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Reiko Eoh
March 09
Columnist and Cartoonist; Political Humor/Social Commentary; Print and Blog; Left-handed,left-brained liberal. Left leanings,right thinking; I’m funny that way.

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JULY 8, 2011 5:45AM

Democracy vs. Plutocracy

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Seems like that is the sole motivation in D.C. these days. Robin Hood in reverse, rob the poor and give to the rich, hey that sums up supply side economics pretty well doesn't it?
Reiko, a humorous variation on Inspector Harry Callahan and "make my day!"
He's also contemplating giving them over social security and medicare; however this is still a great cartoon.
you don't have to put up with it. but if there is one defining characteristic of american 'progressive, it is the mixture of discontent with passivity. 'gossip in the slave pens' is the result, but never any action.
You got that right, Bob. The gravy train needs to end! :(
LoL, Designanator! What a lovely thought! Like that ;)
Yes, true, zacherydtaylor. Hope it's not too painful! Appreciate your comments - thank you ;)
I have to agree with part of your comment, Al Loomis, but no need to be nasty. If you'd rather be sailing, then why are you here?
Al Loomis, I welcome opposing views but please be civil. Thank you ;)
Governments have always been about redistribution of wealth. Most governments...the vast majority of governments that have existed on this planet throughout history...have redistributed it from the poor to the wealthy.

America was an experiment in trying the reverse.

It has failed...and we are now in line with historic precedent.

Too bad for us.

Seems incredible that so many of us want that “return to historic precedent” to be…and actually vote for people pledged to making it happen.
I am no attempting to be nasty but have you seen any major effective outcry against the plundering of the USA? It looks to me that all the political forces that, in the past, resisted the destruction of the US economy and fought for the rights and decent living standard of the average citizen have been castrated.
We are all too busy being mad about the Caylee Anthony case to worry about the plutocrats robbing us blind.
Thanks for your comments, Frank! I hope the changes will not be too painful :(
more on wealth disparity & corporatocracy in my blog
Unfortunately he is contemplating no such thing.
"...and contemplates firing his 14th amendment..."
His hand hovers for a moment, then reaches farther into the drawer. "Take it easy," he says. "I'm your friend here." He lays an assortment of social programs across the desk and adds, "Your tax breaks are in a safe place. What you see right here is all that's on the table."
Jan, indeed, my thoughts exactly. Sadly, the majority's reaction is too little, too late. As well as too diverse. Far left democrats and independents are just too radical to have a strong impact. The voice of reason is watered down by diversity.
Thank you, Don. Appreciate your comment! ;)
Thank you, Don. Appreciate your comment! ;)
Cyclopic, yes, how bizarre are we? lol ;)
VZN, Okay, will check it out! ;)
Dr. William Lee, well it's always good to have options. One never knows. ;)
Edward, heey, an alternate caption! lol Thanks! ;)
very good web=== lets go==
Excellent cartoon. Unfortunately it is so true.