Reiko Eoh

Reiko Eoh
March 09
Columnist and Cartoonist; Political Humor/Social Commentary; Print and Blog; Left-handed,left-brained liberal. Left leanings,right thinking; I’m funny that way.

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MARCH 17, 2010 9:23AM

Photos Never Lie

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Photos Never Lie

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Very funny... actually your cartoon makes her look interesting in a way linear kind of way.
Thanks Chuck! Appreciate your comment! :0)
Hunter adds reinforcement to the word blonde as in "dumb blonde."

She is definitely a MILF, except that MY wife WOULD kill me.
She doesn't look very fat in your cartoon!
Kako ii! Keep up the good work -- it looks like what Picasso might have done if he'd gone into cartooning ;-)
Heh, heh. Captured air-headedness in art---GREAT!
Oh thank you all for your comments! Warm vibes :0)