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OCTOBER 24, 2008 1:26AM

Sarah says: Pull the "D" lever

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I’m not particularly concerned that the Republican National Committee has shelled out $150,000 plus for Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and makeup. I’ve commented elsewhere that it’s fine with me.

But Republican partisans might be concerned about Gov. Palin’s free wardrobe allowance. Apparently, someone at a Reno, Nev. rally gifted the governor with this scarf, which she proudly donned.

Sarah, we hardly knew ye.

Here’s the source

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Interesting! ... I do have to wonder, though, how I would react in her shoes. My initial thoughts are, would it seem rude not to wear it? Would you be so overwhelmed by the crowd that you'd simply accept it and move on?

OK, let me think this through as if I'm there.... Someone gives me a scarf, I admire it, thank the person and -- noting it's a Democratic theme -- I say thank you and hand it off to one of the guards or aides behind me, saying a few words within earshot of the donor to "take good care of this for me." I do not wear it.

Slip up on her part. Back timing, too. Someone knew to take a pic and share the wealth.
Whoops, early morning brain. Meant "Bad timing," not "Back timing."
my cynical mind thinks she knows exactly what she is doing. she knows McCain has no chance - & she's saving that so she can run as the "reach across the aisle candidate" in 2012

ok, maybe she's not that smart. but she is certainly than conniving and ambitious.

Ditto what lpsrocks said. OR maybe there are no elephants or donkeys in Wasilla and she doesn't know the diff.

With Palin what we have learned is that it turns out she is ignorant. I think she is fundamentally ignorant about almost every significant national issue. But she is not stupid and is a clever politico. We dismiss her at our peril.

There is a big difference between ignorance and stupidity. I know because I am pretty well informed, ie: not ignorant; but am forever doing stupid things!!! ;-)

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