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MAY 16, 2010 12:29AM

U2's Bono Rocks it right, again! (GNS)

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Back in the late 80's, the quintessential "alternative" band U2 dominated, not only the music world, but possibly permeated into the very core of society itself.  Their music, starting with the quintessential "Pride in the name of love", dedicated to Martin Luther King, is still one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever written. Followed closely, if not tied with "Sunday Bloody Sunday", a memorial song written for the Irish people fighting for independance from England.

Sadly, in more recent years, I've felt that U2's core of social conscience was lost in the midst of the mainstreaming of their popularity, and the band's pursuit of the all mighty dollar.

Of course, Bono himself has done much great work for the cause of poverty, and the cause of convincing world leaders to erase the debt of African nations.

But, all of that, all of the drama began to overshadow their music. U2's last truly great album, in my humble opinion, was Rattle and Hum, the follow up to The Joshua Tree, also a true classic of rock history.

But, Bono is back, with a vengeance!

He has filmed the voice over for the 2010 FIFA World Cup ads.

Kudos Bono!

Less than 30 days, if anyone is still reading these and following the countdown along with me! LOL

                                                  (video courtesy of Youtube)

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Absolutely, I join you in saluting Bono. I can't wait to enjoy that Cup. I think it's going to be a good World Cup. Cheers, Stud. R
Slainte! (as I believe they say in Ireland for "cheers")

Sadly, I have to say, that is probably their last great classic, in my humble opinion. It's a great song, but nothing after it comes close in my humble opinion
I love U2, and while they may not be as great as they once were, who is. I can't pull this video up Spud, I'll be back.
I'd seen this once on telly and didn't even realize it was him.

I was thinking about the decline of my U2 love the other day. For me - and I can't quite put my finger on it - it seems to have something to do with Bono becoming more important than his music. But maybe it's just what you said, "U2's core of social conscience was lost in the midst of the mainstreaming of their popularity, and the band's pursuit of the all mighty dollar."
When Love Comes to Town.

Indeed, even rock stars turn into prunes eventually (Have you SEEN Keith Richards?? LOL)


So do I! :-) of course that was about 3 centuries ago, but that's another story LOL


You unintentionally (?) said the same thing in 2 different ways :-)


Uh huh...:-)
Ha! I thought about that when I wrote it, but my take is slightly different than yours. In mine, Bono's celebrity tarnishes the street cred that the earlier music had. In yours, they changed their style for the easy mainstreamed money. I think :-)

We're probably both right in many ways. Both aspects of celebrity might apply here