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MAY 15, 2010 7:28AM

Morpheus Evades (Epic Poetry)

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Morpheus Evades-Dreams, nightmares, sometimes they are the same

                                        (Image courtesy of Google Images) 

The following is an attempt at epic poetry, inspired by a comment by our lovely AIM, here:



Morpheus evades

like a cocaine ravaged cockroach

dreams, nightmares, sometimes they're the same

Yet the day dawns with brightness

The warriors of our lives

will never abandon their cause

The weak will be lost

The strong will endure

Who am I?

Neither warrior nor coward

I am simply me

living, surviving, striving

to meet Morpheus in the night

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"like a cocaine ravaged cockroach"! Great line Stud. This was a great Poem and you are getting damn good at writing them!

Thanks, seems I am far more eloquent in short form than I am in long form exposition

Maybe Shakespeare was right when he said "Brevity is the soul of wit"
Oh that Morpheus. Beautifully done, P-stud. "dreams, nightmare, sometimes theyre the same" indeed.

Thanks (sincerely) for making me do the research on who Morpheus was...of course, you goofed in your comment by saying Orpheus, who was the God of Poetry and music LOL

Just sayin' :-)
Hmmm....I guess Epic mythological poetry isn't as popular as i thought :-D

Love this, P....sorry I missed it last night....xox

LOL I was talking about my earlier one last night. I wrote this this morning
I really love this one. My favorite part is the cocaine ravaged cockroach.

That really is a great image, isn't it?....can you just imagine a cockroach holding a mirror and a dollar bill to his nose?? LOL

Being a student of the art and science (and those 2 concepts are inextricably interlinked), all I can say is, sometimes it sucks to analyze things too much LOL