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January 09
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DECEMBER 9, 2008 1:05AM

Bound, gagged, and otherwise sensory deprived

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Today (Tuesday) is the day. Tristan Williamson, a veteran of the current Iraq war, will, from 9 a.m. EST to 5 p.m., subject himself to a duress (read:torture) restraint that is fully approved by the Department of Defense to subdue Guantanamo prisoners, either for control or to prep them for interrogation.

In protest of the continued and questionable tactics deployed at Gitmo, this patriot will stage a demonstration at the University Center at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, Indiana.

In addition to providing a pending time-lapse video, Tristan is inviting observers to record their comments on site during the demonstration. I invite you to offer your own thoughts during the vigil by posting comments here during the day. I'll be sure Tristan knows about them (he, too, is an OSticate) afterward and he'll be likely to include these comments in his post-mortem.

To be sure, the psychological and physical toll self-inflicted on this veteran are unknown, but he has promised to share with us as he can.

In the meantime, read this post.

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Bumping for Tristan.
Thanks for the reminder, Randy.
I can't stay up all night. But I'll bump for those early risers.
I don't want to write more, but I will report that Tristan, a young, healthy, military-trained man, was unable to endure the torture position for more than three and a half hours. If he cried uncle after 210 minutes, what goes through the heads of DoD doctors who approve of 21 hours of this kind of restraint?

Tristan will write up his experience when he recovers (the semester ended for him today).
Well, its over by now. I pray he has no permanent problems for trying this. I guess failing to make the full 8 hours proves his case more than it would have had he gone the limit.

Let us know when he tells you what, if any, after effects he has.

Tristan couldn't walk, couldn't stand up afterward. By late afternoon he was suffering from intense knee pain. But I'm waiting for his full report instead of interrogating him now. Expect something from Tristan at his blog page, probably next week.
Thanks for keeping us up on this, Randy.
You guys can all check out the photos taken by my good friend, Mr. Ian Girdley. Thanks again for the support, folks.