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FEBRUARY 24, 2012 4:00PM

Sinners, Whores, & Heretics

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I was just reading an article on NPR  about the GOP's attempt in New Hampshire to amend its law requiring coverage of contraception in all prescription drug plans that has existed since 2000.  I quote from the article:

"I wasn't here back in 1999," said Diane Murphy Quinlan, chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of Manchester, "and we didn't have a full-time lobbyist in the Legislature. It's possible that it was missed."

The diocese isn't itself directly affected by the contraception mandate because it, like the state's largest Catholic hospital, has chosen to self-insure. But if the church gets its way, contraceptive-free insurance may soon be widely available on the open market.

"I ask that all of our people of good will support that which is in the best interest of that which gives life, that which sustains life," Bishop Peter Libasci said during a recent news conference. The diocese helped draft the bill, which would free any employer, be it an auto repair shop or a metaphysical bookstore, with a religious objection to birth control.

Notice it isn't employers that are voicing concerns about this and drafting legislation to amend the current law, it's the Catholic Church.  There is something fundamentally wrong with our legislative process when religious institutions are allowed to lobby lawmakers, draft legislation, and do so by hiding behind the face of God.  I call your bluff, religious zealots, and say unto thee that God need not be any religious follower's scape goat anymore.  Come out from behind your mask of divine righteousness and show yourself for what you truly are: members of an institution that have realized they can no longer effectively control people from the pulpit, so have moved to overtake our government in order to regain control of the masses. 

This is the religious equivalent of Corporate Personhood.  It is Religious Personhood, and it has no place in our legislative process or our government.  The true definition of Separation of Church and State and why it exists is to protect people like me, a self-proclaimed non-Christian that you, unfortunately, cannot burn at the stake or ruin by casting me out of the village.  Separation of Church and State mandates that no person shall be subject to the doctrines of any religious body that would prevent them from living their lives as they see fit.  It does not mandate that Religious Institutions are people, and are therefore protected from secular legislation because it violates its religious convictions.  This is the larger issue that we must all confront now as women must once again enter the fight - which they never should have given up - to demand a secular government.

We must be aware that these religious affiliates view this as the penultimate fight of the Catholic Church.  The Church is angry that it has lost its power and blames the government for reducing its territory and power of persuasion.  It is demanding that it be protected from the government because the government protects the lives of Non-Catholics, sinners, whores, and heritics and rock-n-roll, protected by the 1st Amendment, is the work of the Devil.  These followers of Catholicism view themselves as Soldiers of God ready to fight the good fight.  This is common language used by Opus Dei members.  It isn't confined to Protestant Evangelicals, and they will join with Protestants to win this war so they can go back to fighting the real enemy: other Christians.  But, now, we must fight back to ensure that we are not oppressed by these small people who crave nothing more than absolute control in the name of the Divine, on whom none of us have ever laid eyes.

My only consolation is that the Church has no control over me, and when those priests, bishops, cardinals, and the Pope go to bed at night, they nash their teeth over it.  This consolation may be short lived.

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I keep hope that government will stay secular because the various religions have too much stake in keeping each other down. I hope.
The most dangerous element in this country consists of extreme right Christians interfering with our politics. Sadly, this includes far too many in the Catholic hierarchy. I mourn for the spirit of vatican 11.
I think they are trying anything to get people talk about something other than the gaggle of pedophiles in their ranks.
Excellent post!
rated with love
facts: 99% of all American women use some kind of contraceptive.
98% of all American Catholic women use some kind of contraceptive.
When I think about the number of times the Church has been on the wrong side of history, it causes me to wonder how's it's survived all these many years.

Like always, the Roman Catholic Church will be dragged, kicking and screaming into the 21st century. (Well....maybe the 22nd century, on 2nd thought!)

Remember when you couldn't eat meat on Fridays? Now, that's progress!
"I wasn't there back in 1999"--translation: "I had no objection to what George W Bush and the Republicans were doing. I only objected when the Obama Administration & the Demcorats continued it. Then it suddenly became shocking and outrageous". That says it all.
Hooray for sinners, whores, and heretics!
If only they could focus on their real enemies...other Christians. But now they have Muslims and atheists to worry about too! If they get concerned about Hindus and Buddhists, they may actually begin to understand the reasonable fairness and wisdom behind separation of church and state.

If we could organize a significant movement to put "In Satan We Trust" on the backs of dollars, they would see the light real quick about the value of separation of church and state.

When Thomas Jefferson penned his famous letter to the Baptists of Danbury Connecticut, reassuring them that a Wall of Separation existed between Church and State, their greatest worry was that the Congregationalists were plotting to get the upper hand by influencing government.

So if this is their penultimate battle, what is their ultimate one? I hope they lose that too.