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Robyn Martins

Robyn Martins
June 21
I am a freelance writer embedded in Small Town, Ohio. I have decided to write a poem every day as a discipline, and like a good potter, I intend to set aside a few as keepers. While I do the sorting and pruning, I'll post them all here.


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AUGUST 27, 2014 8:56AM

Defying Our DNA

Floating through air, it seems,
As I look at the book that passes the time,
The sun shines through the window
Of the banking plane
And wipes the page with light,
And I shift from the words
To the elements,
From the discovery of DNA
And the history of genetics
AUGUST 26, 2014 7:27AM

Our Vegetation Plunder

This will be my last poem for a couple of weeks, most likely, as I’m taking a little trip. I’ll be writing every day as usual but can’t be sure of a reliable connection. Be back soon—I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate your taking the time to readRead full post »

AUGUST 25, 2014 8:05AM


Sleep seems almost too animal-like

for us not to have overcome it by now

like living in trees and

pulling nits from each other’s furry backs,

but without sleep

this newfangled environment of ours

turns monotone and nauseous,

an ironic dream state in slow motion,

like reaching out for things

whiRead full post »

AUGUST 24, 2014 8:21AM

If Einstein Had Been A Musician

If Einstein were not a physicist,

he would have been a musician.

He said so himself with recognition

of how his mind worked.

I’m deciding what I’d do

if I could rewind the calendar

and choose a different occupation.

I wanted to be a veterinarian,

and I wanted to teach English,Read full post »

AUGUST 23, 2014 7:38AM

Sharing With the Neighbors

The backhoe shovel dropped heavy in the top soil,

a virgin-ground wrecking ball, 

shocking waves rippled through the empty lot,

and the residents scattered,

chipmunks running for cover, groundhogs

standing tall on their haunches for a better look,

birds perching away from commotion,

a black snakRead full post »

AUGUST 22, 2014 9:12AM

Let's Go See the Horses!

We were travelers by the time we got there,

running the three blocks 

from our small houses on small lots

to see The Horses in the field,

our feet wobbly on the bottom fence rung

and our arms draped over the top one,

our eyes wide toward the golden mare 

withRead full post »

AUGUST 21, 2014 8:07AM

The Clothing of the Comfortable

If you’re the type to like silk

and black dresses, pumps and

fitted waistlines,

my wardrobe won’t inspire you

to dress for the occasion

and present yourself with your RSVP,

as it’s more suited for gathering on the lawn

with a gin and tonic

or for strolling in the shade

withRead full post »

AUGUST 20, 2014 8:29AM

Rhythm of the House

Whether it’s the pots knocking in the dishwasher

as the cycle blasts them with scalding soap foam

or the padding of dog’s feet on the wooden floor

as the big boy strolls toward the window

looking for deer he smells through the panes

he has smudged with his wet nose,

whetherRead full post »

AUGUST 19, 2014 8:02AM

My Chair Is Not So Old

My contribution to the “Where I Work” subject. Since I no longer have a regular job, I do most of my “work” in my living room, when I am not designing something at my big computer, which doesn’t have much character, I must say.


My chair is not so oldRead full post »

AUGUST 18, 2014 8:00AM

The Monster In the Attic

I keep a monster in my house,

a poorly behaved one that tells me things

about how my ideas are irrelevant,

about how I’m probably going to fail,

about how my clothes don’t look right

because underneath I am not right,

about how….

It took me years of climbing and lifting,Read full post »

AUGUST 17, 2014 8:23AM

Rehearsing Tragedy in the Dark

I’ve not been in a play in my life,

unless that English-class project in the ninth grade,

a scene from The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds,

counts for anything.

I rehearsed lines for that day when we stood in front of the class

and faultingly delivered a bit ofRead full post »

AUGUST 16, 2014 8:24AM

The Way Granddaddy Drove

The way Granddaddy drove made my blood chill

in my veins as he operated by his motto,

“Put your foot on the pedal and go,”

down gravel roads, over mountain rises,

around curves beside gullies

with no mind paid to the speed

and no foot applied to the brakes.

As aRead full post »

AUGUST 15, 2014 8:25AM

As I Breathe Peace

A challenge to write using the following words: Hullabaloo, saucy, agita


In my younger years,

maybe my blood flowed faster in my veins,

I was quicker to get the jitters,

to exclaim with a tense throat, “I have agita!”

Small upsets seemed to me mayhem,

slight disturbances pandemoniuRead full post »

AUGUST 14, 2014 8:38AM

The Artist's Studio

The artist sat,

aged and chaired

with incapable legs that

kept her from the studio

just steps away, 

as I wandered, amazed

at her work turning

each surface of her

house into a tribute

to found things,

random objects discarded,

raw materials for the

builder who built

“constructions,”Read full post »

AUGUST 13, 2014 8:08AM

Stop Looking At the Ground

Stop looking at the ground,

I tell myself,

and look up,

not at the sky where

your dream evaporates

and drifts points east

but at the horizon

where it becomes the vanishing point

sending out perspective lines,

rays between which 

everything plays out.

You aim for that mark,

and your tenacityRead full post »

AUGUST 12, 2014 7:42AM

Overhearing A Private Moment

I wake at night, or is it morning

when the clock flips past midnight,

the dog and the husband

sleeping soundly, their breathing

filling the room with audible exhaling

that blends with the fan

by the window,

and I close my eyes 

contented, at peace,

waiting for sleep to

claim meRead full post »

AUGUST 11, 2014 8:18AM

Ouch! You Poor Thing

My daughter, an adult,

has a blister

made by a boot 

competing against tender flesh

for control,

and she treats it

with a bandage,

and not just any

skin-tone tape,

but one with Mickey Mouse

showing great alarm

and empathy,

as if he’s saying

“Ouch! You poor thing!”

in his thinRead full post »

AUGUST 10, 2014 7:37AM

Aim Higher

Why do you want to look like that

when you could be pretty?

my mother used to say

when I’d wear jeans

ready for school,

sitting on the piano bench

waiting for my ride.

How sad for me to spend the day

believing I was ugly,

reminding Mama

of the DepressionRead full post »

AUGUST 9, 2014 8:40AM

Getting from A to B

A challenge to write using the following words: traipse, waft, lollygag


One could think of traveling in limited terms,

of getting from A to B in the usual manner

that requires engine and fuel

to measure the earth’s circumference,

but how better to transport ourselves

in inspired ways

thaRead full post »

AUGUST 8, 2014 8:29AM

If I Could Just Close My Eyes

If I could just close my eyes for a minute,

or five or ten minutes should do it,

should be enough time to recharge,

to feel my breathing lungs

and beating heart

and not much else,

should be enough time

to slip into my envelope mind

and close it against theRead full post »

AUGUST 7, 2014 7:46AM

Mimicking the Mourning Dove

There seems to be tension on OS, judging by some of the other posts, so I'm just going to ignore all of that and stick to my little corner doing what I do. Here is Poem No. 163.


I’ve never been good at impressions,

can’t even fake a southern accent

evenRead full post »

AUGUST 6, 2014 7:55AM

Music on Broad Shoulders

Inspired by Aaron Copland’s Piano Concerto


Driving home on back roads

lined with pines and

banked by a swollen river,

I hit the radio button

in time to hear a concerto

so solid I could 

hold it in both hands

and feel its weight

in my fingers.

If you tossedRead full post »

AUGUST 5, 2014 8:34AM

The Fred Astaire Paradox

There is a paradox 

I find as I watch

Fred Astaire making time 

with the girl on the large screen

while I ponder the state of humankind

dead set on scorching earth

all around its circumference,

when spat shoes tap the floor

while children are blasted

because they were born

onRead full post »

AUGUST 4, 2014 7:46AM

Living Inside My Head

I am surprised

when a joint or a muscle aches,

when I need glasses to read

or when I harrumph upon standing

like my father did in his old age,

surprised because

I live mostly in my head

where I create an internal world

out of scraps from the external one,Read full post »

AUGUST 3, 2014 8:11AM

Is Anything Worse than Waiting?

Is there anything worse than waiting,

I mean something other than injury

or death or deep sorrow,

in the category of perturbing,

along the lines of a hangnail

and weak cell service

and running out of chips

when it’s too late for a store run,

in the realm of 

rain onRead full post »