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MARCH 15, 2012 4:02PM

I will not be ashamed.

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I am a woman.  What makes me a woman is something that makes everyone uncomfortable - even me because I was raised by a mother too embarrassed to talk about being a woman and a father who hates women.  But, since it seems that there is a rather large group of people in this nation, most recently demonstrated in Arizona, who are determined to force women to share their reproductive health issues with their employers and the government, I have decided that I am not going to be afraid to be a woman anymore.  I am not going to be afraid to talk about being a woman anymore.

Since everyone wants to tell me what to do with my own body and govern it in the greatest detail, I'm going to tell everyone how my body governs me.  My period starts the first or second day of each full moon.  I do not take hormonal birth control because my body cannot handle it, so my period is governed by the moon, which is a very natural thing.  In some cultures, a woman's period is called her moon cycle.  Before my period starts, I usually endure two weeks of Pre-Menstral Syndrome, which involves fatigue, slight abdominal swelling, dehydration, loss of concentration, increased metabolism, some blemishes, sleeplessness, and a general desire to maime people.  Often times, a couple of days before my period begins, my vulva will feel swollen and I will experience shooting, piercing cramps in my vulva and clitoris.  My breasts become tender and swollen.  As of late, my feet have begun to swell.  I generally have to use panty liners during this time as the discharge occurring due to ovulation is quite heavy.

During my period, I cannot always use tampons as they are uncomfortable and once, I endured toxic shock syndrome.   So, more times than not, I have to use pads.  I would like to share with you that there is no other sensation comparable to standing up and feeling a massive amount of hot fluid fall out from between your legs and praying to God that it hasn't gone through to your clothing.  Also, there are the cramps that make me feel nauseated, feverish, have headaches, and wish I were dead.  These are usually diminished, but not completely relieved, by taking prescription strength pain relievers.  Imagine sitting in a meeting at work and having these cramps hit you, your breath knocked out of you, but you can't show it.  And, you're afraid to stand up because of what might fall out of you.

Now, add to this the societal shame of being a woman and enduring such physical discomfort, all the while being expected to fulfill the role of sexually desirable, compliant woman.  The disgusted look on your boyfriend's face when you tell him why you don't want to or can't have sex, having to ask the pharmacist for the female condom that's hidden behind the counter, the reaction of the male clerk at the pharmacy when you set down the pads, tampons, and panty liners in front of him, discussing these things with your gynecologist, the person you see once a year who might as well be the preson sitting at the bus stop next to you as he or she is pretty much a complete stranger aren't very encouraging.

Imagine you now have to share all of this information with your employer.  Imagine now, that the government tells you that you must endure a vaginal ultrasound, an external ultrasound, or that you cannot obtain hormonal therapies that are effective in treating these ailments for many women.  Imagine that your body is being governed by mythology and there are women who support the male agenda of ruling your body when it's trying enough to live in as it is.

My body betrays me every month and sends me through painful ordeals so harrowing that I dare say very few men could endure it even once as I have for over two decades.   I don't need women betraying me and selling out to the control fiends.  I don't need men to tell me that their God mandates that an ultrasound wand be inserted into my vagina or that their God dictates that I must tell my boss why I want access to a medical contraceptive.  What I do need is respect, dignity, an acknowledgement of my private physical and emotional self.  I am being robbed of this every day in a country that tells other nations they are inhumane in their treatment of their citizens and that they should be more like - exactly like - the United States of America that supports autonomy, liberty of the individual, and a right to live life as each citizen feels is best for him or her. 

I have been betrayed by women who support this agenda and have allowed this to happen and by the men who are all too willingly oblivious to my existence as a woman.  There is a reason, a method to all of this madness, and don't think for a second that these religious do-gooders who hold political office and lobby politicians are done.  This is only the beginning of their tirade and there is no doubt in my mind that if the Republicans take the White House, it will continue at the Federal level.  I do not endure the pain that I do every month to be robbed of my rights to my own bodily organs and I will not be ashamed of telling everyone why I should be left alone.  If these people think they have the God-given authority to legislate what will or will not be done to my body and want to know all about my physical and sexual well-being, then they'd better be ready for the details because I am more than ready to fill them in.

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Excellent... don't ever let up... put a dark scarlet rosebud in your lapel and stare them straight in the eye. They will blink and furtively look away.
I hate when my vulva feels swollen. Lebensborn was thought up in 1935 to halt the high abortion rate in Germany (as high as 800,000 per year in the interwar period). I can’t wait to see what Santorum's version of it is.
What's a philopian tube? Does it have something to do with Dr. Phil?

Only kidding. Great post.

This is a great post. Thank you for bravely telling it like it is for many women. I think we should probably march in the street with a few props. Right up to the asshats who have proposed this....
Those blue moon months must be a killer.
There are a lot of things I like about being a woman; menarche was never one of them. In high school, I always felt as if my cycles were always under the control of some mean, strange girl who wanted to cause me maximum inconvenience and humiliation. I did experience cramping, but it was never truly debilitating, it was just enough to slow me down during the day.

The current political hostility against women, from vaginal probes to having to tell your employer why you need contraception make me livid. This year, women need to band together, and tell the GOP to stick their probes up their OWN backsides. They cannot take rights away from people who have had them for a generation and NOT expect a fight. So let's give them a really, really good one. And let's win it.

Just wait until your employer sets a specimen cup in front of you and demands some of your menses.

Having seen Ms. Stim get hit suddenly with a hot flash ... I don't think you're going to like those either. More power to you, RD.
Thank you for this honest(and from the heart) post! I endured the absoulute hell of my period, while having a clotting disorder-and a female boss who wanted to write me up for taking too many bathroom breaks to attend to my needs! And these bozos want to have hearings with a bunch of elderly men? And what is wrong with Republican women? Why do they put up with this? So very scary!R
YES! You go girl! I stand with you.
My father once told me, "Never forget that for five days every month a woman behaves the way a man does all of the time."
Your period is a start for outrage against some of these misogynists . Wait until you go through trying to get pregnant. And complications of childbirth (two nine-pounders in my case; one requiring me to get a transfusion). I've also had a hysterectomy, and an early menopause. And for others there are problems with birth control, prolapse, cancers, etc etc. As I said, a period is a start, but women could go on and on in their outrage at these nuts.
I got migraines, and one male boss commented that I seemed to get a lot of headaches until I pointed out that they occurred at 4 week intervals. He quit asking after that. But he was a nice guy and asking out of concern.

I do like to answer questions, if someone is foolish enough to ask.
BTW, I laughed through this whole post, and a LOT of deja vu.
Good job. You really outlined it well.
Nor should you ever be...
I had someone email me yesterday from Az and tell me that they were upset about women that wanted to do what they wanted to their own bodies. I just cannot believe some people. If the Republicans take the White House I am leaving town and the Universe.
Enlightened women (and men) have worked hard for decades on behalf of the women's movement. Women's rights were gained and much was accomplished. Ignorant backward religious fundamentalist old men have always obstructed any progress toward women's liberation even before the Dark Age. So, insane Republicans such as Santorum should not come as a surprise.

Yet all women who are for women's freedom and gender equality MUST RESPOND HARSHLY TO ANY WOMEN WHO TALK CRAZY. That a woman goes on TV and attacks contraception in this day and age is sacrilege. Women must respond in the strongest terms possible to this lunacy. Good post. R
You are brilliant! The next time some jerk starts whining about needing to control women's bodies I'm telling him everything that used to happen, including the bleed throughs and clots.

Menopause has made me behave an awful lot like a man, it's not going well for the idiots who continue to vex me. If they want a war on my gender, I'm happy to give them the stomping they've asked for.
I didn't want to read this because like you and everyone else I was taught to be ashamed. But you are so right if they want to know let TELL THEM.
Perfect post. This is exactly what it is like. Now on to a woman's fifties where birth control pills are prescribed to help us endure menopause and even though I pay for all my old man friends' Viagra, in my group health plan, I have to pay out of pocket for my medicine for my health problem. Something no one else has to do, certainly not any man for any male health problem. Rated plus.
Wait to menopause. That's all I can say. Nothing worse to men and society in general than a woman whose sole worth (between her legs) is drying up, sagging, wrinkled, and losing bone density. You think PMS is bad? Wait until you lose credibility simply because you've reached a "certain age." And, sad to say, a lot of young women capitalize on their youth and partake in this sadistic game against "aging women." Aren't we all aging? Great post. Thank you for your courage. Rated all the way.
I meant, "Wait until menopause." Sorry.
I was at the AZ Planned Parenthood fundraising lunch today. Turns out, over 70% of Arizonans are in support of Planned Parenthood, and less than 20% are against it. In fact, Planned Parenthood is stronger than ever. The recent bill mentioned is crazy, and like with all craziness, points out that health care should not be tied to your employer. To quote Gabby Giffords (who was quoted on behalf of her friend), we have to "Fight Fight Fight" !
You go girl!!! I particularly liked the part where you brought up the hypocrisy: "I am being robbed of this every day in a country that tells other nations they are inhumane in their treatment of their citizens and that they should be more like - exactly like - the United States of America that supports autonomy, liberty of the individual, and a right to live life as each citizen feels is best for him or her. "
For a group of people who want government out of their lives they seem to have forgotten that women have always wanted government out of their bodies. Do they think that women don't vote? I endured a life of female problems and pain caused by endometriosis, menopause was a blessing, I cannot imagine if I had to deal with the government probing if I needed a D & C.
rated with love
Thank you. Heartfelt thanks.
Thank you. I've felt so isolated even though I've discussed it with my friends. We've got to take a stand and educate our communities because the amount of uninformed or misinformed people when it comes to reproductive health and medical treatments is astonishing.
Powerful defense of women. Excellent.
Tell 'em, Raz! Before my hysterectomy I had to wear 3 tampons and 3 pads just to be able to ride the train to and from work without bleeding through my business suits. And menopause? If men really had to endure that, instead of the minor insanity they suffer during middle age, there would be no further discussion necessary.

Totally agree with your political analysis. You made your point very graphically and I wish this could be stapled to the eyelids of the assholes who think women's vaginas are good subjects for legislation.

I'm going to stick my neck out here, because health care and particularly women's health care, is also a political issue. American women have been scared away from hormones which can effectively treat this kind of problem. In addition, many gynecologists are behind the curve on the research and don't know how to effectively treat hormonal disorders. The popular reporting on research on hormones, and some of the research itself, is highly flawed. The main culprit is the Women's Health Initiative study, which made thousands of women drop hormone replacement therapy for fear of getting breast cancer. The point that is never emphasized is that those scary results were first, not statistically significant and second, based on the use of horse estrogen, not human estrogen. I know of no large-scale studies with laboratory-purified, human-identical estrogens (which are on the market), but smaller studies suggest that they reduce the rate of breast cancer, as well as heart disease and bone fracture, which are more serious threats to women as they age. The use of horse hormone was probably a result of influence by the pharmaceutical company who makes it, still, 60 years after it was introduced and long after it became an old generation product.

The scary results, as minor as they were, came from a combination of horse estrogen and synthetic progesterone (progestin), not estrogen alone. Progestin is unfortunately necessary for post-menopausal women who take estrogen because it prevents uterine cancer. However, progestin taken daily, as in the study, is totally unnecessary. Your body spikes progesterone before your period, it does not maintain a high level all the time. There are no results in the WHI study from the more state of the art method of periodic progestin use (which has the downside of initiating a period) or the completely unobtrusive progestin uterine implant, which provides the minimum synthetic progesterone hormone directly to the uterus, which is the only place you need it.

I hate hearing the stories of suffering when there is all this science and technology that can make us feel perfectly normal. I didn't mind menstruation, but menopause was a disaster. I also had the notion of doing it all "natural" until natural meant not being able to sleep or think or work. Most women's health practitioners are not hormonal expert (I first had one who prescribed birth control pills, which do not agree with me) but eventually I found a top-rank gynecologist who was up on all the latest techniques and beat back every single menopause symptom with no side effects by using low-dose patches and implants. It can be done. My doc also treats women who have severe symptoms from menstruation. This may be a result of our less than natural lifestyle, but could very well be a hormonal imbalance, sometimes caused by physical conditions like ovarian cysts. To state the obvious, if men suffered like this, they would not be offered a tylenol, the would be offered state of the art hormonal treatment.

Hormones are widely used in medicine. Insulin, thyroid, growth hormone, testosterone, steroids. Somehow, women's hormones have this special dark aura. Why? It's damned suspicious and women ought to question why their female hormones, of all the hormones in the body, have acquired a reputation as toxins.
You do have moxie, as it says it your bio. I liked your post very much--the style and the way you brought your theme forth. Well done.
You are an awesome brave woman! Bravo! [r]
Good Gosh. Poor thing, you!
This roars from the ceiling, Razzle.
The glass or whatever ceiling you ladies butt up against.
Especially "Imagine that your body is being governed
by mythology and there are women
who support the male agenda
of ruling your body when it's trying enough
to live in as it is."

Don't look to my comment for precise answers.
just random observations...
i was the little brother of two power house sisters,
and knew all about female matters
very early...because of my Big Ears,
not them discussing it with me..
They were raised by Mom with
little info...so they had to rely on each other...
they threw bloody tampons in the waste basket and i just kinda
marvelled..and knew...that it was no easy thing to be a gal..

later in life i learned seriously vividly graphic stuff, but
i gotta say, it didnt faze me much...i felt immensely sympathetic,
for the situation, but of course had no idea what it must be like...
nothing comparable for us guys...
we simply CANNOT RELATE...but can be educated,
as you have done in this piece.

The biological ground work that a man SHOULD do
in a relationship freaks some men out, i am sure.
The reminder that we are BODIES.. thus they are beyond
good old male contril...plus that we are mortal.. and...ha...
The reminder that we, uh, came from there...?
some of the zealots' issues?
women who legislate against women i do not get.
Shame of being female?

Not u, tho!

We are meat ghosts.
Thank you for spreading light where there was darkness, and thank you for holding those responsible for this insanity accountable. I decided long ago that those who value their freedom, value the freedom of others, as well. These nuts don't even see the train coming down the tracks. Great writing, great passion.
thanks for sharing.
I reposted this on opednews.com.

Powerful, truthful, riviting; to the reader, pass it on, to the writer, thank you.
Fortunately for you, you are not alone in your outrage. There are more women than men, and many men who will join them in fighting these recent attempts to return to the middle ages.
The ONLY good thing about the reprehensible and blatant behavior of the right wing is that it is a kick to the complacency of those who say "oh there's no difference between the candidates." Kicks that excuse right out of the water and a couple hundred yards up on shore. It makes the need to mobilize and fight back self-evident. The Republicans have picked one hell of a self-destructive fight.
excellent! i cant wait for the movie! err wait. maybe no movie.

seriously though, this was a brilliant point of view written beautifully! go you!
OMG your so very strong and have the right to feel good about yourself. I am curious about what LL said?
.........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥
I don't want to control women's bodies...

...I just don't want to hear about the yuckey stuff.
The best kind of roar. I want everyone to hear you/us loud & clear.
Women betraying women...sounds so unnatural and yet there it is and has always been. Like a trapped animal needing to chew off its leg to get out of the trap. OK, maybe a weird analogy. But you spell it out the way it is.
Yes. Excellent. Very well done. And, sister to sister, you haven't covered half of it, really. As well we all know. I'm with you all the way on this. I have a son and a daughter. I want them to be able to make all of the choices they can over their own bodies and to help their partners to do so, as well. I do'nt presume to know what a man experiences with his body, so remain appalled when they think they know what goes on with mine, and as you said, how I should live in it. jmac1949's idea about the rosebud in the lapel is great.
All of this invasive misogyny is infuriating. So give 'em hell. Or as Harry Truman once said," I don't give 'em hell, I just tell the truth and they think it's hell."
LOVED this!!
"Imagine sitting in a meeting at work and having these cramps hit you, your breath knocked out of you, but you can't show it. And, you're afraid to stand up because of what might fall out of you."
never mind the 'what the fuck just fell outta me' sensation, tho it is gross, and you have to do that whole clenching awkward waddling to the bathroom bit. I just want to see every man (and woman who thinks we are exaggerating just because they don't get them) have real cramps. I would only want it to happen once, not a monster, but hell fucking yeah...and I'd want them to try to work while having them, because who can call in once, much less several days a month??
Never given birth, but have watched it several times. *shudder* not that I don't want a kid, but *shudder* sweet jesus
The people of whom you write are the same people who shoot doctors to death because they perform abortions. The people about whom you write are the same people who say a fertilized egg is a person. The usually have bibles in their hands, or wear a Roman collar and even a crosier and miter, too.

And, generally, the persons about whom you write are male, white, hidebound, evangelicals/conservative Catholics, or - the worst - pandering politicians who will sell themselves for a friggin' vote. These are the same people who killed the Equal Rights Amendment of a couple of decades ago.

Truth is, having been married, I didn't need most of the details of your menstrual cycle for you to make your point with me, but the way in which you make it was exceptionally powerful. This would be an excellent speech, Razz, just the way it is. It jarring and removes all the bullshit from the so-called female mystique. It's friggin' biology, for crissakes! And....it's incredible social commentary.

Once question I have always wondered about, frankly, is why the human menstrual cycle it tied to lunar phases and not to seasons. Maybe someone has an answer to that.

Highly rated. You're on a roll, girl!

Finally, there is a wonderful film about prejudice against women called "The North Country" (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Country_%28film%29) which anyone interested in the topic should see. It has nothing to do with menstrual cycles but a lot to do with how a lot of ignorant men and women view gender roles. Rent it.
Love it! I would say "ballsy" but hmmmm.... :)
I love the voice you've loosed!
Great post razzle. I think you are right. If men had to go through that they would be in the hospital for a week of every month. I don't understand these backward leaps that some want us to take. I simply cannot make any sense of their motivations.

I'm on your side.
Good work. Thank you. Will share.
Razzle Dazzel,excellent writing..More to its writing this is excellent thinkink..I am so glad that you are here..And me too..I must start being embarrassed for my nature..Are trees embarrassed for being trees,I wander..Your thoughts make me think and I think that is the best use of this site..To make us better thinkers..even before writers or artists..I sometimes am embarrassed for being me...And when this haρρen out of the blue...I stoρ being blue and I love me...I stand by me...And I won't be ashame for standing by me to myself.My English are not so good but I want to tell you that your mentality uρrises my thinking..Don't know if I am writing it right..but your article was not only motivativational but also insριring to me..Best regards.
Thanks - never had any woman explain it like that to me before. It's a little easier to empathize now (not that it was difficult before).

You tell him Razzle. Should I get the Menstrual avenger to get Sen McDougle http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/19810 ? But no I think that the avenger was created by men too!
Wow! Thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments and for sharing your stories. There may be times when there are lulls in this politicized debate, and those are the times when we should be even louder in demanding our rights be respected and acknowledged. We don't have to be angry to speak our minds, and shouldn't wait for anger to make us aware of the world around us.

The female body responds to the moon the way that all of nature does because of the gravitational pull. It's just that our reproductive systems respond the greatest, I suppose. More babies are born with full moons, too. I think it' just nature's way of regulating life. You all have great ideas and they are ones we should all think of adopting.
Rock on.

The relentless drive to control women's bodies is insane. I long for the day some woman throws a damn diaphragm at one of these assholes. (Course, who uses a diaphragm anymore?) A pill just wouldn't have the same impact.
Yay Woman! Also, I noticed you didn't mention the Diva Cup (aka Moon cup, goddess cup, the catcher etc). They are small, silicon cups that catch menstrual blood. They are way more comfortable than pads, and do not carry any risk of TSS because they do not absorb the blood. I switched to one 7 years ago and can't live without it. I've had to buy new ones every few years because they inevitably get lost but I haven't bought a disposable menstrual (man made) product in all that time.

Also, and this may be too much info but since we're here, menstrual blood is very rich in all kinds of good stuff and is great for plants. If you have an outdoor garden (and privacy) you can empty your cup into your garden as a fertilizer. Periods can be very spiritual if we let them. We are a part of the cycle of life :)

No more bleached, cotton wasteful products for me thank you. Great post!
Thank you, Razzle, so much. Gutsy, poignant, truthful, and beautifully in your face to the Women-haters lurking on the Right. Shades of the powerful truths of "The Scarlet Letter" - classic of American Literature. Knowledge, Truth, and Satire is the only way to deal with these cruel and bigoted Neanderthals. You go, girl!
Hot DAMN, you *DO* got moxie! In spades, no less!

This should be something for the Opinion or Letters to the Editor section of many a well and widely read publication. Give me a frickin' picket sign and point the way!

It sounds as though you, Lezlie and I have/had many of the same symptoms..... except increased metabolism; my very slow metabolism would, for two weeks, slow even more. I don’t miss it at all.
viva la differance. i guess we can be certain who you're going to vote for then.
Just Fed-Ex all your used toiletries to your local congressman.
If enough women do that, then maybe they'll get the hint and butt out of your business.
James – as a guy I don’t know why you are not aware of a medical situation is almost exactly analogous to what some women deal with.

1. It is male specific.
2. It can be extremely painful to the point of debilitating. And it can be 24/7. There is no cure, only management.
3. The medication that can potentially be helpful has 2 uses just like female hormones. One use for this medical condition. One is non medical but still requires Rx and will not be paid for by any insurance I know of.
4. Getting it Rx’ed for the medical use requires invasive testing of 2 male orifices. If any penetration that is unwanted is rape, many guys are getting raped on the docs office every day. I have many times recently and they aren’t finished yet. My next one is already scheduled.

Have you figured out what it is yet?

Chronic BPH/Prostatitis. Just the act of sitting can be extremely painful.
The medication is Finasteride. Branded as Proscar for BPH and Propecia for hair loss.
There is no medical necessity to stop hair loss. A guy can probably get Finasteride from most any doc for hair loss, just like a woman can get hormones for contraceptive use. But it will not be paid for by insurance.
A guy cannot walk in a docs office and ask for Finasteride when he really wants hair loss treatment. No responsible doc will give it out on the claim for BPH when no BPH exists. No responsible doc will treat BPH (give Finasteride) without exams. The very first exam as you know will be a finger up your ass. Bend over and prepare to be raped if want to get you hair loss meds covered. You may well have an enlarged prostate (many guys do and have no symptoms) and get the Rx. So if and only if you are willing to submit to this exam, you will NOT get hair loss paid for.

That is just the first exam. If have chronic pain you may have infectious or non infectious prostatitis. If infectious maybe antibiotics will help. If it is non infectious than that is just a way of saying you are screwed because you have an irritated prostate for unknown reasons and will probably deal with it for life. Sound familiar?

The exams to determine this will be urine labs after you get raped again this time with the intent to force prostate fluid into the urine (and this time it hurts for sure because you are already hurting) , or you can go in the rest room while everyone in the docs office knows your are fantasizing about your favorite super model and how long it takes you to deliver your sample.
Hmm, do women have to masturbate in the docs office for anything? Is that maybe embarrassing. Do they ever need a finger up there ass?

Other tests will be cystoscopy for visualization . Maybe with a scope equipped with ultra sound. Another rape. And maybe external ultra sound of kidneys and bladder with that cold gel that many docs now pre warm.

So I don’t see the difference. You want the non medical treatment, pay for the med. And there is no Planned Hairloss clinics to give it to you for free. You want treatment for a painful medical condition, get the tests done and insurance will pay. If you happen to be thinning and suffer from this condition then you will get a bonus. Hair loss meds for free.

The only issue I see is with the law informing the employer. I don’t know what the AZ law says exactly. But it could say “the employer will set the policy and the insurer will administer the policy with no communication to the employer”.

That would seem fair to me and is exactly how my employer handles ALL medical treatment. They set the policy for many meds, tests etc, but the insurer makes the call and employer NEVER knows anything. Additionally employer has a medical dept that is also isolated from management. Any discussion I may decide to have with me medical dept is confidential. Not even the CEO will know. If I have need for something special like a chair, the medical dept. will determine, inform management to get the chair, but will NOT share any details.

This approach seems fair to me for both men and women.
Razzle -

Is what I described of what men go through that much different?

If the information is kept between your doc and the insurer and your employer/management never knows at anything
about any of your medical problems/choices, would that be better?
Joseph, now you know how a woman feels every time she goes for a visit to the gynecologist's office, where she may or may not have a rectal exam done in addition to a pap smear and pelvic exam. Do you need me to tell you what happens with each of these procedures? They are rape as you would define them. I think you need to take a step back and understand that what your doctor is doing is not raping you, but performing a medical exam necessary to properly diagnose and treat a condition. Hair loss is diagnosed simply by observing the scalp, I would imagine, so there would be no need for an invasive procedure for proper diagnosis.

What the Arizona law does is make it necessary for a woman to tell her employer, ie supervisor/boss/owner of company, why she needs contraception. If she needs it to avoid pregnancy, she can be fired. The employer chooses which insurance company to contract with to insure its employees. If you need special medical equipment, chairs for example, at work, they may ask for medical documentation to prove that it is needed. Contraception does not all under this category. No, your suggestion does not make it better because it is not my employer's nor my Human Resource's/medical division's business why I need the services that I do. PERIOD.
Razzel - There is always something lost in internet communication. So I will try again.

Put aside the Az law for the moment. I go to the with no male related health problems. I ask for Poroecia and get it. I don't even bother with insurance because I know it is not covered.

I healthy woman does the same thing for BC. She doesn't bother wit insurance because she know it is not covered.

Is that fair? A non medical situation not paid for.

Now consider the
Try again

Razzle - There is always something lost in internet communication. So I will try again.

Put aside the Az law for the moment. I go to the doc with no male related health problems. I ask for Poroecia and get it. I don't even bother with insurance because I know it is not covered.

I healthy woman does the same thing for BC. She doesn't bother with insurance because she know it is not covered.

Is that fair? A non medical situation not paid for. Like many things that require Rx but not paid for.

Now consider the man and woman with problems. Both insurers will ask for medical necessity. My doc will provide that info to insurer. Yours will do so as well. I will get Proscar and you will get hormones.

So all I am asking is are you willing to pay yourself if you have no other health problems just like a guy would?

Is it ok IF OLNY your doc and insurer know the info? In other words no supervisor, boss, owner, no HR ever knows.
Then you get it paid for just like guys.

I am saying I disagree with notification of you employer/boss/owner. But what is wrong with a medical determination between your doc and insurer? Don;t they already know?

I only mentioned my employers med. dept. as a side note. They do not know anything I don't take to them specifically.
They have no idea what meds I take or conditions I have unless I tell them. Like if I have been unusually sick but don't want to tell my manager the details of my illness, I can explain to them in confidence and be excused for missed days.
By your comments, I would assume that you don't know all of the reasons that birth control is prescribed. If insurers are going to cover Viagra, which is completely unnecessary for a healthy male to function in life and enables a man to impregnate a woman, then they should cover birth control for women so that she can #1 avoid pregnancy, yes, but #2, use it to treat medical conditions and #3 lessen her risk of having female cancers. I would strongly encourage you to understand the full range of reasons that women take birth control pills and use other forms of contraception.
I love the detailed description of your Pre-Menstral (sic) Syndrome.
Beautiful, and, dare I say it, empowering.