which can be miscontrued as unconcern. It's comparable to responding to the same address for domestic violence again and again and no one files a complaint. It is unfair to say whites dont join the protest. Whites started the NAACP.
What "outrages" me and others of my T-Party community is that this is a CHILD murdered by a "cop" wannabe" who wasn't even being questioned ,charged or tested for intoxication, by his "buds" of the "thin blue line" It's a wake up call to those "Non Blacks" who would like the opportunity to dismiss this as a "Black" issue. It isn't. It's a chilling illustration of some of the armed murderous assholes we employ to "guard" us, and their cop groupie buddies. It isn't Black culture vs Non Black, It's "Cop" culture vs "Civilians". All too often these days the badge and gun don't signify a sense of duty and obligation to "serve and Protect" but rather an opportunity to demand respect that they wouldn't even understand how to earn.

There are still good and compassionate cops out there, but they seem to be getting few and far between.

If you will take a moment of reflection as a compassionate liberal, I will tell you as a compassionate Christian T-partier that incidents like this are why many in the T-party hate and fear "Government".
Too bad you are too right. Everyone should rest assured that Zimmerman will be prosecuted. The admitted facts (in his own words) and the plain language of the statute assure he is toast.

 Thank you for this perspective.

 This might also interest you. See Trayvon Martin: Defense a Pig-Sty Beneath a Racist Facade?
Your question presumes that black people are driving the news rooms and that black people are determining how the news is covered. As a black parent of a murder victim I can tell you that even in a city with a black majority the reporter and the editor that I met with were white. My detective was black, but that doesn't guarantee they are result oriented. It wasn't my choice that they didn't make my son's murder a priority, it wasn't my choice they chose instead to cover the kidnapping of a little blonde haired white girl. So maybe your question about black outrage is correct, but black people are smart enough to know who is directing which murders are priorities and which ones aren't. Maybe you should educate yourself before making the assumption that we only care when the killer is another color. I found that the entire system was set up to give little attention to dead black bodies. Maybe the black community knows that certain black deaths will generate genuine concern outside the community. Rev. Sharpton has been well versed on which cases he can draw attention to, and which even star power can't shine a light on.

I have to tell you that I always find people who have little insight into a community make very broad statements about how we respond to black on black crime. How often have you been to a meeting of one of the many groups nationally, which deal specifically with that issue? If the answer is never, perhaps that is why you have incorrectly stated that blacks aren't concerned with this issue.

How sad that you feel qualified to speak about a community that you have very little understanding of. It would be like me making a statement about what French people think with little to no interaction with French people. So you have done here what Zimmerman did to Trayvon you made a perception (yours) a reality (blacks). Feel better now?
Dear Desnee,

I have been observing the "black Community" for over 55 years. My siblings are black; my dad is black. So, guess what, I am black.

My point was not about the media or cop coverage. I am talking about the thousands of blacks across the country who are outraged about a kid they did not know, while not saying a peep about kids killed in their own communities.

Al Sharpton is a pimp of the black community. PERIOD.

Don't play the race card with me. It is not allowed in my casino.
You've already started taking some hear for your very thoughtful post. I know this has been something that Bill Cosby has talked about openly for years now and he gets crap, too. He also gets support. I'm going to go out there and say that this perspective HAS to come from the black community, though. How would this go over from someone like me, a white female? Not very well I'm afraid, even though I care.
You said something telling in your comments:

when the cops seek information in connection with black on black crime, they are often met with silence/ignorance, which can be miscontrued as unconcern. It's comparable to responding to the same address for domestic violence again and again and no one files a complaint.

Isn't that why people in black communities don't call reporters and start neighborhood campaigns when the police do not aggressively pursue cases? Isn't it just a type of learned helplessness after years and years of the same lack of media/police attention to these crimes? It cuts both ways.
Firechic.. In my community, a "white chick(with black children) is working hard to better her community, but is met with resistance: "White girl what you doing here?" And "she is getting too much publicity."

Onislandtime.. I disagree with you why blacks dont talk to police. It's because of the dumbass notion of, "I dont want to see another black man in jail." Or "We don't air our dirty laundry." Or because of fear of retaliation. You have any idea how many black children are sexually abused and it's never reported? After a few times to a home for domestic abuse without charges being filed, isnt the message clear?