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APRIL 30, 2012 11:19PM

For Our Fearless Pirate Wimmins Leader!

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Good tunes, O fearless One!


I am taking Wimmins Requests ONLY! 

Fer Her Poobahness and All WImmins!!!!

And one for me.......
Fer Pirate Wimmin Amy!

Fer Her Poobahness, a dance tune!
Fer ALL WIMMINS everywhere!!!!!

Some Sarah Vaughn for the Wimmins!
More Wimmins!!!!!!
"I got all my sisters with me!"
Etta James for zuma!
C'mon, ladies! Let's show those Republican snots we are worthy of protection--barring that, let's kick some Congressional butt like Valkyries!!!!! Don those helmets. Wimmins!!!!!!! Yeeehaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
For Lezlie!

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And a little bump for the blessed feed! AARRRRRRR!!!
Perfect. Thanks.
All heck yea! Now this is some music for the tropical breezes and the wafting smell of jasmine and frangipani...

This makes us want to chip off the last ice of winter and come on out of our shells!

I found this at YouTube...she is too cute!

R and Zumapick.
And one for me too!
Great choices, Wimmins!!!
Keep 'em comin'! I'm here for another 25 minutes tonite!!
An I'll be fulfilling any requests left while I'm away on my return! So be thinking what you wanna hear for this here shindig!
This crazy old school disco has a way of making a person move!
From 1993, it's by The Pleased Wimmin....called "Passion"
Last call fer tonite's DJin'! But I'll be back tomorrow to any requests left by Wimmins fer this post!
Great DJ post, poor woman! Have peaceful dreams!
*Curls up with small rum bottle in comfy corner of her cabin, snoring very softly*
Nice choices therrre.
A belated birthday bash?! Luv ya...

here's a hitter if I ever heard one...
Some Sarah Vaughn for the Wimmins!!!!!
Women's suffrage has still yet to be fulfilled completely on this planet!
Com eon, Wimmins! Take your seats of power!
Don't let the negative side of Republicanism take us down again!
Etta James!

OS is so slow, it's taking 3 to 5 minutes for a page to load! I'll be back tomorrow.
Right you are, O Fearless Leader!
Dangerous waters here for me I thinks!
Some good Pirate choices here, had a busy weekend, wasn't around these waters, glad to see we had some mates that carried the torch!
Yay your back!!!!! I missed you!
JD: You're welcome as long as you stay clean for the hot tub party later.
And are respectful.
rita: You forgot to leave me a request!
Thanks for dropping by, tho'!
You still blog here!!!!!
*throws piratical hat in air, heads for LL2 territory tout suite*
Get on your horses and ride, Wimmins!!!!!!!
Catch you later then ...
Too bad! I bet he'd look cute in swim shorts!
All ye high sea whiners take heed, Sgt. Trudge Fury is coming and he's in a "Dangerous Mood". R for Keb' Mo'
Trudge yer gonna put roses on all the Wimmin's pillows?
Shiver me timbers!!!! I seems to have missed me a whole lotta partyin' with the Pirate Wimmins lately.

"We Are Family" cames to me mind ... but I sees it be there's already! ARRRR!!!! ; )
Here's my request, Pea Dubb:

It's like the L in the SE national anthem. :D

Happy Birthday again, Dear Poor Woman.
yes, indeed, we are having a week-long romp via music and putting the screws to the republican mens for having gone against us Wimmins recently.
Lezlie: It's a grand anthem, and just right for this occasion. too bad he's not one of us wimmins!
fen-woman: Hey you! That's been over for a bit! But thanks anyway. I can use all the Happy I can get!