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January 09
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OCTOBER 14, 2008 11:42PM

A vast expanse of white space

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I’ve often wondered what style of blog is most appreciated. I personally enjoy lengthy, well-thought-out opinion pieces. And when I write, I tend to try to construct the entire box for the commentary to fit in and, accordingly, most of my pieces are long.

Were it possible (and maybe it is), I would consider an instant blog. That is, I would post immediately as ideas come to me. During the course of the day, any number of things just scream for a blog post - funny things, outrageous things, amazing things.

As I understand the medium, it all began as a way to point interested readers elsewhere. Blogs would consist of links to news articles and opinion pieces, noteworthy pictures, and other Web sites. Talkingpointsmemo.com is one of my favorites of that stripe. Matt Drudge found an effective, if inelegant way to become a must-visit portal, too. If we local bloggers had different lives, we’d probably be doing that - linking you to what we’ve read and found remarkable.

By now, you must be wondering “What is his point?”

It has been a while since I posted. There was a week of good stories and great news items to comment on, but, alas, the opportunity to sit and write did not present itself.

So tonight I resolved to write at least one post, however evanescent.

Did any of you also receive a one-piece mailing today from an outfit called Quest Diagnostics? I know nothing about them and certainly have no pre-existing relationship with the firm. I don’t know if they are new or old, good or bad, safe or dangerous. Their New Albany Patient Service Center is across State Street from Floyd County Memorial Hospital.

I don’t know what list I’m on, but their pitch reads like this: Visit our New Albany location and experience blood testing at your convenience. Present this card during your visit and receive a free gift*. (the asterisk [actually a cross] refers you to a “While supplies last” caveat.

Has health care changed so much that laboratories are soliciting the general public to stop by and have a blood test? Do they know something I don’t know?

I invite you to share with other readers how much of a free gift it would take for you to voluntarily submit to (excuse me, “experience”) blood testing.

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