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November 13
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MAY 4, 2012 10:04AM

Today's Horoscope

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May 04, 2012

  1. ScorpioScorpio (10/23-11/21)

    Your unconscious resistance to new ideas may be driving you away from inspiration -- you must make an extra effort to open yourself up to opportunity today. Take time to examine whether you're up for a fresh new experience. If you are, then go out and embrace it! Make sure that you go forward in your life with your arms wide open. There is nothing to be afraid of, and you need to go out and live.

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If only I weren't so tired...




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Okay, arms are open, come and get me.
The stars are telling you it is Pinball Arcade invitation day! Opportunity knocks!! :)
MM, nah, I've changed my mind. If he's not ballsy enough to pick up on my interest and suggest a meet up in a casual way, then I'm not going to pursue it.

I'm going to wait on Fred.
Well, I can't blame you there. Fred is pretty awesome, almost as though he was made for you. You should repost Fred's story as an awesome story open call...even though the call has been recalled.
Maybe I can have Fred in naught but a pair of tight, stretchy shorts, sweating in my garden...
Okay...go and get it.
Mary, a map to help find it would be nice... I guess random free association could work.
I like the name change. I like openness and ambiguity.

I hope your almost friend came back into your work space and when he did you smiled and asked him what time he takes lunch and would he like to sit outside with you?
ps. it's not against the law to go and get someone.

one of my biggest regrets of my youth was waiting for someone to act the way I hoped they would. I should have taken more chances.
The problem here is the sexual harassment clause written into the contracts, and he's a contractor. So he could be holding back for that, or holding back because he isn't interested, and I won't know until the contract is closed. Too much ambiguity.
So many crazy men so little time. Sanity is boring tho. Open arms here. Cute.
As a Scorpio, I am taking this to heart today. ~r
zanelle, I need to move to your neighborhood.

Joan, it is a good one, isn't it. :0)
as a fellow Scorpio- I find myself irresistibly drawn to the reason, kindness and correction of Little Ms Deeds-- if ( as Dr who observed ) only she weren't so tired---
is this really the way it is now?

asking if someone would like to sit outside and eat their lunch with you is considered sexual harassment? jeeze louise. that is harsh.
This Fred, laboring in your garden..why are his shorts stretchy?....
...a good imaginative leap...
sexual harassment can't apply to girls, can it/ ?
It's nearly impossible to sexually harass a fellow, a real man,
a man's man,i would think....i may be wrong....
men today are of course but watered down versions
of the cinematic icons of old: imagine trying to harass
bogart, or that icon of strong silent strength,
gary cooper.
or, haw, cary grant..

what is phyllis?
she is open arms.
she is..uh..a "going forward gal...resistant of her unconscious
resistance to new ideas..."

what is wrong with new ideas? dont resist em.
but dont resist old ideas, either.
just..eh, well, as for ideas, accept all of em.
except the stupid ones, of course!
phyllis is kind.
phyllis is funny.
phyllis is.....were you not wanting answers??

Love the horoscope calling to you to get out and about...
Happy Friday!
Remember it says take time to examine - you don't want to open your arms till you open your mind first. Just advice from a practical Virgo....
What, you're a Scorp? My youngest is a Scorpio, y'all are masters at hiding your deeply sensitive natures. I can be most unfortunately blunt, remind me never to piss you off.

Here's my dating advice for you, don't date clods or nimrods, you'll exhaust yourself plotting how to sting them when they trample your warm heart.
Herr Rudolphus, who is Ms Deeds? I watch Dr. Who but can't recall that one.

Monkey, if unwanted, it could be. Hopefully most people are cool about it but there's always one.

James, it can indeed apply to girls. An open mind is always a good thing, yes? And stupid ideas are gone. Pfft. As for Fred's stretchy shorts... I'll let your giggly prostitute have a show and tell for you.

JT, aw, shucks. You can say anything nice that you want to say. I am allowing myself to get used to believing it.

ccdarling, I grew up with two practical Virgos for sisters, but I think they came from the dark side of the sign. Open minds do help to get the arms into the right place, though. Advice taken.
Wait a minute, I thought this was about career paths...
@Funny Monkey~ you never want to piss a Scorpio off. xo
Bleue, Hi!! You're right about secretive. I may be too good at it. People actually think I am married as I hide my availableness too well. And believe it or not, I actually appreciate bluntness. Prevarication and beating around the bush drive me nuts! So blunt away.
It is not aerodynamically efficient to go around with your arms wide open. It cuts down on your fuel economy. Cute post and good luck with Fred. R
Joan, it looks like it could be about anything. Not much at work to be excited about, though. It's the last day of finals week and there are no summer construction projects in the building.
Oops, I meant @ l'Heure Bleue, not Funny Monkey...
Gerald, true enough. But didn't you ever put your hand out the window when you were driving? Kinda fun, sometimes.
I contacted my giggly prostitute by text.
She says the stretchy shorts are a thing i simply must know about,
and next session, next Wednesday, i shall be educated.

of course, an open mind!
open to everything...that is the way of the seeker...
whose open arms embrace all points of view, all knowledge,
all wisdom, etc..like:
"you'll exhaust yourself plotting how to sting them when they trample your warm heart."

how true. but unnecessary!
someone who tramples your heart wants a good reaction.
the magic trick is to not respond.
i am learning this.

what was this all about? i am losing track..
oh yes..i remember...
"There is nothing to be afraid of, and you need to go out and live. "

yeah, huh.
James, not respond then but patiently wait until you have an opportunity to pulverize them in a most humiliatingly thorough fashion. Good luck next Wednesday!
Yay, Scorpio! I am a Libra, what does it say about Librans?
Erica K- Libra- You are getting just what you need from your people today — which may be a first! Your amazing energy draws exactly what you need closer to you and makes life that much more interesting.

Good day for you, too!
Good luck all I know is that Scorpios are sexy.
well yeah, sure, pulverize em if ya get a chance.
in this world, or the next.
my prostitute is learning me of the delights of the next world.
sure won't be no hatred or anxiety there..

she is a shape shifter, my prostitute, did i tell you?
blonde, black, muslim, catholic, she reads my mind.

She preaches the old old religion, which is ok with me.
We have some great Scorpios here. I'm a gemini and fear them , but that's my problem.
Going forward through life with your arms wide open makes it difficult to get through narrow spaces.
"There is nothing to be afraid of, and you need to go out and live. "
I've been up since 5:30 and in the last seven hours I've smoked the better part of a pack of cigarettes, drunk eight cups of coffee and I still don't feel awake... besides I'm a Leo five times over.
hmmm, VERY promising!!
Snarky, that and more.

James, a shape shifter, too? I'm becoming jealous. She sounds like a fascinating person.

fernsy, why fear? Most Scorpios only sting when provoked. I have a Gemini moon, myself.

Stim, we could go sideways...

Jmac, that sounds totally unhealthy. And my rising sign is Leo. Hey, so much Leo explains your 'do!

Daisy, if only. I spent my evening at a Jr. high sectional track meet listening to my friend talk about how perfect her kids are. Ech.