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WELCOME TO A CRIPPLE'S WORLD From here on out, this blog will carry regular contributions by the author (me), concerning how and where the disabled are inaccurately portrayed, or more often than not, simply ignored by the media. Please feel free to read my previous posts, as this is something of a "stream of consciousness" blog, and one entry very well may, and often does depend on what has already been said. Please be aware, I am un-PC, a bit of a smart ass, and as Rodney Dangerfield said in "Back to School" "I don't take shit from nobody" :-D If the things said here offend you, then so be it. I am a strong minded, strong willed man with an opinion. However, my opinion can and does change over time, as I mature and learn more about the world. So, if you are in the mood to argue, or see something you disagree with, bring it on. Just be forewarned that what I consider "offensive" is not what the rest of the world may find offensive, and vice versa. Okay? Okay. photo is "extreme sitter" Aaron Fotheringham, who can be seen on Youtube or his website,, where he performs many of his wheelchair skate ramp tricks


Star Trek Enterprise D (Next Generation)


As many of you are aware (unless you joined during my absence), I spent several months recently in the hospital recovering from a nasty illness.

Sadly, the medical crew acted with blatant negligence (which of course they are fighting that… Read full post »

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JUNE 1, 2010 12:23AM

System Reboot


Yet again, I find myself in need of a change around here.

 Therefore, I have, yet again, reconfigured my bio and banner header.


Just sayin' so no one walks in and wonders about the new wallpaper Read full post »


Proud Military Family-Image by Google Images


Most people who think of Memorial Day probably think about the millions of veterans who have fought for our country. But, Memorial Day is about more than *just* the veterans.

Memorial Day is, or should be about the E… Read full post »


Hungry? Horny? Hungry? Horny? I cant decide! (Image by Google)


Inspired by LadyMiko again, I'm taking the plunge and making her munchies after sex another open call.

 So, here's my list of after-fuckin' feedin'  :-D


*Popcorn with salt and butter

*Dry roasted… Read full post »


Hutaree Christian Militia


Donny and Marie Osmond- Mormons


Fred Phelps-"Westboro Baptist Church"


 Excuse my french here today on this, oh, so solemn occasion of Memorial Day, but there are things I need to get off my chest.

 What do Fred Phelp… Read full post »


Do you wanna see him naked? Didn't think so! (Images by Google)


If there were any reason not to root for Argentina next month in the World Cup, this one takes the cake.

 Argentine manager, and soccer legend, Diego Maradona, widely known for the infamous "Hand of God" handball… Read full post »


Lacrosse-Don't mess with the guys with the big sticks! (Image by google)


So, I'm sitting here watching the first NCAA Lacrosse semi-final, Cornell Vs Notre Dame, and for the life of me, I can't imagine why this sport isn't more popular.

 I mean, it's got everything. High… Read full post »


Hoarding hell-Or a depiction of my bedroom (Image by Google Images) 

 Since I don't really go out of my bedroom much during the day, and haven't for several years now, the list here is ONLY what I found on a vague visual inspection of my bedroom.


* 4 half… Read full post »

This wasn't going to be my Good News Sunday (okay Good News Weekend since it's only Friday) originally, but after Linnn posted this in a comment in my previous post, I had to share it with OS world.

 Gee, I wonder....

 Too much pain meds? Am I the only one who… Read full post »


So, you'll have to forgive me if I'm incoherent and sounding off my rocker tonight, but, the meds have kicked in (round 3 today actually), and I'm feeling quite...




Well, whatever this mood is, I just want to remind you all to be safe when you dance!… Read full post »

MAY 27, 2010 1:26PM

I don't suppose...(poetry)


                      (Super Nova) Cell explosion-Image via Google Images 

What are you supposed to do?

What are you supposed to think?

What are you supposed to feel?

When every cellRead full post »


                &nbs… Read full post »

If there is one course I took in college that has lasted with me, it's my Cult Film Appreciation class.

It had such a profound effect on me, in fact, that I signed up to "audit" (take the course without receiving credit) the class 3 times in 3 consecutive semesters.

Of… Read full post »


So, I was discussing the new episode of The Deadliest Warrior on another blog, and because one of the competing civilizations is the Indian Rajput warrior, I instantly began flashing back, and have been flashing back all morning, to my time in Luxembourg, when I knew a girl who I… Read full post »


I forget the exact back story behind this song, but it's something along the lines of a British girl who was apprehended trying to blow up her school, or murder fellow students, or some such thing, and when she was asked why she did it, she simply gave the inspiration… Read full post »

MAY 24, 2010 11:59AM

Shouting to be heard (poetry)


                       Shouting just to be heard-Image by Google Images 



Today I feel like shouting

Just so I can be heard

I don't quite know the message

But I… Read full post »


          &nbs… Read full post »

I realize that I may be one of the handful of Americans who even knew, let alone care that the EUFA Champions League final was played today, but I DO care, and so I'm going to share the good news to me.

 In what was otherwise a rather slow and lackluster… Read full post »

I've blogged about my dreams before, but Unbreakable has asked for an Open Call talking about our dreams, so I'm going to talk about mine again.

 I have essentially 3 categories of dreams....Only 2 of which I will talk about here (and I'm sure you can guess the nature of the… Read full post »


Think soccer is boring, watch this:


FIFA Nike 2010 World Cup ad (courtesy Youtube) Read full post »


   Bottom of the totem pole-prioritizing people (Image by Google images)

Why do we prioritize people?

Ok… Read full post »


              &nbs… Read full post »


Relative facsimile of the Studman family van (Image by Google Image)


So, I knew this would happen eventually.

At some point in my time here on OS, it was inevitable that I would be sidetracked by medical issues that require more attention than my limited layman's knowledge ca… Read full post »

Taking the cue from Lemonpulp's call for Musical Musings, and potentially turning it into an Open Call, I am posting my most recent musical obsession, recommended to me by Froggy.

The band is called Apocalyptica. a cello quartet who have recorded Metallica songs, in an awe inspiring, almost Gothic my… Read full post »


After reading Robin Sneed's post about "Brain Salad Surgery", I took it upon myself to turn this into an unofficial Open Call (She may make it official later, or this can be the official first post)

In her post, she asks us to think about a new holiday, something to… Read full post »