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MAY 29, 2011 4:59AM

I Love Deleting Shit!

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I have heard people going on about how it's so awful to delete stuff off a blog or Facebook page and I am totally confused by the notion.


I'm quite fond of it. None of you gave a rat's ass about some post so I deleted it. A firestorm started on my Facebook wall when I mentioned I was dropping out of college, so I deleted it.


Perhaps I just don't understand just what people think the Internet is in the first place.


This is the crap box, not the front page.


It's easy to test this theory too. Just take note of the number of brazen dicks and useless idiots there are on here and every corner of the Internet.


My sweaty, drunken comedy club routine is not fit to print. Obviously. Thus it ends up on Open Salon.


I spent some time deleting love letters and old blog drafts just now. I feel no remorse, no longing to go backwards whatsoever.


If I don't express myself here I'll just do it somewhere else, it's all a jumbling of language and thoughts. Take what you want from it or don't.


It's the giving a fuck part that doesn't compute with me. If I have to recite this shit in a job interview then that's a problem ... yeah. So anyone with a brain has deleted most their truthful posts off Facebook or anything that has anything close to your real name on it as well.


I think we all need to face up to the fact that all our Internet posting efforts could be wiped away in an instant by the whim of the people who actually own the rights to this stuff and there isn't a damn thing you could do about it.


The sooner one comes to grips with this simple fact the sooner they understand why I am so incredibly comfortable with taking a axe to anything and everything I ever put online including this post right here.



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I admit feeling the same way.
(insert any thing senseless here)
All of what you wrote here is truth.
I agree with you. It's your blog site and you are in control of it. What's the big deal?!
Everything is impermanent anyway, no? Buddhism 101... Hang in there. It's all an illusion...
If he wanders in here, delete frank - he disappeared for eighteen months, the last time that happened.

I love it too! Seeing that little trash can, clicking "Yes" I'm sure I want to delete this, and hearing that delightful crinkling noise! Deleting posts, blogs, people, off my computer or phone, and even throwing out stuff in real life always makes me feel like I'm evolving, and in control of the evolution.