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March 19
I am Ray Bilodeau also known by many as "PtaRay" I have lived in Fremont for 18 years. I have a wife, 3 daughters, 1 son, several grand children, and a cat, friends of all political stripes, some are very close friends, and a few out there who think I need a hair cut!! Being of Mexican-American decent. I understand racial tensions, and cultural heritage and its place in life as a family. We had to down play ours, and sacrificed the ability to speak Spanish at my primary schools request, and my mothers belief that being Mexican -American in California was not helpful to my fitting in. (She will debate this today) California was not quite as progressive when I was younger. I can be outspoken, and have been called the "pit bull" for the kids. (long before Sarah Palin made that term a joke... YEARS BEFORE) I was heavily involved in the Fremont education system in some capacity or another for years. I am invested in making the children and parents of America see that life has many paths, and all can lead to success if you choose to seek it. If you want more details read on: My experience with life is extensive for my 50 years of age. I bring practical and life taught experience. In my life growing up I have Personally experienced much. Again being of Mexican-American decent I heard the racial slurs and the need to keep my ethnicity buried for self preservation. OK, take a deep breath, ready?... ...I have experienced the gang thing, the drug thing, the alcoholic parent thing and the highly religious parent thing. The honors kid thing, the failing kid thing, the early baby thing, the marriage thing, the divorce thing, the step dad thing, the step child thing, and a painful loss of child. But wait!, there's more! I have been a security guard, a pizza parlor manager, a cement silo worker, a potato sacker, a landscaper, an office manger of a print shop. I was daycare for several children (besides my own), I have helped sell skin care products, I have taken a certified parenting workshop (several months long). I graduated from Silicon Valley college, as a certified desktop publisher. I have done remodeling, interior decorating and I have done care for the elderly and even my mother in-law loves me!!! (I am her full time caretaker and defender of the elderly) Having lived through the tough times of my youth, and the hard core life the streets can throw at you, realizing that while mistakes can be made while you are young, you can always be salvaged, and no person is beyond success if you are willing to be persistent, I want to give back to the kids what I learned the hard way, so that they can have an easier life than I did. Oh yeah, I also pretend I play the guitar, and keyboard. Hope this gives you plenty of info and helps some. "An open mind has room to grow... A closed one is merely storage" E.R.Bilodeau


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SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 4:05PM

Americans should be going postal

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What sort of scam are we seeing now?

The Post office, usually costs the tax payer virtually nothing to get their services, but the current possibly manufactured fears could cost Americans far more.

Is this crisis real or not?

I wonder who will be delivering and keeping your bank statements on time? Your absentee ballots arriving on time and in tact, your electric bills, your annoying, yet still inclusive campaign printed media and all those cards and letters you still receive from so many small and non-corporate small businesses, that rely on the US mail for their advertising?

How will you get your election booklets and registrations for voting in many states? All delivered by the US post office. (in my state anyway) or available in the post office. Which will be gone maybe?.. good plan.

How will the large number of Americans not wired , nor in locally convenient areas of this nations rural fringe get their important documents delivered as regularly and as cheap as the US mail has done for generations?

Is it now going to cost me $25.00 to send my grand child a birthday card with $20.00 in it too, instead of 45-50 cents?

What corporate or private entity will you trust to see that your mortgage statement , which already costs you plenty, will be on time, delivered regularly and not find yourself being charged hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars when that delivery gets missed you are debating with customer service , (in India, or overseas somewhere no doubt) about your statement never arriving?

What is the thinking of many folks who are supposed to be our leaders , which seem to forget that millions of Americans do not have any, or extremely limited access to electronic mail delivery, which means no mail carriers and no US post office, no more cards to their grand children, no more virtually non-interrupted delivery of the outside information many only get by the postal services.

Is this yet another manufactured crisis, one of many in this current assault on the freedoms and the communications and the ability for those who are less well off to be an active part of this nations bigger community?

I see disenfranchisement, I see late fees, I see union busting, I see non-partisan effects on the many Americans who can't or won't go electronic.

Lose the power and you lose your ability to communicate.

In a crash or computer failure, you lose your hard drive and lose your letters from your grand children, your pictures, your ability to pay your bills, see your obligations, not everyone is savvy and backs up, in fact few ever do.

This is potentially the first mention of this potential Postal crisis, and the American people might take for granted their service they have just assumed was always going to be there.

But in these times when the attack on the regular American AND THE UNION WORKER is being pushed by corporate influences and the partisan efforts to squeeze the electorate out and the poor are being shoved to the back of the national view, this is more than it seems and a far greater loss then many have had time to think through.


The rest of the folks who get their email, their electronic statements and such, you are lucky to have this access, but many Americans still rely on their legs, their mailboxes and their carriers to see that their included in the national debates and the ability to meet their obligations.

The mail is a low tech, but crucial link to the rest of this nations citizens, who do not have the luxury of Internet connections and can't afford the cost of private delivery services.

But maybe it's just me, but this seems like a bad time to make communications harder, and the ability to keep ones current financial records and bills stable.

Funny the wall street crowd cries about "stability" then folks start talking about disrupting millions of citizens bills and only source of communication with families and grand kids, obligations from credit services and banks knowing that financial institutions, and billing depts, will not care about excuses, just fees for being late.

So now the poor get "taxed" by fee instead?

Private folks will gladly step in, but at "free market" rates.

The Post office was required to keep the costs down by law.

Who is going to deliver your letters or cards for the price you pay now if you don't have the access to email?

Hard copies last for generations, and require no electricity to see them 24 hours a day. Disks need an appliance and access to one, and as fast as technology changes, who knows what the future holds for those.

Paranoid? maybe, but you think about it, how much of your life is based on the fact the US post Office makes sure you get your bills, greeting cards, and small business advertising, like it or hate it, it is the only way many can reach their potential customers.

The death of the most long serving US institution says more about the current fear based ideology then it does about financial needs.

As the "hate the government" propaganda sounds good in theory, but the facts remain.

Unity relies on communication and the loss of the one life line to the poor and those who are not connected electronically only serves the enemies of freedom and community.

It's not just a bunch of faceless robots serving no purpose, but is in fact the Central proof that our nation was founded on community and the desire to keep all citizens united , connected and informed.

who is against that?..really who?

some douche-bag somewhere is laughing , knowing that millions will pay more fees, miss information and lose their ability to easily remain part of the elections process, and fall to the fringe even more, because their access to mainstream communications will be filtered, screened and selectively saved, when the private folks decide what they will and won't deliver, as they will be able to choose based on their "free market" rights. (moral judgements included free)

wake up folks... not all things electronic are good for all Americans.

Think about it!!

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