DECEMBER 17, 2014 11:29AM

Feeling Sad is Part of the Dark Days



Michele looked down on her daughter, Laura who was sprawled on her bed, saying nothing with a single tear tracking down her stubborn face.

"Seize the sunlight. There are only a few hours a day. Seek it, turn your face into it and absorb the light. Vitamin D, you… Read full post »

DECEMBER 16, 2014 11:15PM

Driving and Talking

A Fiction Club. I'm game after reading Zanelle's post which is all I know about it.

 I decided to take the same challenge as Zanelle using these four words: bird(s), weather, dinner, askance. It took me all day before anything entered my mind and this is what I came up with, for better… Read full post »

DECEMBER 15, 2014 2:02PM

A Christmas Realignment

The Season of Christmas descends once a year onto our population. It is a madness, a vortex of highly voluble family and institutional webs of crazy.
Once I was Christmas Carole, idealistic and a lover of Christmas, especially of decorating the tree. In this long ago version of… Read full post »
DECEMBER 9, 2014 12:18PM

Krampus Meets Megyn

Last year a Fox News reporter ignited a controversy when she declared Santa Claus is white. Shortly after that, on another writing site, I wrote a piece for an exercise "Making Myth Your Muse" which made use of Megyn Kelly's unfortunate characterization of Santa Claus. Without further ado, I am repos… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 11, 2014 9:59PM

Veterans Day 2014, A love story

I have struck all kinds of poses on Veterans Day thru the years I’ve been married to CC. I’ve been the good wife, trailing behind him to overly nationalistic and hawkish affairs, I’ve been the journalist and the blogger, always the hippie to his hero.
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OCTOBER 20, 2014 6:30PM

Time and Mayans

Almost two years ago at my church's annual solstice service, I was asked to deliver the message. Since my last post generated a lot of interest about my daykeeping activities, I decided to post what I wrote for the December 21, 2012 service. Without further ado....

Welcome to my church this… Read full post »

OCTOBER 13, 2014 9:39PM

My creation myth goes as follows.


This is a reference guide to the basic story I tell myself everyday using the 20 Mayan Day signs. My associations with the days signs comes from studying a wide variety of Mayan scholars' and thinker’s interpretations. Onto this, each day I create my own  cognitive connections base… Read full post »

OCTOBER 12, 2014 9:21PM

The Edge



"Seek water” was the assignment emanating from the sacred Mayan calendar today. I put my kayak on my truck and tied it down. This is a very empowering deed for a woman in her late fifties to heft a 14 foot kayak on her truck, tie it securely and… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 9:57AM



At the Ocmulgee Indian Festival, I brought out my old Cannon carmera that I gave up when the iPhone cameras started packing as many megapixels as the Cannon. Now I have quit carrying my iPhone,  my 16 year old child has taken it over. I am learning to walk awayRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 12:54AM

Refighting the Civil War

Oh my Goddess, how blandly we talk of killing more people and how southerners are sick in the head and depraved.

Oh my Goddess. The things I am reading. I have been afraid of living here in the South as some of these white people got prouder and prouder of their… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 2:30PM

Inspired to Rant




“My one regret is that I did not serve my country in Vietnam”

random Facebook quote on my husbands feed.


What a crock of shit.  My one regret is I did not FIGHT IN A WAR?

Who are you kidding? Do you understand what war is? It… Read full post »

AUGUST 14, 2014 4:32PM

Not quite done

I've decided to write my own mythology of Robin Williams because to me, he belongs in the Pantheon of Gods.  He is the Zeus of Comedy, the winged serpent of acting and he is absolutely one of my heros. To go along with his saintification and deification, I will add a… Read full post »
AUGUST 12, 2014 10:12AM

Life and Death. Choices

Life and Death. Choices.


I believe a person has the right to take their own life. Last night we had company when we heard of Robins Williams' death by suicide. A man I admire very much seemed to think suicide is never the right decision because of the people who… Read full post »

JULY 26, 2014 5:30PM



I am a vessel of thoughts and feelings which must be siphoned off at regular intervals. These thoughts and feelings come in torrents, currents of life passing through me. I want all of these currents of life to be assimilated into my version of reality. I want it all toRead full post »

JULY 16, 2014 3:26PM

A Dangerous Situation


He changed her operating system,

Taking Joy,  Leaving Guilt;

Mapping Shortcomings;

Building and Dwelling there.

 He was a snake handler.

Finding Them in her mind, 

Teasing Them out,

Having his fill.

He was an interogrator,

mining for Cracks,

plying Them… Read full post »

JULY 6, 2014 6:16PM

Go see Elsie

Elsie hated lizards. A lizard in the house made her lose her equanimity. Fortunately, I was on speaking terms with lizards. I'd been known to allow them to dangle from my fingertips for a few moments until I was too freaked out, then I'd sling them across the yard.  Plucking a… Read full post »
JUNE 28, 2014 2:15PM

Anatomy of a heart

My heart, the sacred center of my self, is a living place. The brain focuses our mental perception of our environment, but our hearts resonate with the whole of the universe.

Is becoming a butterfly painful? Cells grow and split on every level, reshaping and reforming.


 … Read full post »

JUNE 26, 2014 12:49AM

Hometown Rock and Roll



If you want to know something definitive about rock and roll, reading this is not going to enlighten you. I can’t even carry a tune.

But I grew up in a town were the seeds of Southern Rock, the Blues, Funk and Soul were all sown. I grew toRead full post »

JUNE 19, 2014 2:15PM

Snake in the House


The metaphor for today is serpent. Chicchan is the Mayan word for serpent or snake, and it embodies the idea of energy and evolution.  Chicchan is thought of as an energetic force which is often referred to as Blood Lightning. The concept is analogous to Kundalini from eastern worl… Read full post »

JUNE 18, 2014 8:07PM

Freedom and Fertility


The sacred Tzolkin calendar informs her followers that today is Kan, a day for planting seeds and/or contemplating the meaning of "seed sowing" on as many different levels as one can find. This day of “freedom and fertility” occurs in a never ending twenty day cycle. 

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JUNE 16, 2014 5:53PM

The Day We Woke Up

Late last July, we walked out of from a VA appointment stunned. They wanted CC to go through a thirty day, residential rehab - not to get him off the mega doses of narcotics they had been prescribing to him for several years now - but as a condition to continue  taking/… Read full post »

JUNE 15, 2014 8:02PM

Lover of Leaving


Almost a year ago, I vowed to leave Georgia. Since then I have found out a lot about leaving, or maybe I should say, intending to leave - since I am still here. My intention to depart this area sent shockwaves into every area of my life.

I’ve been hereRead full post »

AUGUST 24, 2009 7:20PM

Log Truck Wishes


I feel obligated to make a wish every time I see a log truck. I don’t know the origin of this touch-something-blue-and-make-a-wish obsession; but I have been doing it for most of my life.  


Living in timber territory, I get the opportunity to make lots of wishes.

I… Read full post »

JULY 11, 2009 4:35PM

Living in Combat Mode

Dealing with CC hurts because if I let myself be in the least bit vulnerable; I get torn to shreds. When he gets in PTSD mode, no information is transferred or accepted nicely.


Being aid, assistant and wife for a combat wounded Veteran Marine who has a brittle forty year… Read full post »

JULY 9, 2009 2:26PM

poetTess explains herself

I have tread lightly on this subject before, but I am going more fully in depth of why when I blog, I call myself poetTESS.  Using poetTess as my moniker embarrasses me. I always emphasize the Tess part of it because it seems mighty presumptuous to call myself poet. 


The… Read full post »