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MARCH 3, 2012 9:08PM

If I Wanted the Government In My Womb I'd F*ck a Senator

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Let me just start this off with this:


 Really? Really?  Really?  They brought out the Riot Police for 1,000 protestors - clergy, women, men, all ages, all races - who are refusing to allow the attacks on women's reproductive rights and health by the General Assembly of Virginia.  We'll get to that in a second.

I hitched a ride with a friend to Richmond, VA, today to rally, march, and protest against the laws defining personhood and mandating vaginal ultrasounds that were shelved this year (but will be on the docket again next year, it's already confirmed), and for the one just passed and waiting to be signed into law by the Good Governor of VA, Bob McDonnell.  Yes, Bob McDonnell, whose sole purpose for running for Governor was to climb the ladder to Vice Presidential nomination, and then the Presidency of the United States of America.  That was made known when he announced his candidacy for Governor, but I digress as that is an entirely different post.  The event was three hours long and ended with 33 arrests of women and men who linked arms and sat peacefully on the Capitol steps, an illegal act in Virginia.  The following are sign, and there were many:









The only "Pro-Lifer" to show up.


The rally began at the Bell Tower adjacent to the Capitol Building.  We were informed of low, medium, and high risk actions in regards to how likely each would result in arrest; that the point people with information were wearing white arm bands and legal observers green hats; that we should not speak to the police as the Police Liaison (who had a huge PL on her back) would handle all communication between the two groups to avoid miscommunications; our first responsibility was to ourselves and that we were in no way obligated to participate in high risk activities that would likely result in arrest; we were given the phone number for the legal hotline and instructed to write it on our arms in the event we were arrested and told what to say in the message we were to leave on the hot line's voice mail.  It is at this point that I should say that my friend and I passed two white buses with no windows (i.e. paddy wagons) parked a couple of blocks away from the Capitol when we arrived.  We were also advised not to engage with anyone who might try to provoke us.




And the march began around through the city basically in a square leading back to the Capitol.


Before we turned the corner to return to the Capitol, we were stopped in large groups and asked by a Point Person to give a moment of silence.  The silent minutes were ended with him starting the chant, "Show me what democracy looks like! This is what democarcy looks like!"  We began clapping in rhythm and continued all the way to the Capitol Building.






The Point People had done head counts as we marched and when we reached this point, they began calling out, "We have a thousand!" and motioned us up towards the building.  Everyone began going forward in excitement, cheering, chanting.





And, then we moved up to the steps.  It is illegal to congregate or assemble on the steps of the Capitol Building and less than five minutes after we had assembled, the police gave a five minute notice that after that amount of time was up, troopers would be brought in and arrests would be made.


Governor McDonnel says he cares about balancing the budget and creating jobs, not abortion.  Evidence to the contrary.


My friend and I moved back down to the Bell Tower, where the organizers had secured a permit for the protest from 2pm-3pm.



At the Bell Tower, speakers were heard, including this woman, a Republican for Choice who spoke out against the extremism that now envelopes the Republican Party.


The police waited until about 2:30 to make arrests, giving a total of 30 minutes for protestors to disband from the steps.  But, 33 chose to sit, link arms, and be arrested.


Two former Delegates of the General Assembly, this one a Democrat, the other a Republican and both women, spoke about their new organization Women's Strike Force , a PAC they've just created to support candidates that support women.  I think they will have a shot at finding many good ones.


As my friend and I were leaving, we noticed the Riot Police and my friend commented that the more they use them, the less effective their presence will be.  The more we use our rights to speak out about abuses such as these laws would perpetrate, the more effective we will be in securing our rights and ending these attacks once and for all.  Of that I am sure.


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It sounds like a good protest. I hope that this protest, and the others around the country, are organized enough to make a difference and get their point across. We need a definite change, respecting all people, not just the ones that belong to "the club."
I wonder what would happen if you showed up to protest the funerals of members of that church that protests the soldier's funerals?
Thank you for doing this, RD. It's all just terrifying to me.
I'm more worried about the economy than who people f***.
Your mom is going to think you are dating a senator now.
Great pictures, glad you got to show up and witness and march.

For some reason, they are obsessed with try to make a simple medical procedure as difficult, expensive and humiliating as possible. I think we should require at least three female witnesses for DREs (digital rectal exams for prostate) and colonoscopies.
Great post and great pictures, Razzle-Dazzle. I'm glad to hear about that PAC, too. I hope more pro-choice Republican women will feel motivated to speak out, in particular. Definitely to protect their own reproductive rights,but also because Republican MEN might take notice. I'm sure they're not surprised Democratic women are protesting. But if GOP men hear more of their own wives, mothers, sisters and daughters say "this is a BAD idea!" They'll pay more attention.
EXCELLENT! Thank you for doing this...for being there. And thanks for fighting back at the capital, when many of us were out there doing our best on this national action day for Pres. Obama's re-election campaign. We're all in this together!
Now see here, Ms. Razzle! I talked to a friend in Virginia, a pillar of the community, and here's what he said:
"We are tired of Outside Agitators coming down here and telling us how to treat our women! Now, I'm not prejudiced against women. Some of my best friends are women. I've lived peacefully with the women folk all my life. You treat 'em right, they'll work for you. Why, the part of the country I come from, we were all practically raised by a woman! I loved my woman nanny. I got a woman nanny right now, comes in and takes care of my children. Fine a Christian as any man I know! I asked her what she thought of all this equal rights agitation an demonstrations and trouble-making. You know what she told me? She said, "Oh, Mr. Charles, I don't know nuthin' about that, sir. I just stays away from the courthosue and the capitol when there's trouble! You know what else she told me? She said, "it's the bitches and hoes that cause trouble." She said, the decent, respectable women folk don't want nuthin' to do with it! You know, we had no trouble here at all until those Outside Agitators, like this here Razzle Dazzle and her ilk of agitators, come down here and stirred up trouble among the peaceful and contented women folk of Richmond!" [r]
Excellent POV and coverage. Enjoyed this and it's just like being there!
Thank you for going there and participating in such an important protest. I must say I'm a little surprised there weren't more people there. I once lived in Richmond, and it's hard to believe everyone in that great old town votes for the candidate with the "R" after their name...
Thanks everyone. I'd like to clarify that I care so much about this happening in VA because I lived in the Commonwealth for 23 years of my life and never thought I'd see this happen.

"We have come too far, we can't turn 'round. We'll flood the streets with justice, we are freedom bound."
I like your title. Good reporting. Great pictures
Great post, GREAT title. So proud of you for doing this. Sounds like this was one well-organized protest. It's also nice to see women from both parties who are making a stand.
Should be an EP.
Sigh. I agree with so many of these comments. It makes me all feel weak and tired. My daughter is 26, my son just 30. I want them to have all the opportunities to choose whatever they want for themselves and their partners. My entire life time has been infused with this toxic crap of other people believing they have the right to make decisions about my body and my life. I feel like a toilet with a turd going around and around the bowl. Just flush already.
With overpopulation being the biggest foreseeable treat to the human races future existence on this planet I find the attack of the right on abortion to be the most troubling aspect of right wing conservatism. Even the unending wars against Islam can be defended by pointing out that Islam has served as a dam against enlightenment wherever its tentacles have taken hold but there is no defending this kind of ignorance. it starts with the papacy and its medieval stand against birth control and ends in the deep south where people confuse, often sexually deviated drug addled, televangelists to be Gods prophets.
Great post and I loved Donegal's comment!!!
You had me at your headline. R
Rated for the title alone. Now I'll go back and read it!
Rated for the title alone! RRR
A very good piece, Razz. Well deserving of an EP. I just have a hard time believing this is all actually happening. Seems like the GOPers want to take us all back to the 19th century. I mean, the Republican Party used to actually have brain.

I think they just committed political suicide.