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MAY 2, 2012 12:31PM

Shit. (Or, "What Happens When You Smoke Weed")

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This past Saturday night, one of my housemates (whom I shall refer to as Pot Head) and her girlfriend smoked weed in her bedroom before going out.  Also, before going out, one of them went into the bathroom, shit on the floor, smeared it when trying to clean it up, stepped in it, and tracked it out into the hallway and down the stairs on the bottom of her shoe.  My other housemate was already out for the evening with a friend, and I decided to stay in and have a quiet evening.  I went upstairs shortly after they left to find the bathroom door closed, with light and vent both on, the air reeking of marijuana, and shit on the floor.

I texted them both to let them know what happened and that it wasn't me.   Pot Head still adamently claims that it was either the dog or the cat who did it.  The other housemate has come to the conclusion, based upon the evidence, that it was a person.  I have explained to Pot Head that it was impossible for the cat or dog to have done it because the cat (her cat) pooped before anyone left for the evening, and I cleaned out the litter box, resulting in no poop on the floor, and the dog was downstairs with me the entire time. 

Pot Head is currently on assignment with her Government Job that is ending in a week and conversations have been exchanged over email with her defending her girlfriend, saying that I'm avoiding the issue and have a personal problem with the two of them, and if I have a problem with her girlfriend (who brings the weed into the house), that I should take it up with Pot Head immediately and leave everyone else out of it.  "Everyone else who?" is my question.  And, I don't have a problem with her girlfriend.  I have a problem with them smoking weed, which leads to incidents - apparently such as this - that affect my living space in an adverse manner.  I have set my boundary that I do not want it smoked in the house anymore.  This has not created goodwill and I am being accused of being jealous that they haven't offered me weed, that I'm mad because she's hardly ever home, that I don't like her girlfriend personally.  I don't smoke anything because I can't.  I could care less if she's home because I actually like it better when she isn't given how much she's changed since she started dating her girlfriend.  I'm indifferent as to whether or not I like her girlfriend, but have been nothing but nice and have not said one unkind thing to or about her.

I think that Pot Head is an addict because she does not address the issue that weed is the cause of the problem, she avoids discussing it, and tries to redirect the argument into complete immature nonsense.  I also think that she is addicted to her girlfriend, someone that no one who has met her likes.  Sex and relationships can also be addictive.  My feelings are incredibly hurt because of all of the things that Pot Head has said and how she has handled the situation.  She and I have known each other since high school, we even went to the same church, and I am losing a childhood friend because of an addiction to weed and sex.

I am astounded that someone so educated, so kindhearted, is willing to be so destructive in every aspect of her life.  I am sad because of this.   What is wrong with people that they allow something as stupid as marijuana to determine their friendships?  Girlfriends and boyfriends are, more often than not, temporary.  Seriously damaging a friendship is not.

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What a mess. I sure hope things get less stressful over your way...
The shit on the floor is just disturbing.
I don't even know how to get into all the pot head aspects, but good luck over there. Notoriously, stoners and non- don't mix well....and never once in all the years of smoking myself did I ever see someone so out of it on pot that shit ended up on a floor. Yike.
Wow, I am so glad I lived alone when I was single. Sorry about this mess. Sending you lots of luck./r
Jeez...how much weed are they smoking? I've seen marriages end over too much weed. Seems ridiclous to me. Sorry you're going through this.
I keep telling myself that I'll be moving soon, and this will pass. I asked Pot Head just how much more damage she wanted to do to our friendship? It's such a stupid thing.
Most disturbing. Actually, I heard about a lot of this type of behavior when I lived in Oregon, where it is rumored (and I think it's true), a larger percentage of residents use pot than is the case in most other states. Especially tough if people are also dealing with clinical depression.
Anyone who makes me laugh out loud gets a rating. Period.
I think the dog snuck upstairs when you weren't looking and committed the crime.

How did it eventually get cleaned-up? And by whom?
Shat on the floor!? "Just Thinking" is right: that is damn disturbing.
As I remember a good mj high, my mind was clarified
to the point where the world became beautiful
not unlike a deep rich Renaissance painting;
movements more exact, thoughts
high & mighty. Yikes.
I guess i never met a "pothead".
Never want to.

Anyway, this isn't a defense of the drug.
Your wishes ought to be respected. No excuse for them not to be.
The pettiness in their dealing with it bespeaks troubled gals.
Serious deterioration in their self pride.
Serious situation for you.
The death of a friendship?
I hope not...
@baltimore: there are SO many meds out there that don't cure a thing, and yes, the medical marijuana cards are abused, just like fake IDs to get to alcohol, but, at least malign pot with some sense. Lots of good medicine doesn't cure a thing.

...and pot does help those who have chemo be able to eat. It does help other ways medically....but...*anything* that can help a cancer patient's appetite while one is on chemo is enough right there for marijuana to be called a legitimate medicine.
A tangent to this post, however...
You know you have trouble when you have to put the doormat on the inside.
Sad you may be, but you write well of sadness. The frustration that gives rise to this sadness levitated off the screen as I read.
Wow, pretty sad. And I'm sorry you are left dealing with this. Its hard to imagine someone would behave that way, high or not. And to not clean up their own mess, disgusting... I know my daughter had a terrible time with a few of the different roommates she had over the years. It sucks. I say cut the ties asap and get on with your life.
Thanks for the warning Mary! I will definitely be living alone then.

Exactly, Rw.

Thanks, Aristonexus & B-more. You're right B-more, I should take into account that she is differently-abled.

Who cleaned it up? Pot Head did... willingly, if that tells you anything. I think she knows she's in the wrong and why, but is being completely being childish about it. She sent a sarcastic apology for doing it, but I don't think she was sincere.

It is a serious deterioration of self pride and esteem, James. I think you're exactly right. I really hope that this is just a bump in the road of our friendship, but I seriously don't think I can be friends with someone who is so inconsiderate.

Ha! alsoknownas. That's pretty funny and sadly, true.

Thanks, Brass.
Thanks, asia, I intend to. But do so a bit sadly.

At least all of you all have either made me laugh or given some comfort!
I cannot imagine a human being, baked to a crisp on weed or not, who would completely do what you describe and not obsessively clean it up. And I mean clean it up on a molecular level so even a professional forensics team couldn't find the most minute particle of evidence. Addiction, I guess, can block any sense of shame. Sorry you are losing a friend because of it.
As somewhat of an expert on the art of consuming weed, I feel I must say the problem is not "Pot," it's your roomate.
No amount of weed, (and I have smoked enough to laugh at a lego figurine for a solid hour) could possibly make me do what that young female did.
Stupidity and addictive personality traits combined with no sense of respect, responsiblity or personal hygene leads to this type of behavior, not the substance that She gave Us who enjoy laughter.
Don't get me wrong, your room mate should be ejected ASAP.

I've rated you, even if I disagree with your idea that weed is the cause of the problem, when clearly your friend is flawed.
It's ok to call some people flawed, or defective, which she clearly is.
In short, blaming weed for a shit streaking low-life is like blaming jet fuel for 9/11.
Thanks for the entertainment, though and no, I'm not currently high. Thanks to my genetics and upbringing I'm able to control my substance use.
No shit?

Oh my Gawd!

I was once in re-hab, and for good reason, when at a roundtable AA/NA type discussion this one dude bravely told his sad story about being in there for pot addictions and related problems which made me snort coffee through my nose. Pot smoking and shitting the floor, I dare declare, are not related, but this story killed me!
Why do you think they call it "dope"? I've only met only weed addict in my life, an ex-roommate who literally went bonkers one night when he couldn't score... strangest thing I every saw. To tell you the truth I like weed and here in California I could get a prescription for my chronic arthritis and glaucoma... but I don't because it's outrageously expensive even in the "legal" dispensaries. It's ridiculous to pay that kind of money for a common weed.
Ah Jeez... just had to read this again. And the comments. Linnn and Doug Socks... yep. Hey there jmac too and my sweetie above.
Just wanted to add that if any pet I ever had stepped in it's own poop and tracked it through the house and down the hall, they would be 'taken for a ride,' the last ride.
Checking one last time for a FICTION tag. Nope!
Thanks, Linnn.

You know, Doug, I agree with you. What you've said is the conclusion that I've come to and I think that's what's bothering me - realizing how much of an addict my friend/housemate is.

Tr ig, I also made the point to her that animals don't wear shoes and the tracks were clearly not paw prints, nor do animals have the ability to smear poop. But, she's not having it. And, I wish this were fiction.

True, jmac, it can be used for medicinal purposes. I hope something more affordable comes along for you.
I keep thinking that, too, Kate. Exactly!
Wow. I've never heard of grass having that effect and I'd been part of a dope-smoking crowd for enough years that I'm confident of my sample size. The whole thing sounds like an outtake of a Cheech and Chong movie.
Well I’m losing a daughter “because of an addiction to weed and sex.”
I'm sorry to hear that, Jack. I hope everything works out for the best.
I suspect that this will resolve in six months time. However, I still regret arguments that I had with roommates 25 plus years ago. I don't understand why roommate stuff has had such a hold on me. Perhaps there is just something so much more intimate about sharing personal space. Good luck.
It's not the pot; I think you just have a shitty roommate.