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JUNE 25, 2010 5:58PM

LA TIMES latest blatant propaganda "news"

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On 8 June the LA TIMES ran a puff piece (a.k.a. news story) touting a new objective website designed to "educate the public about state government."  Need I say more about this impartial source of citizen information?  

As my readers doubtless suspect, this website is run by another front group for the progressive movement -- with the clear goal of repealing Prop 13 and the 2/3 vote requirement.  Naturally the LA TIMES chose not to reveal that information to its gullible readership.

Here's the paper's  story, with my cogent reader comment below it.  I expose this latest fraud -- unkindly revealing the complicity of the failing LA TIMES in this con game.


8 June, 2010 

Website aims to educate the public about state government

The nonpartisan site, created by scholars at Stanford and UC Berkeley, aggregates information, endorsements, news and resources on how the state operates. Encouraging reform is a major goal.

. . .

NOTE:  To read the full embarassing LA TIMES propaganda piece, you can click on this link.

Richard Rider Comment on article at 11:13 AM June 13, 2010

The key fact in the article is that the website is backed by "nonpartisan" Next Ten and its financier -- uber-liberal Noel Perry.  This will be yet another liberal propaganda site, pretending to be non-ideological in nature.  But the input will be from the liberal poli sci profs at these overwhelmingly left wing institutions.

Nonpartisan?  Technically, yes.  Nonpartisan means not formally aligned or associated with one political party.  This website won't be.  It will represent the philosophies of the Democrat, Green, Socialist and Peace and Freedom parties.

The reporters and editors at the LA TIMES blithely regurgitate the propaganda of these "progressive" outfits without mentioning the liberal/pro-labor union slant of the organizations.  This is in stark contrast to to the media's policy of always identifying Heritage, Hoover, Reason or other such institutions as "conservative" or "libertarian." 

I fully concur that the paper should point out the limited government leanings of such think tanks.  But the editors should be consistant, and do the same for liberal nonprofits as well. 

They don't.  Perhaps for these journalists, a liberal organization IS impartial -- since naturally the reporters and editors fully agree with the viewpoints espoused.

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