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APRIL 7, 2012 7:00AM

tempis fugit.....now slow down & give me my damn cereal

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        If the unexamined life is not worth living, why the hell are we all here? Indulge me in a little lunchtime philosophy.

        CocoPuffs have been outlawed in Iceland. It seems the US made version causes obesity.  Obamacare has snaked it's icy clutches into the great north. So now, inorder to save this great country, this Island, we must be vigilant in this war on CocoPuffs.

       Better reopen the base at Keflavik, and start up the draft. We are under attack by invading breakfast food. Start the search! Let loose the dogs of war!

       How do I know this?  I am the ring leader, I am coocoo for CocoPuffs. It all started as a way to get my hyperlittle self to behave and stop setting off fire alarms in auntie and uncles fancy NYC apartment.  Operant conditioning.  Less sedating than the cough syrup my moder kept pouring down my throat and more fun to roll down those ramps at the Gugenheim.

      Now, back to the issue at hand, Comrad Obama.  You have your own country to screw with.  Ours is messed up enough with Icesave, Landisbanki, all those corrupt politicos we throw rotten yogurt at.  We have VAT and crappy tv reception. Our fishing industry is not what is used to be, but hey, we've got volcanoes and jeep tours. And very few fat people. We live a long time too, usually still working, not taking up space in a chair all day.

     Now, here is a secret....pay attention, I am only going to tell you once. Americans eat too much. That's why they are fat.  No one needs to eat enough food for three or four people to make it to dinner time.  A drink of cola does not involve 1000cc of fluid.  As for me, I am going to have a cereal bowl of CocoPuffs and go for a walk.  Not a serving bowl, or a pasta bowl.

    Not a supersized platter that looks like it could hold a side of beef.

    Or a hubcap from one of those 1950s cars.

    This has been a message from the Ministry of Stupidity.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Oh, I understand the coco puff pull. I just discovered chocolate frosted flakes but have yet to fall under the wheel for the various flavors of "Krave" in all its chocolicious offerings. I'm pretty sure it was started by former Columbia drug lords.....
Along with DIET anything! Ha it's the surprize inside it that makes you FAT.
Not stupid at all. Americans do eat too much. And that's just the plain hard truth.

Although, when I'm in Iceland, I like to have toast for breakfast with that good Icelandic butter. Maybe some skyr.
BE Girl...Ive seen those big coco plants downsouth....like a chocolate forest!!
The mere thought of CocoPuffs gives me gag reflex. Yet, I went thru a FruitLoops phase fairly recently, even tho prior to the phase, they, too, gave me gag reflex. Gawd, but did I love those things, with almond milk, during phase, which lasted about a year. I haven't thought of them since, until now. CocoPuffs? Hmmmm.
sigh, you've just sent me out into the cold, cold morning to forage for Lucky Charms and milk
I'll take mine in the 10 gallon bucket.
TG youj can have all the diet hoohahs in the world, you'll still get fat if you eat in bulk and sit around all day. Those artificial sweeteners screw up the pancreas. I used to have this battle of the diet with my sister. We'd both eat 5000-7000 calories as kids/teens. I was small, she was 100 pounds over weight. My mother was in love with american hospitals. She took sis to several "gland doctors". After the first throusand dollars in office fees, Dad said, she has a new doc. His name is doctor dad and he is disconnecting the tv and rationing food until she burns off some weight. I missed Bewitched and Jeannie cuz of her!!
Mary, why wait. you can get the butter and the skyr in the US! You too can live to be 105!
Chicken Maan---almond milk? not a fan. I like raw milk. Fruit loop rock!

Julie---lucky charms! Love those marshmallows
I ate half a box of Banana Nut Cheerios last night watching TV--didn't even need a bowl.
Outlawing breakfast cereal? - seems reasonable to me; in bizarro world, that is.

Maybe if you transitioned to Cocoa Pebbles - they're better than Cocoa Puffs and now they make them gluten-free, so everyone can eat them!
First of all, I didn't realize that you live in Iceland! How cool is that? (No pun intended.) Where were you born? Secondly, how in the world can Obama have any influence in your country when it comes to Coco Puffs? That puzzles me. He is our president, not yours.... Thirdly, whether it's through him or who ever, this country needs to make changes if we want to stay afloat. Our infant mortality rate is one of the highest; we're one of the fattest; our economy has flattened out ever since 911; we're poisoning our people with the chemicals we put in our food; education standards have slipped, etc. etc. I welcome just about any one who is willing to step up and make a difference in our country even if it hurts.....like not having Coco Puffs. :)
By the way, welcome back to Open Salon! Where have you been?
jlsathre- I have not tried the banana nut cereals yet.
Andy- this is bizarro world, 320,000 people, ten million sheep and horses and those annoying puffins...grak! Some how cocoa puffs made it on the "list of bad things from America" as some kind of health offering. I think Oman is afraid americans might start throwing yogurt at him. Some kind of reverse cold war thing...we are here from the US, we will not send you bad breakfast food anymore, even though every one in your Island drinks 2 pots of coffee a day, dont wear seat belts, have a diet high in fat, cholesterol and vodka and smokes a lot. But its alll good, give up that cereal and you will live to be 120 instead of a measly 100-105.
Enjoy your Coco Puffs and keep fighting the good fight!
I love life, you missed the point sweetie. we can still have the cocopuffs, only if they are made in Iceland, not America. Damn Yankees trying to steal my coco puff fix. Some health nut was worried about the health of people in Island. Who knows why? We are healthier than americans. We live longer. We are more likely to drop dead of old age on the way to the bar or get lost in a snow storm. I dont want healthy cocopuffs. I want the bad ones. Im going to have to import them from Denmark.
EvaT I love you! You truly get me. Some day I will get back to NYC and do an installation of cocopuffs rolling down the ramps of the Gugenheim. I wonder if I need a permit?
I don't think obesity is entirely due to overeating (there are a lot of factors at play), and I see benefit in limiting choices for children as they develop food preferences that will likely persist throughout life -- for better or for worse, and I don't like cereal of any kind because I eat lunch for breakfast and if I eat breakfast food it's for dinner (I'm just not hungry at all in the morning) -- but I DO feel your pain! I don't think adults need to be protected from the sweetened cereal of their choice. Let us know if you need us to smuggle some over...
Unless all the meat and produce in Iceland is imported from the US, Icelanders don't have to worry about the horrifyingly fattening ingredients that constitute our Franken food in America. Any American who is under the age of 60 or may be 50 does not know what natural food taste like. It is not that we eat too much, good/real food, if you can find it--and it is really hard to find--in the US costs a fortune. 99.9% of Americans eat fake and harmful food and they do not even know it. Excellent post, Poppi. R
You seem really, really upset about this! I understand, though: I can't imagine what I'd do if, say, France outlawed chocolate! But I don't think Obama has anything directly to do with it.... I don't know his preferences but maybe he even enjoys sugary breakfast cereals himself!
Belleweather- when I live in the US I also noticed a severe lack of kids playing outside. Ally and I toured a fancy gated community with the most awesome playground. I had a blast going on the swings the slide, the jungle gym and the rock wall. The tourlady said the kids dont use it, they are afraid of getting hurt. Huh?? Who wants a fearful kid??
Hi Thoth! We have lots of sheep/cow/horse farms here. and wild puffins and chickens that run loose. We do import food from EU, its cheaper and better quality. Then there's the seafood, you can't beat fish off the boat. I tell some of the old timers about Franken Food and they think Ive lost my mind. So I print out any articles I can find and post them around town. The concept of genetically engineered food is like something from an old scifi movie to these guys. Even the younger farmer, the 20 somethings react with shock. Why would you want to mess up a nice corn field or cow with bug DNA. God did a pretty good job with the original!
Alysa- France without chocolate would be criminal!!!
What a message indeed and well needed and timely too.
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
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Joy Indian Restaurant
I just discovered chocolate frosted flakes but have yet to fall under the wheel for the various flavors of "Krave" in all its chocolicious offerings.
I think maybe the outlawing of them is a good thing but what do I know?
As an American who has tried to walk everywhere I've lived in this country and half the time couldn't find anywhere except alongside too much traffic -- it's the lack of exercise and the high-fructose corn syrup that's killing us.
I see this post is older, have you succumbed? Dead by lack of Coco Puffs?
I'll help you set up a black market if you like. I have all these cereals my kids buy with their Dad that I have banned from the house. I'm sure some Coco Puffs are around somewhere...
: )
I get how that's frustrating, but I don't see what Obama has to do with it. After all, we still have Coco Puffs and a million other sugary cereals on our shelves here in the U.S. And that won't change anytime soon.