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OCTOBER 21, 2010 1:10AM


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It is way after my regular bedtime, and I am wide awake with an upset stomach. So many things go through the weary brain at this hour. Such as, how to find ways to sleep better. It's a preoccupation I guess can't be foregone. The absence of better rest is a conspicuous thing. My rhythms are off, obviously.
I actually have been using the computer to try and keep my mind off of the way my body feels today/tonight, and with a little success, thankfully. It's nice to know I can get lost in the creative process even when I feel unwell.
Tonight's project was Vanessa Seijo's avatar outfit for Halloween. I even tried to upload it at the party blog, but, as luck would have it, it would not load. Very curious.
Suffice it to say, I hope this clears up by morning. I'm certain Ms. V. would enjoy having her avatar costume on instead of in my computer. 
Earlier on, this afternoon, I had to take care of a minor issue outdoors. As I rounded the path, what should I see but a rare surprise, and this time it was telltale.
A wild pansy--well, a stray one, anyway--in a part of the garden where I had never planted a thing, in the rock bed, of all places!
It is
with  a whiteish bib. A single flower, all on its own in the rock garden, where no flowers were planted nor had ever taken root before.
To me, this was a marker for the day, one I'll remember for a long while. I've lost friends to the AIDS epidemic. I've also seen them suffer for being born same sex oriented. 
It is late October, and all my other pansies died back last month. For this one to show itself to me so cheerily on a day of mourning, and with the telltale color so important for the occasion, sends shivers down my spine.
I am in awe of nature, of spirit, of human dignity being reborn for us all.
Good night, good people.

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When little things like this occur, i can't help but mark it as a sign something new will come out of all this struggle for human equality.
And a midnight bump for the spammy feed....

Say! That's it! My stomach's upset must be due to the spamminess around here of late. Don't know why I hadn't thought of it before...
I hope you slept well and that you're feeling much better now, PW.

I wonder if you could press the purple pansy ... a keepsake of remembrance.
I like your tag: Tink's thorn bushes. Boy, those are some well used bushes.
Best Wishes,
A lovely token of a better day.
Nice thoughts, PW. Hope you're feeling better.
I felt sappy when I discovered a Weeping Japanese Maple seedling had propagated itself under another full-grown tree. It reminds me how precious life truly is and that I should always protect and nurture it while I'm here.
That's a beautiful coincidence, a message from nature, my friend. A promise of better days for you and for humanity. Hope you feel better soon. I'll be back later. Love and peace.
Hope today is a more peaceful day for you and that you are feeling much better.
You guys make me feel better just being connected this way on our OS wavelength.
Sorry I can't say more at this point.
I'm still trying to sort out what's going on technically!

It's wonderful to find deep meaning in a small thing. Nicely done, PW. Now get your rest and feel better.
Thank you, Cranky, for this sweet note which i only just ran across.
You're a dear. And so is your missus.
Thanks for sharing this. Nature always works wonders.
Algis:In my new avatar, you'll see a scanned image of the actual flower I mention here. It is now growing in a small pot near a window, and has since offered up a second blossom while still keeping itself freshly blooming. I take it as a sign. :)
The gift of a flower just for you on this particular day. Not coincidence, just pure karma. I wish you peace.
Rita: Thank you for coming by. I guess I see it as you do. It's a gift of grace. :)
I really do love this as your symbol, Poor Woman. Will you keep as your good luck charm?
Purple, the color of spirit. How appropriate PW and how wonderful that you noticed the purple pansy. It speaks volumes about you. I am sorry I found this post so late. I hope tonight you'll have peaceful slumber. R