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March 09
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AUGUST 12, 2011 2:23PM

John Boehner's House Of Horrors

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Well was that an ominous sign of things to come, or what?! Remember when Nancy Pelosi’s term as House Speaker was up, and as part of congressional protocol, she handed over the gavel to incoming House Speaker, John Boehner? It was business as usual, except for that monstrous gavel John Boehner used for the ceremony: an over-sized, clown-like gavel specially made for him by someone from his hometown in Ohio. Well that “sledgehammer of a gavel” prophetically symbolized the House of Representatives as it is today – an outrageous, dysfunctional house of horrors.


At the time, people were a bit perplexed: Was Pelosi trying to tweak Boehner by presenting him with a gag gift? Or was the presenting of the “clown gavel” a prelude to the more serious pomp and circumstance exchange of power? So the press asked; Boehner explained; and viewers furrowed their brows and reacted, “WTF?!”

Today, congress is in recess and Round 1 of the Budget Deal is over. Thankfully, the debt ceiling was raised; and now it’s on to Round 2 when congress reconvenes. 

Congress these days is a game with no rules. Anything goes in political warfare, and whoever riles up the masses with the most memorable tagline has the advantage. It is halftime right now, and no party can be declared a winner or loser at this point. Any party claiming “winning,” is pulling a Charlie Sheen.

So in the meantime, the media is attempting to be judicious by spreading the debt deal blame equally among the Democrats, Republicans and President Obama, and then taking weekly polls to report on who is currently winning and losing in the blame game. Polls are the perfect tool for creating news, filling time and stirring up ratings.

Also moving ahead, is the selection of the “Super Committee” Debt Panel, amidst the economy’s numerous shifts and changes. One example of an unexpected change was the downgrading of the U.S. credit rating, which threw everyone for a loop. For the first time, we – and the entire world – know exactly how much the U.S. is worth, thanks to the rantings of the Tea party Members of Congress. America has opened its books for the entire world to see, and along with the GOP bankruptcy strategy of “Cut, Cap and Balance,” we have convinced other nations and the S&P of our weakened status.

If only Congress could operate more like a sport – where cheaters, liars and troublemakers could be called out and expelled.

Unfortunately, Congress has no referees, so regardless of what’s being reported, opined and rumored, people need to trust that Democrats and President Obama are fighting as much as possible to protect citizens’ rights and entitlements. Or don’t – and see where that leads. Oh crap, not again! 

Once congress reconvenes, observe what governs republican members – fear or greed. Initially, my speculation was for republicans to come out fighting tooth and nail against Democrats determined to close corporate tax loopholes. Now I’m not so sure. It will boil down to whether Republicans fear their constituents’ anger to do the right thing, or their personal greed to follow orders from the plutocrat masters.

Has anyone noticed House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor has wiped that silly grin off his face? A telling sign that things are not so grand in the Grand Old Party.  

©August 11, 2011 Reiko Eoh

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Very apt analogy Reiko. John Boehner's Republican majority in the House has been a "House of Horrors". Both for our country but also for him. The power hungry Majority Leader Eric Cantor undercut him in the debt ceiling talks because he wants his job very badly. He is now riding the Tea Party tiger to get that job and I hope it devours him. His naked political power play was treasonous and almost took this economy completely down. Luckily not too much in the first round was given up to these Tea Party blackmailers. Let us hope a more balanced and significant plan for deficit cutting comes out of this committee. I will not hold my breath though. I also hope the Republicans blow themselves up and are exposed for 2012. Great article Reiko.
Rieico Eoh.
I am afraid Cantor's got a facial Tattoo.
He went to get his cute freckles removed.
The Tattoo artist knew Open Salon's editor.
He did the perpetual imbecile grin-gin -look.

If Ohio's tanned fake skin sunburn was real?
I am not sure. He may cross-dress for FBI?
They look gravely pale. They ill as Palin?
They are incomprehensible. They kooks.

I gave up reading the news. I read comas,
I doubt they are alive. What do occurred?
Did the Bush team give LSD to all GOPS?
The democrats are same-same as crazy.

John Boehner's pubic area has a groin gourd?
Con C. grows fruit gourds for those politicos.
They stops off in Cape Cod for Con's gourds.

Eric Cantor 'ought to sing `Hail Mary O Ave.
He loves Old Mary M.'s ragged red baby doll.
Those politicians ate too many WW2 M&Ms.
They 'ought' to quit and sell condom at BP.
I saw they still sell a pack of three for $.75 .
If they go to Afghanistan they get um free.
Beware. They are dry rots from Vietnam.
They may have had a lobotomy performed.

We ate WW2 leftover C- rations & smokes.
Pall Mall and Red Mule tobacco? Upchuck.
It be wise and safe to smoke pig bacon lard.
Good post. I'm stealing your Charlie Sheen line.
i urge the tea party to drive the nation into collapse, and the new world order/globalisation with it. it's our only hope to achieve carbon reduction goals.

between economic collapse and ecological collapse one owes the other life forms a retreat to pre-technical society. i will miss the web...
Thank you, Howard! I also agree with your comments about Cantor. We shall see what happens in round 2... :[
Art, thanks for sharing your thoughts ;)
LoL, np, Major Mojo! ;)
Wow, al loomis, you're a downer. Irrational tea party nonsense; maybe some antidepressants might help?
I'm wondering if the Repubs will be able to get away with the reckless brinkmanship that led to the ratings downgrade while subsequently blaming Obama for it. I wish I were more optimistic about that outcome.
Abrawang, yes, I share your concerns. I am always hoping for the best, and preparing for the worse... just in case!
But in the end it is the fault of the person in charge. BO has been a great disappointment and is BO!
Evan, I beg to disagree. The president can only propose a plan, but congress must write the bill and pass. The president can then sign the bill into law, or veto.

It's difficult when the House has the GOP majority and much of which are made up of tea partyers. Republicans were fine before the party was hijacked by the tea partyers. There is really only so much that President Obama can do.