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MAY 14, 2010 11:49AM

Who, what, when, where, how, (but never) why? (Poetry)

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                             Strange questions 

     Unimportant questions are easy to answer (Image by Google Images)


A who is a living crature, human or animal

A what is a thing

A when is temporal

A where is a location

How is scientific

But, what is a why?


Why did he do that?

Why does that work?

Why are we who we are?

Why is philosophical

Why is theoretical

Who, what, when and Where are easy questions

Even How can become an easy question when science, technology and intellect find the answers ("How does gravity work?")

Why is impossible to answer

But, why?

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Yes, I was just having this conversation with a friend last night...why? I can state how, where, when. Why? And this is deep thought...requires lots of time to find the problem. Root causes. Beautiful, P....xox

In my case it came from a manifestation of my OCD. Whenever something, anything goes wrong, my first instinct is to ask "why did that happen?"

And if someone hears me ask "why did that happen?", they turn to the HOW it happened...they give me the physics of it...

But, I didn't ask HOW it happened, I asked "what is the philosophical, spiritual moral, religious lesson to be learned from this happening...what for is the purpose of X occurring?"
Why is a judgement with a built in assumption that it even exists. Perhaps it would be better to ask, is there a why, before asking why?

A nice, short dive into what might be an interesting conversation, however.

Why do we kill? Why do we hate? Why is the sky blue? I used to know the answer to that, but thats about the only Why I have ever know!

Agreed...society is convinced that everything happens for a reason...that randomness with no meaning can't exist...And, there are areas of science which are attempting to determine these things. The truth is, NOTHING is random...every cause has an effect and vice versa...everything has a reason....the question is, how much meaning do we place on those reasons?

We kill because it is in our nature to hunt and kill animals for food, yet, since the invention of agriculture and farming and domestication of animals for food sources, there has been no need to release our primordial instincts to kill, so we turn on humans.

Won't bother you with the why is the sky blue question. Get yourself a flashlight and a prism for that LOL
Your faith in the belief that everything has a cause is interesting. Causality is a logical assumption based upon observation, but it is by no means a settled matter.

Either side of that argument is impossible to prove, however, as we have not yet evolved to understand that there is the possiblity, no matter how improbable, that there may be a level of spacetime where not only do the rules break down,
but causality breaks down with them.

If that is the case, than everything we think we know is a soap bubble of certainty, waiting to burst in the vaccum of the unknown.

Of course, I hold to the comforting illusion of causality myself, lest I give up my staff of rationality and my rod of constructed wisdoms.

Without rules, there is no game.
you said: "than everything we think we know is a soap bubble of certainty,"

I believe it already is. Nothing is concrete, nothing is absolute. The distance between cells in an object is roughly equivalent, when shrunk or increased to scale, as the distance between stars.

Therefore, on a quantum level, it can be argued that "existance" is an illusion, because molecular cohesion on the subatomic level is tenative at best
Why? Well that's easy. B/c my mother said so. There you go, problem solved.

Cool poem though, didn't know you had it in you.

Ah, gotta love familial authoritarianism ~snerk~
Aha! So, why is the sky blue? It is because blue light from the sun strikes the air molecules and scatters and our eyes perceive it as blue.

Almost...sunlight is white light. White light is made up of all the colors of the spectrum, and when the white light hits the atmosphere it is refracted, and the other colors are absorbed into the atmosphere, except the blue light, which hits the rods and cones of our eyes which detect color
And I will tell you
Just why I love you.

Thanks :-) This is just another one of my mind and soul expanding exercises
P, yes...physics is only applied does not answer the why...xox

Sometimes I have to wonder if there really IS a why.

This whole "everything happens for a reason" philosophy seems like a load of crap until someone can explain the reasons for everything happening.

And THAT in itself will never happen, because no one can address everything