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DECEMBER 18, 2008 4:44AM

Genius or Tragedy?

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Read this. I mean it.

If you place any value on my judgment, I encourage you to read this. It speaks for itself.

Is this genius writing? Flouncing? I don't know, but it rattles me to the marrow.

Pray it is literary genius, won't you?

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Bump, because I want you to follow the link. READ IT.
I read...not sure what to think. Judging by the post written prior to the one you linked, I interpreted this as the pain of making the decision to move on to a new path in life. I saw catharsis. Then I re-read and have no idea. I feel your concern, as it's truly rattling.
Upsetting...I'm with Krissi in assessment...not sure what to say to her. But will try to think of something supportive.
Chilling. EVERYONE needs to hit the link and offer what help (no judgment) to this soul that is crying out for love and help.
Thank you for alerting us. Rated.
The post is powerful. She has a gift and I've urged her to keep using it. Great find Randy.
Doctor? We need you. For me, it was a 4 a.m. wakeup call. One reader pleaded that this needs to be evaluated by a professional.
Oh, how I hope this is just a cathartic post and not an actual plan. She is a lovely person. I don't know if there is any way for OS to check in on her IRL.
thanks for the alert to this. Any word?
Nothing yet. I have a staff member who's a genius about poetry. He's certain this is a legitimate suicide note, probably from a white, decently affluent adolescent girl. Not encouraging. Did anybody else infer that lack of attention from the anonymous (us) was a last straw?

Not every cry for help is a precursor to a successful suicide. But I do wish I had noticed the post just a few minutes earlier.
Few of us are awake at that time of night, otherwise she would have gotten more attention. If she took action, we can only hope she was not successful.
Sent a message to the editors in the off chance they have some kind of contact info (although I suspect it would just be an e-mail address).
Sadly I didn't read this until this afternoon. I contacted Kerry in hopes that there might be a way to trace the IP address and send some help if it truly was a suicide note, and not just pouring out of feelings. I don't know if OS feels the need to help out, but I figured I would try anyway.
Let's hope that was what it was just a purge of feelings. Sadly with her few responses, I doubt that it was.
This was a great idea though, Randy. I hope something comes of it.

I read all three of her posts. To tell you the truth, and I'm allegedly trained in this stuff, I can't decide by putting all three together, or by just reading the poem you made the link to, whether it is a cry for help or a genuine suicide intention.

There are words and phrases in the poem that clearly indicate it is a cry for help. Most people who are going to commit suicide do it and you find the note later.

The problem is that I haven't a clue how to track this woman down to get some one who is trained in this stuff to see her. It sounds like she has been sitting in, fairly regularly, on some 12 step meetings, which would indicate that she has not yet totally given up.

There is one other possibility that no one wants to take the chance on it being true: that this is simply fiction. Why do I say that? Because she has come here and been here since Dec 2 and has not made any attempt to identify herself to anyone. And each post has gotten a little less clear, a little more "intriguing" and a little more desperate in very subtle ways.

But, even if that is true we should assume it is not. We have to assume the worst until we know. Ask Kerry or someone upstairs in admin if there is any way to track her down, etc. Get the police or a social worker to check in on her, etc.

Let us know if you find out anything. Incidentally, if she posts again that will tell us a lot.

Just saw. Read her post and comments here and there. Read her other posts too. Said a prayer. Thanks to you Randy, buckeyedoc, Mungular for contacting the eds., and to all for caring. Tragic and sad. I pray that we hear from her again.
Rated to keep in the feed. Maybe it will help somehow.
I'll send a note to Mary---this is what she does professionally. . .

Good call Randy. . . .
I'll send a note to Mary---this is what she does professionally. . .

Good call Randy. . . .