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JANUARY 18, 2012 10:52AM

The Saga of Bjorney and Soley Pt 2

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      So, glad to be home!  I finished the last sentence and closed my journal.  Bebe kept trying to read it all the way back from New York. She's so nosy. I put my journal in my train case.  That one I still cannot figure out.  Why I need a train case to fly on a plane?  But, the stewardesses all think it is lovely and ask where I got it.  Look out Bloomingdale's, you are about to be raided by the viking sky princesses of the North.  The man in the luggage department thought it was strange we were from Iceland.  Wait till he meets these girls! They are far more beautiful than I will ever be, and taller than I can ever hope for.

     The best part about going home is the welcoming committee at the airport. It's nice to have everyone waiting to see you after being gone for a million years.

     Nora is sitting on a bench looking bored. Actually, she is just pissed because she was supposed to come with us, but got grounded.

    Oh, God, what is Bjorney doing! I smacked myself in the head.

    He's holding a sign up with my name and a big red heart. He hasn't changed in the past three months.  He's such a little kid. I'm twelve, that's practically grown up.

    "I missed you!" he exclaims, "Do you like the sign? It's to welcome you home."

    "I am so glad you are back, he's been driving me crazy, Poppi-girl! mopey and asking me if you miss him." said Nora.

     "Shut up, Nora, you missed her too!"

      "Yeah, but you were like Catherine roaming the moors for Heathcliff, so pathetic, Bjorney." smirked Nora.

      "Shut up, NORA!  So, did you miss me, Soley?  I missed you! A lot"

      "I missed both of you! Now I want to go home. I have jet lag and I have to eat some spinach so I don't get blood clots and die. or have to eat rat poison, that's the only antidote for blood clots."

      "Poppi-girl, you say the strangest things," Nora rolled her eyes and laughed.

       "No she doesn't, Nora, just shut up and stop calling her Poppi, it sounds strange." said Bjorney, carrying my suitcase and train case.

       "It's English, dummy, if you paid attention, you would know that."

        "QUIET! All of you! We're not even out of the baggage claim and you three are bickering like a bunch of rabid chickens" said Daddy.

        "Daddy, chickens don't get rabies, it's a disease of mammals" I corrected him.

        "Draumsoley, Bjorney, Nora. Put the cases in the back of the truck, get in the truck and try not to kill each other on the ride home.  Bebe sit in front."


        "I brought you guys some presents, come over tomorrow when I am unpacked and you can have them."

         "Thanks Popsi-Cola, did you get records and jeans?" asked Nora.

         "Tons of them!" I laughed, "I got something cool for you Bjorney, besides records and jeans. But you have to wait until tomorrow"


         A loud thunk woke me the next morning.."just Nora climbing in the window" I ignored her and went back to sleep.

        I felt something rub my head. "If she is putting nail polish stripes in my hair I will kill her"  Then  I  felt it, little kisses on my forehead.

        "Get away! Stop kissing me, you're being a masher! God, Bjorney, can't you control yourself." I said as I pushed him off my bed.

       "I missed you, Soley! What's  masher?"

       "It's a kind of pervert they have in New York, especially on the subways. When they get caught they go to Riker's Island."

      "I'm not a pervert masher guy!"

      "Do I have to spell it for you?  You climb in the window, rub my hair and then start kissing me. That's a masher! Come back later and I'll give you the present. I have to sleep off this jet lag. You are so lucky I didn't punch you this time"  I said as I flicked my thumb of his forehead three times, "GO! Come back at one!"

      "You didn't punch me because you liked it and you love me!"

      "I'm twelve, Bjorney, the only guy I love is my dad. Now go, before I scream there's a masher in my room."


       He came back at one. I was slumped over the table trying to drink my coffee and wake up. 

      Dad handed Bjorney the big box from FAO Schwartz.

      "You got me a race car, Soley, you are the best. I love you!"

       "You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it."

       "This is the best!" He exclaimed and kissed me on the cheek.

       "Bjorney!" I scolded him. "NO KISSING!"

        Daddy laughed and shook his head.

        "I think that was just a thank you for the nice present kiss, wasn't it Bjorney?"

        "Oh, yeah, thank you that's all, Soley. I wasn't being a masher"





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Reunions are funny and nice, in different ways, no matter the location or one's age.
I think I love you now, too, Soley. I hope Bjorney doesn't get too jealous.
Love these little vignettes of your life and hope they continue. I liked your train case..:)
Love these little vignettes of your life and hope they continue. I liked your train case..:)
Mary- It all depends on who the reunion is with!
Chicken Maan- That's very sweet, but I am doubly spoken for, so you will have to take a number!
Linda- I cried when that train case finally fell apart 6 years ago, but honey got me a Dooney and Bourke train case to replace it. Now I am attached to that one!
Hah, a masher. I didn't even know what that was. Great story Poppi~
Scanner- isnt it a funny description...masher!
I love the tone in your 'story telling' Poppy. It's so refreshing.
Fusun- thank you! Im glad you liked it!
I love this Bjorney & Poppi series! Your Dad sounds pretty awesome, too. :)
Masher. Now there's a term I haven't heard in a long while. I'm not sure he qualified at that age, but hey.

I assume there are more parts to come?
I've heard of mashers but have never met one. Bjorney sounds like the very nicest sort of masher, even if he is just a little bit of a pest.
♥╚═══╝╚╝╚╝╚═══╩═══╝─╚For sharing this reunion with us.
Awww....poor Bjorney. I've got to admire his persistence.
Part three is still in the works. I've been super, mad crazy busy around here!
Thank you all for ree ading and your comments. The big pest says hello!
Always so charming...