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MAY 14, 2010 10:51AM

My Journey away from Pain...and more

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        I just got back from physio and a visit to my specialist (they work out of the same clinic).  I had to apologize to the receptionist.  She is such a sweet girl and she called me yesterday, all excited about the fact that she was able to get me into the pain clinic for this coming Monday.  I was less than enthusiastic and I knew she felt bad so I explained to her today that it's just that the pain clinic actually causes me a LOT of pain.  The freezing needle hurts and even with that, the big one that delivers the Cortisone hurts even worse.  On top of it all, I gained 30lbs while getting those shots this past winter.  I had just started losing the weight and now I am getting another shot.  Yippee!  

      The good news is that I will see the neuro surgeon first thing Monday morning so I will ask him if he thinks I should get the shots or not. If he doesn't think so, I can cancel.  My physio therapist is leary of these shots as well.  They did absolutely no good when I got them before. 

      When I was on the traction table this morning, my therapist remembered that I'll be seeing the surgeon on Monday.  She's more excited than I am.  She said if I was going later in the day, she'd meet me there and go in with me.  When she found out I was going early in the morning, she was disappointed (she's already booked up and can't get away).  She was very clear about the fact that my husband MUST speak to the surgeon too.  She's afraid I'll downplay things and she knows my husband will tell it like it is and make sure we get some sort of solution before leaving the office.

          I am starting to feel a bit better.  It is much easier to roll over, stand up and get dressed.  I still can't put my socks on but there's no humiliation in that.   I'm still feeling very anxious though.  How awful it would be to live with this affliction indefinitely, relying on those needles to help me get by.  Ugh...I don't think I could face that.  It's a funny thing though, those who haven't had to deal with disc problems always say they wouldn't get the surgery if they were me but every person I've talked to who has had the surgery says it was the best thing they ever did.  I'm very leary of those who haven't suffered through this because they have absolutely no idea of what it's like.  They think they can imagine but trust me, unless you've been through it first hand, you don't know.  I'm pretty sure I'd be one of those apathetic idiots who think people are exaggerating the pain if I hadn't been through it myself. 

          So here I sit on a sunny Friday, waiting for my husband to wake up after catching the red eye home.  The pain is there but I'm so full of meds that it's not really bothering me too much.  Guess I'll just drift in and out of consciousness as I watch the birds and squirrels through my window.   The leaves on my maples and birches are beginning to unfold and my front garden is full of little wild violets.  Such a pretty time of year.  To those who read this blog...I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get to spend some time out in the sunshine.   Hopefully I'll have some sort of a solution to report on after my appointment, Monday morning.

Stay well and enjoy the weekend!


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I'll be saying an extra prayer for you on monday, that the doctors will find a way to help you out of this pain on the road to health. Enjoy your husband's return! I hope your kids get to be with him too and that they get a little weekend break of their own.

I'm working on my idiotic apathy abatement program :o)

P.S. I think it is spelled "leery" but what do I know.
How embarassing...I'm usually such a stickler for spelling. These days I could spell the word "the" wrong. I never mind people pointing out my mistakes so thanks and have an awesome weekend!
Thanks for your best wishes, Puddle Duck.
It's good to read " I am starting to feel a bit better. "
These nerves of ours - our whole system and components - are so finely balanced. How close we all are to your experience, without knowing it.
Thankyou for these posts, and may you continue to improve, daily.

If it was me, I'm afraid, I'd opt for surgery in a blink.
Thinking of you.
I'm reading your blog now...backward...and already I can see we seem to be living very similar lives

As much as it stinks for us, it's kind of nice to know someone out there really "knows"