Reiko Eoh

Reiko Eoh
March 09
Columnist and Cartoonist; Political Humor/Social Commentary; Print and Blog; Left-handed,left-brained liberal. Left leanings,right thinking; I’m funny that way.

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JUNE 10, 2010 8:20PM

2010 BP

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      2010 BP

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bingo! there's no winning for mr. o...
Aww, thanks Phil, appreciate your comment! :)
Reiko, you captured the rank hypocrisy that is all too prevalent these days, perfectly!
Thanks much Designanator! Glad you liked the 'toon :0)
Susan recommended me a nice website, ______ B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d * C o m ______ where black & white singles are looking for lovers to share interracial lifestyle with.... :D
Yes indeed. The right-wing needs to make up its mind here.

It becomes increasingly obvious as time goes on to more and more people the intense double-standards applied to this president that would not be applied to a non-black Democrat.
Growing older is the experience of having the world's stupidity revealed to you. It is a pleasure to be able to see things with clarity that you could not before, but it is a mixed blessing to feel the worry that comes with it. It is also a shock to see this come so quickly. I'm nine years old.
Sic semper gregatim.
It only looks like a complete about face on the surface. In reality it is the one consistency, no matter what someone else is to blame and that is all they need to know.
Ah you've captured the dichotomy that is the American public.
I'm all for humor and snark but this is dangerously ignorant.
Doesn't look a bit ignorant to me... if the President were to hunker down and poop a golden egg while finding the cure to cancer, he'd be criticized for taking too long or using an elitist brand of toilet paper. And I'm not even a Democrat.
As biting as Tony Auth! Great! R
Yup. The biggest lying sack of fecal material in this whole fiasco isn't BP. It's Bobby Jindal. Remember that useless waste of flesh yapping about how ridiculous it was for the government to have a volcano monitoring program?

Now that the lying sack of fecal material has a bad situation, he wants big government.

If Jindal was dropped right into the oil slick, it'd be poetic justice.
Reiko Eoh - Your talent and wit are a welcome addition to our world here on OS. Thank you for your comedic interludes!
Thanks all, very much; appreciate your comments! Luv :0)
It took me a moment to get this. I'm slow sometimes. or maybe our times are just so perverse and counter-logical I was looking too deep. A fine cartoon, Reiko.
Great cartoon. Genius. Im so in favor of how Obama conducts business in this country. He gives me hope that someone is thinking in Washington DC and rising above those crazy waves.
Thanks Doug, Greg and Zanelle, for your comments and feedback. Appreciate it much! Warm vibes :)
one of your best! A mob scene