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September 30
Magendanz String Quartet in h.s.; MA in Lit/ Syracuse; MA in Media Studies/ Antioch; MEd & EdD in Communications & Film/ Teachers College Columbia U. INTERESTS: Pre-Code Hollywood & noir; Canadian, Brit, & cable TV dramas; vintage "issues" TV series (DEFENDERS, JUDD FOR THE DEFENSE, LOU GRANT, THE GUARDIAN); diagramless crosswords; poetry of the Great War, E. A. Robinson, Auden; Nathanael West, Vonnegut, classic detective fiction.

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DECEMBER 4, 2010 1:11PM

Gov't Transparency & Newspeaki-Leak

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 President Obama's Pledge for Gov't Transparency
George Orwell's "Newspeak" Essay 
A "Gov't Newspeak" Sampler



Want a Government Job? 
Then You Must Remain Stupid

1. State Dept. Bars Staffers from WikiLeaks, Warns Students  The U.S. State Department has imposed an order barring employees from reading the leaked WikiLeaks cables. State Department staffers have been told not to read cables because they were classified and subject to security clearances. The State Department’s WikiLeaks censorship has even been extended to university students. An email to students at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs says: "The documents released during the past few months through Wikileaks are still considered classified documents. [The State Department] recommends that you DO NOT post links to these documents nor make comments on social media sites such as Facebook or through Twitter. Engaging in these activities would call into question your ability to deal with confidential information, which is part of most positions with the federal government."

2. a.  Boston University

     b. Columbia University

 If You Can't Stand the Heat
Then Kill the Messenger




A former attorney for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has revealed that the sex assault allegations against Assange in Sweden center around his allegedly not usin a condom.  James Catlin says Assange has been accused of not using a condom during consensual sex with two accusers.  Catlin says Sweden's justice system is likely to become "the laughingstock of the world" if the case proceeds.  An international arrest warrant was issued for Assange this week.   


CNN had already infused the matter with every possible bias in its reporting (eventually, after minutes of denigration) that rape charges against Justin Assange had been dropped:  Of course, the alleged astonishment of the "unbiased" reporters does feed the cable "news" need to justify its own 24-hour coverage of every potentially sensational gossip world event.




Meanwhile, attempts by United States senators shrug their power muscles and their hysteria rhetoric.  Here, a senate spokesperson puts the "lie" in "Lieberman":  Where are Dan Quayle and Murphy Brown's imaginary bastard when the detractors/distractors need them?


"Democracy Now"
"Ethics in Communications" Coverage

Amy Goodman, Watch in Hand

 December 3, 2010
Three interview segments related to Communications issues


1. Assange Debate:  Info Invites More Censorship?


Click on:  Is WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange a Hero? Glenn Greenwald Debates Steven Aftergood of Secrecy News

2. Internet "Neutrality":  Can We Hear the Verizon Guy Now?


 bb iphone


Click on:  Abandoning "Net Neutrality," FCC Chair Backs Two-Tiered Internet Fees

3. Greenpeace Law Suit:  Canary in the Minefield?


Click on:  Greenpeace Sues Chemical Companies for Corporate Espionage


  • Too Much Information?  Accumulated by WHOM?  Censored by WHOM?  About Whom? 
  • Propagated by Whom? Propaganda from Whom?  Verified by Whom?  
  • Newspeak of Whom?  Transparent to Whom? 
  • And Anyway, What Do We Do With "Information" After We Receive It?


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