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JANUARY 14, 2012 4:10PM

The View Around Here

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         It's hard to describe, this view. To many, it seems boring, the same everyday. Lava fields, ocean, fishing boats, dark skies.  Each has it's own magic that changes everyday. You just have to look for it.


fishing boats

         It's still dark most of the time. We gradually earn a few precious minutes of sunlight each day.



         People tell me, oh it must be so sad when the sun goes away. I really enjoy the darkness of winter.  It has a beauty all it's own.


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I can understand liking the darkness and the stillness that comes with it. There is beauty in your view.
I just told my kids the other day that I want to visit Iceland. You're not making this easy.

Thanks for the lovely shots, and the very simple narrative. Always a pleasure.
These are beautiful pictures. Thank you -R-
Thank you, Poppi. There's so much natural beauty in Iceland. My daughter spent six months there. I am left breathless with some of her photos. The colors of the sky are magnificent!

You got the view! R
Just beautiful.. It looks like the very edge of the world.
Iceland is on my bucket list. Not for winter, tho...
It must be an amazing place. Your photos certainly are ... especially that last one!

Thank you for sharing, Poppi.
I've been to Iceland twice, both times in late summer. What struck me most was the incredible, long-shafted light. I've always suspected that the winter is gorgeous there as well. Thanks for proving my theory!

Actually a trip to Iceland to experience the Northern Lights and to see the Lake Myvatn area is on the "short list" travel itenerary for the kids and me.

Is the viewing still good around Easter time-ish????
I think your photographs are beautiful. I'm sure I'd be tapping my fingers until the light came back... :) ~r
Gorgeous. I stopped in Iceland once for about 10 minutes, flying Icelandic Airlines to London. 30 some years ago. Not enuf time to wander around outdoors. Wish I could've.
This is the kind of beauty that stills the breath, stops the heart...
Wow! Shockingly beautiful.
thanks everyone! this was fun. I almost didn't post because I was over the deadline of 12 January!
to live where night and day do not follow conventional rules:
must be an artist's dream...
night is a state of mind.

Most glorious night!
Thou wert not sent for slumber!
Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage,
Excellent photographs, views, and attitude. You almost have me convinced that winter in Iceland is beautiful and appealing? Well, yes. It is very beautiful.
Fabulous shots. As someone else who's lived in the north, I find the skies there mysterious and hauntingly beautiful.
Every place on this earth has its own wonders and beauty. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your corner of the world.
Ooh - thank you for sharing this! Here in Paris, it gets dark for a very long time in winter, from about 5:30pm until about 8:30 am. But nothing like where you are. Still, I do often find it kind of depressing. I'm glad you have the northern lights to illuminate your long bouts of night.
Simply awesome. Thanks for sharing.
so beautiful and different.
Gorgeous! Did you take these pictures?!
Marvelous. Do people suffer with that S.A.D. thing with the reduced sunlight there?
Iceland is on my Bucket List.
Gorgeous. The colors in the final photo are mind-blowing. I want to be there.
the best time for the aurora is september to april. the dark of winter is in December, that's the best time.
SAD seems to be more of an american thing. We tend to slow down in winter to adjust to the darkening skies. I do feel sad in winter sometimes, but thats more because of anniversaries of lost loved ones than the lack of light. I do have a sunlamp I use, because it is good for osteoporosis, the Vit D.