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Poppi Iceland
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November 11
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       I swear the next time my father has to go to the US to fix a machine because some idiot put it together backwards, I will run away to Greenland.  Daddy can go to that crazy place all by himself.  I'll stay here. I can get by on my own. … Read full post »

AUGUST 19, 2011 10:54AM

The Brave New Girl Pt 2

                 "They 've infiltrated our school Poppi, this is terrible!" cried Sherri.

                 I was sitting on the coffee table… Read full post »

AUGUST 18, 2011 7:14PM

The Brave New Girl

      "Please, try to behave, do not get into mischief, try to fit in! I do not want to be called to this school for your behaviour," my mother barked out the orders in Icelandic as she tied my hat strings tightly under my chin. "No nonsense young lady! Do not… Read full post »

AUGUST 16, 2011 1:06PM

The Huldufolk

      Did you ever have one of those days when everything that could possibly go wrong did?

      It's been like that for the past few months.  Since 22 May 2011. Volcano Day.  I'm not blaming the volcano in any way.  I am just using it… Read full post »

MAY 22, 2011 9:35PM

Doomsday Volcano??

        Text Message recieved 540pm Iceland time.

      Erika in NY:  So how is doomsday party going? Just Talked to BEBE about the wedding....

      PoppiIS: We are watching Lady Gaga vids. Its a Gaga Gala. I'm… Read full post »

MAY 8, 2011 3:04PM

A book of sorrow~Lissa's Story

      Lissa and I didn't really have much in common except a disease. Endometriosis, a sneaky disorder that causes a lot of pain and sometimes sorrow.

     We met at the doctor's office, each there for a routine check up.  We began chatting to pass t… Read full post »

MAY 8, 2011 12:17PM

Un Mothers Day

      Mother's Day always brings mixed feelings for those of us that have "failed" in the birthing department.  Notice the quotation marks around failed.  Those belong to those smug ladies who look at the childess as if they were an alien species, a letdown for all… Read full post »

       Dear Osama Bin Laden,

       Hello, it's me, Poppi, the infidel in Iceland.  The girl that wanted to get you with the kill shot.  Unfortunately, some Navy Seals beat me to it. God Bless their perfect marksmanship. Number 1 w… Read full post »

MAY 1, 2011 10:07AM

Poppi will you be my Pippa?


          Bebe is getting married again.   We are heading towards full blown wedding mode. 

         For Bebe, this means making lots of lists of things to… Read full post »

APRIL 30, 2011 2:17AM

When I Disappear

         So, I am back after my two month hiatus from OS.  I have 751 messages in my inbox. 

         I tend to disappear when I feel overwhelmed. When things get to be too much, I start to shut down.  It'… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 3, 2011 3:32PM

Warrior Princess

viking princess     I've always wanted to be a princess since I was a little girl. It sounds like the perfect job. A castle, nice clothes, travel, a little crown to wear on my head.

   It seemed like the perfect life.

   I loved studying history and anything about… Read full post »

JANUARY 27, 2011 2:05PM

Poppy not Pippi

       I felt like I was entering a foreign country when I logged on today. I forgot my password. It's been so long.  I had to keep typing in these strange words, and messing them up completely because I forgot to change the keyboard to English. So I gave up and… Read full post »

       12th of December....the Eve of St Lucy's Day.  The monster Gryla has set the first her terrible Jolasveinar (Christmas Lads) free again to roam the countryside. The first one on the loose is Stekkjastaur- the sheep tormenter. He's really quite nasty!  Wh… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 12, 2010 9:20AM

A Wish for Mina

         Mina loves to read. She often says if she were to stop, she would surely die of boredom.  TV holds no interest for her..."so much mindless garbage" she calls it.  Books and the daily mail are her main source of entertainment.

  &nbs… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 11, 2010 8:32AM

The Road to the Base~Veteran's Day

      Oh lonely road...once you held secrets...things we children could not know....things we could only speculate...

     Buildings with secrets, not for my eyes, not for my ears....our imaginations ran wild....boys in uniforms to protect us from, th… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 10, 2010 3:10AM

Sunrise is a long way off

    6:45 am.  It's dark outside. A strange wind has come in from the east carrying the smell of snow on it's breath.

    I am making tea and fried bread with jam.  Heavenly jam ordered from Harrod's in a lovely hamper with other wonderful jams made of fruits th… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 9, 2010 11:24PM

The Body

         I've driven this road a million times, at least it seems that many. There are not many big roads once you are out of the city outside of the ring road that goes around the coast line.

        I drove past the spot sev… Read full post »

OCTOBER 14, 2010 4:32AM

2 of 3 Prefer Jeep

       A loud banging on my door woke me early one morning.  I tried to ignore it. It finally stopped and I drifted back off to sleep.

      "Soley...wake up....Soley....wake up!"

       I hear a voice calling o… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 12, 2010 10:48AM

Louis the Traveling Cat

       He was a scrawny little thing, white raggedy fur, sitting in an orange crate in a bead shop in a little New England town.  He kept staring at me with his light green eyes, a funny colour, like jade diluted with milk.  I left with two bags of beads and… Read full post »

OCTOBER 7, 2010 3:48PM

John Lennon~Imagine 10/9/2010

    1 West 72nd St.  Summer 1979. A teenage girl wandering the city stares up at the dark looming building thinking "I could live here very nicely" as she makes a sketch of a window frame. She steps back a few feet, to change perspective, backs into a man, almost knocking… Read full post »

OCTOBER 5, 2010 5:16PM

Inspired by Iceland

     We may be broke and overloaded with volcanic ash, but we still manage to have some fun!


OCTOBER 3, 2010 4:16PM

I am from...

      I am from the white out, blinding snow closing in, the howl of the north wind, the air so cold your breath crystallizes in your lungs...

     I am from the ice, pale and cool with lava hair flowing from my head...

     I am from s… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 30, 2010 10:36AM

North Wind's Coming

      The sky has changed again, blue chased away by wisps of gray. Gray grows, fattens, then growls.

        The wind comes down from the north, strong and angry.

        "It never changes, the north wind,… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 29, 2010 2:40PM

21 Grams


        Supposedly we lose 21 grams when we die. The weight of the soul, captured on a scale in an arcane experiment.

        I often wonder what happens to all the things that weigh on our soul… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 28, 2010 1:31AM

Roof Top Gardens Not a New Idea

    I stumbed onto a home site online. Something to do with living greener. All kinds of "new" ideas to make your home more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

    There were articles on geothermal power, green insulation etc. The one that caught my eye was the "green roo… Read full post »