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Poor Woman
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April 29
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6 Word Bio: RUDELY AWOKEN-- MOSTLY OUTSPOKEN-- REMAINING UNBROKEN ************************************* My life would shock most people. It is a little known fact that there are quite a number of those on the fringes who may not ever see relief. I am that one you never met, in that we are kept separate by way of societal demands that the poor remain silent, biddable, childlike nonentities without a say as to our care or how it's to be provided. *************************************


APRIL 29, 2012 10:52PM


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Pirate Second Class PW reporting to Zumalicious, Pirate Queen Extraordinaire!

Have sighted a band of hearty individuals all dressed in wet suits headed our way through the surf. One looks like he's about 6'6" in height, with a slick haircut and Raybans.

I say we round 'em up, tie 'em down, and go for a sweet ransom!


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Happy Birhday, dear Friend ♫ ♥
Ahoy, sweet Fusie! And Thank You! You are a dear!
ARRRRR! I hereby appoint you to promotion to the position of Pirate Wimmin First Class!

Xenonlit, All High Poobah of Pirate Wimmins of the World
And Happy Birthday, ye Pirate extraordinaire!
I bow to your sublime coolness, O Grand High Poobah!
Hey wait! You were already a grand high Admiral...You get the space command with this promotion.
How cool is that????
Do I get to wear a new uniform?
Happy Birthday, my friend. It is good to see you again. R
OMG there you ARE! Happy Birthday dear lady. I've missed you!
Aye! Been missing you, PW. Welcome back and a happy birthday to ye!
Hey!! Ahoy yourself!! Where you been?
Ecstaticly happy to see you, my dear.
You have been missed. Happy Birthday to you!!! Sorry I missed this yesterday. Please, stick around. You throw the best parties and just are overall a very missing presence here.
Happy belated B-Day Poor woman.

May the ole pirate wimmen live long and strong...
hey have missed you.
so very good to have you here again :) r.
Cooollll! Happy Belated Birthday!
Awwww...garsh! You guys make me blush!
I just wish I had enough time to answer each one of you separately.
i just popped round to find out if zuma's party held, is still up and rolling.
THANK YOU ALL so much for your warm words and welcome!
I'll be back by again soon, I promise!
fern-woman: how's your Piratese coming? You got the chops to rock some shipmates into fulfilling their destiny on the high seas of OS?