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MARCH 28, 2012 3:02PM

Juan Williams steals controversial Rider blog item?

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 A few days ago I posted a controversial blog item on the tragic death of Trayvon Martin up on SDRostra and other web sites -- and on my Facebook page.  I rhetorically asked why the left was silent about the FAR bigger homicide threat to black kids -- other blacks. Here is the blog item:


Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Florida shooting death of a young black man by a white Neighborhood Watch bozo is indeed tragic.  But should black people be terribly worried with getting murdered by white bigots and vigilantes? Or is the REAL danger other black males?

Everyone knows the answer, but doesn’t want to talk about it. Certainly Obama doesn’t.

Consider these factoids quoted from Wikipedia:

A United States Department of Justice report which surveyed homicide statistics between 1974 and 2004 stated that of the crimes surveyed, 52.2% of the offenders were Black, 45.8% were White, and 2% were Other Races.

Of the victims in those same crimes, 50.9% were White, 46.9% were Black, and 2.1% were Other Races.

The report further stated that “most murders are intraracial” with 86% of White murders committed by Whites, and 94% of Black murders committed by Blacks.

If you do the grisly math, each WEEK over 110 blacks arekilled by other blacks.
Where's the outrage?  Where's the black leadership?

The reaction of the left was as expected.  Twitter came alive with vapid posts from the haters.

The SDRostra comments are interesting and numerous by SDRostra standards.  Some were thoughtful, others were anything but.  I put some more factoids up in that comments section.  

Here's one:

This LOS ANGELES TIMES article headlined “blacks are under attack,” quoting head race baiter Jesse Jackson. Then he tried to tie the death into home foreclosures.  Tell me what home foreclosures had to do with the Florida tragedy.,0,2131299.story

How does this Jackson quote sit with you? — “Our disparities are great,” he said. “Targeting, arresting, convicting blacks and ultimately killing us is big business.”

And why the liberal press print such inflammatory nonsense, or treat the “reverend” with respect?


But today it got more interesting. Apparently Juan Williams (a black guy, BTW) STOLE my blog item and my follow-on comments, converting them into a WALL ST JOURNAL op-ed.  Surely there can be no other plausable explanation.


The harm I've suffered from this plagiarism is incalculable. 

My crack team of lawyers will be in court this afternoon to seek legal redress (and millions in compensation) for this pilfering outrage.

And doubtless to buy more crack — but I’m not judgmental in such matters.

 Meanwhile, the apologies from my leftist attackers are pouring in . . . any time now.  

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