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OCTOBER 13, 2009 8:25PM

Two Great American Narratives

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I was just thinking about how nothing has really changed in the national dialogue in 40 years.



I mean, you still have this Flag cult, which the southern-fried masses confuse with patriotism. 



You still have the same impotent peace movement.

 You still see John Prine and Merle Haggard, two of the greats among the American troubadours, in the great American way, taking their First Amendment seriously and making their respective points with their guitars and voices.

 I was more of a Merle Haggard than a John Prine fan. Okee from Muskogee was one of my favorites.

I'm probably more on Prine's side of things now, though.

My dad had a flag decal. These days I see yellow ribbons, red, white and blue ribbons, and flags on the housetops all over the neighborhood.

I hear Merle's more of a liberal these days.


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Never been into Merle, but I love me some Prine. "Hello In There".

Can you post that one? please?
There's a hole in Daddy's arm where all the money goes. I'm a Prine fan...
Oh, Jeff, yeah. Helluva song.
I once smoked marijuana in Muskogee (which is only 20 minutes from here) just to spite Merle. He did a significant amount of mellowing with age.
The last concert I saw was Prine, who was here several years ago. I even wrote my own verse to Dear Abby-
Dear Abby, Dear Abby, my gun is too short
it's no good for hunting, worthless for sport
so I showed it to school kids, figured they can relate
now I'm in prison doing 5 to 8
Daring Derringer....
No wonder it fell flat. I forgot to include the John Prine song.

waking, I'll get back to you on Hello in There. I always think about the Joan Baez version of that. Thanks for reminding me it was a prine tune.

Jeff, I came to love John Prine, by and by. That hole in Daddy's Arm is a great song.
Sinner, I think David Allen Coe has a certain appeal. I don't identify with his politics, but that song about You Never Even Call Me by my Name was nice.
Rich, a tip of the toquilla to you for posting some prime Prine. I still get tears in my eyes when I hear "Sam Stone".

And you've got great instincts because, rumor has it anyway, Prine and Steve Goodman collaborated on the lyrics for Coe's "You Never Even. . ."

Thanks, again.
Rich - I heard Merle say he wrote "Okie" as a sign of the times cartoon kinda thingy and that it was the fan base that took it literally. Can't blame a guy for nursing it into prosperity. Haggard, Prine, Coe - why should one have to choose?
i hate those magnetic ribbons. I always wonder who gets the $$ for the purchase of those things? i mean, shouldn't it go to whatever cause it's espousing?

I'm a John Prine girl. It's a Big Old Goofy World.