Reiko Eoh

Reiko Eoh
March 09
Columnist and Cartoonist; Political Humor/Social Commentary; Print and Blog; Left-handed,left-brained liberal. Left leanings,right thinking; I’m funny that way.

JULY 20, 2011 10:04PM

Bachmann's Migraine Contagion

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Reiko ~ many will agree, when it comes to Michelle Bachmann, down is good, up is bad!
I spend to much time in history books and such, all I get from this batch of bigot is the reek of fascism. At the risk of sounding like a broken record (archaic, refers to a vinyl recording skipping) The speed that countries like Germany and Italy fell under the thrall of such people is shocking. They to lied and held governments that were liberal and progressive hostage to the questions that cannot be answered, along the lines of "have you stopped beating your spouse?" They set bugaboos and made enemies to keep the attention directed elsewhere as they eliminated dissent. We live in dangerous times and the people who should care are, just as the Germans and Italians were, so caught up in fear that they will allow it all to happen.
Count me in, John! Thanks for lol! ;)
Very insightful, Bob. So true!
Yup, it's the headaches she causes that are the problem.