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JUNE 5, 2009 2:53PM

Green Georgia

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Georgia is mighty green this year. Really green and beautiful.

I am transported to the Georgia of my youth before years of drought squeezed the verdant lushness out of this place summer after summer.


When I was a kid, it was semi-tropical around here. Humid was a word often heard.  But not the last few years.  Arid and dry were common words.




I'm not sure I could live somewhere else (I've never tried) because I am not sure I can live without all of the mazillion shades of green that exist in summertime Georgia.


Each tree has its own shade of green, each plant for that matter. The rivers greens are enough to heal one's soul. The moss, the rye grass (which in drier hotter years would be long gone) - all green.


As long as I live, I will always love summertime in Georgia.



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Sigh. How lovely this all looks from here in Brown California.
How lovely it looks here after a few years of being desert like. And for proper attribution, my son Slim took the cardinal photos.
In general, we enjoy a humid subtropical climate which supports a wide variety of plant life. You live near the boundary of two distinct geological regions -- The Piedmont to the north and the Coastal Plain to the south -- which affects the types of plants which flourish there.
Excellent Pics!

It's really been great this year, with all of the rain. My lawn is green again!
I live about 10 miles from the fall line. I am on the Piedmont side, as witness - the rocks. There are very few rocks on the coastal plain and they are limestone.

The green cemetery planned for this area is on the coastal plain. The plants and landscape are very different. I may need to go back to earth in the piedmont plain part of Georgia. The very non-green County Commissioners passed ordinances against the Green Cemetery, making it against the law to bury someone without a "leak proof casket and a vault or {get this} an aquifer". The whole state of Georgia is over an aquifer. Maybe I should blog about that non-green aspect of Georgia soon.
over an aquifer is what I meant to say. The County Commissioners outlawed this cemetery as it readied itself to open. It was a travesty, I tell you.