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NOVEMBER 16, 2010 7:09PM

The Channeler is Not Baking Today

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Why, you may ask? Well, she's damned tired as she is still working in the often menial, typically Sisyphean food and beverage industry and has been on her feet for far too many hours in the last several days. Her dogs are barking and we are not referring to the puggle, the bloodhound, or the little brown mutt. 

Oy, my feet hurt, my legs ache, and I got a little thing ya know, a little scratchiness. And heavens to Mergatroid, I cannot afford to get sick.

So I have an assignment for you. Make some pie crust for this week. It will make the pies go faster. If you have a food processor, which I do because I am a kitchen gadget whore, use it to make your pie crust. If you don't, use two knives or a pastry blender. If you buy a pre-made pie crust, don't tell me. I can't bear to know these things.

For two 9" pie shells, mix or pulse together 2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour and 1/2 tsp of salt. Cut in or pulse 2 sticks (1 cup) of very cold butter cut into pieces. Into a 1-cup Pyrex measuring cup, add an egg yolk, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, and a little crushed ice. Add water until the mixture reaches the 1/2 cup level. Mix and add to your flour and butter mixture, either with your hands and forks or by adding a slow stream through the feed tube of the food processor while it is running (quick, catch it!). You may not need to add all the liquid as you only need enough until it almost gathers into a ball.

Divide the dough in half. Stick each into a gallon ziploc bag, smush into a flat disc, seal and put it into the refrigerator until later. There, you're done. Go watch Glee and The Fashion Show with TLo. Beware Iman.

Oh, if you were one of those extra credit overachievers in school and want to do more to get ahead, you can bake some sweet potatoes, enough for approximately two cups of mashed sweet potato. I used four medium sweet potatoes.

That is all. I will try not to be so punchy tomorrow. Sláinte! 

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the egg yolk is a newbie and so intriguing i might have to try it for next big fat food thursday even though they say not to ever do something like that for the first time for guests. since i've always been a rebel, i figure it's OK. ;-) good stuff!
I want to encourage everyone to take your example and spread the dough around!!

Now......putcher feet up!
Just how cold does the butter need to be Lauren?

And exactly where is the 'scratchiness?'

Hope you feel better soon :)
Hey, you've got to spread your dough around.

The egg yolk adds a texture previously unknown to the world of pie crusts.

Yes, I am still very punchy but am off my feet. Thanks guys! I love you, Gary!
Colder than a witch's tit, Trig.

And right here. See? Thanks. :)
I have never made a good pie crust. I will give this a try. Keep your dogs up.
rated with love
I 'see,' you sweet potato you. I will bring the crust.
Give me 25 hours. One to prepare, 24 to drive.
Have any other job openings?
Only if you're a lesbian. You know, David has always wanted a three-way.
I love it when you get all Orders-Bark-y.

I am an open book Lauren
I'm so happy to have found you. Can't wait to see where you are going with this.