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JUNE 5, 2009 2:25AM

Name That MD, Round Deux

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With Summer upon us, I thought it would be nice to lighten things up with a little medical contest. 

Early OS'ers will probably recall "Name that MD, Round 1" last summer, where I put up pictures of doctors (real or imaginary). You then can participate in the quiz and score yourself.  The winner will receive bragging rights until the next round.  

Ok, here we go with Name That M.D., Round deux!"



Hint:  Frak


Hint: PBS' #1 Quack debunked by my fellow Salon medical writer Dr. Robert Burton


Hint:  Crime Alley's Florence Nightengale


File:Virginia Apgar.jpg

Hint: Physician who devised the score that tells us how healthy a baby is when born


Jonas Salk in 1955 at the University of Pittsburgh

Hint: Developed Polio vaccine


Hint: Jack Donaghey's personal (and hillariously incompetent doctor)



Hint:  If he can generate the 1.21 gigawatts of electicity, he can get Marty McFly Back to the Future!


Hint: Anna Nicole Smith



Hint: Creator or ER and Climate Change skeptic



Dr Pepper Can  

 Hint:  Read the can



1.  Doc Cottle from Battlestar Galactica:  Cranky, chain smoking, soft-hearted medical chief aboard Galactica Actual: Saved humans and cylons alike.  Now, that's following the Hippocratic Oath

2. Daniel Amen, MD:  Amen's out of this world ideas about the brain earn him a seat in the annals of quackery

3. Dr. Leslie Tompkins from Batman

4.  Dr. Virginia Apgar: A pioneer in medicine not only because she busted down gender barriers (she was the first academic doctor at Columbia U.), but also because she devised the Apgar score.  

5. Dr. Jonas Salk, saved countless by developing the inactivated polio vaccine.  

6.  Dr. Spaceman (Spach-e-men) from 30 Rock:  Malpractice doesn't get any funnier than this guy

7. Doc Brown from Back to the Future:  Ok, not an MD, but still worthy for surgically altering that DeLorean.   

8. Dr. Sandeep Kapoor:  Allegedly prescribed narcotics ad nauseum for the late Anna Nicole Smith, drugs which eventually led to her death.

9.  Dr. Michael Crichton:  Before creating blockbusters like Jurassic Park and the TV show ER, he attended and graduated from Harvard Medical School

10.  Like I said, Read the Can


Your Score:

 Number correct                               Ranking:

10                                                           Surgeon General

9                                                             Chief of Staff 

8                                                             Attending Physician

7                                                             Chief Resident 

5-6                                                         Intern

3-4                                                        Medical Student

2                                                           Maybe you should try dental school

0-1                                                       Don't worry, Oprah will hire you!

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I didn't try very hard, but I only got 2, one of which was Dr. Spacemen. And, if you've got Dr. Spacemen, you really don't need anyone else; he treats everything!
I knew all the "real" doctors. Plus I was able to read the can.
I wanna know where Doc Cottle gets all those cigarettes? I don't remember seeing any tobacco on Galactica.... it ain't that wacky-tabacky is it... ??
I love this one here. You guys posted the best comedian MDs here. I got to laugh out hard knowing the hints you provided. I am an avid fan of these comedians. Greatly emphasizing their style here. Go on guys have a nice day.
Dahly Rogersky
I thought that cartoon was from superman. I didn't recognize the no. 6 but I got 7.